Sydney House Sitting Jobs: More Big Rent Money Savings

Want to live in Sydney for four weeks or more, completely rent free?

Here’s  some great Sydney House Sitting jobs, with big rent savings, that could just be for you…

Living four weeks plus doing Sydney House Sitting jobs is a chance for some big rent money savings. Doing at least four weeks of Sydney House Sitting will help you to live long term rent free in Sydney.

You could also do some of the following things in Sydney whilst enjoying big rent money savings…

  • Spend more time at the various Sydney museums. You can get a Sydney City pass which would work in well with longer Sydney House Sitting jobs
  • Have a nice relaxing long trip to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. You can get special Zoo deals here.
  • Explore more of Sydney in your own time
  • Go to some of the many big sporting events being held in Sydney during your Sydney House Sitting jobs
  • Just chill out! Enjoy the pets and your new Sydney rent free lifestyle for a while!

Make the most of living 4 weeks rent free in Sydney. Try some of these following longer Sydney House Sitting jobs, with more big rent money savings!

Longer Sydney House Sitting Jobs

Hammondville Sydney

Want to live in Sydney for 4 weeks totally rent free

This 4 week Sydney House Sitting job is in the Hammondville/Liverpool part of Sydney. Here is your chance…

Hammondville, Sydney

House Sit Starts: 11th May-8th June

The Pets: 2 Dogs and fish

This Sydney House Sitting job which gives you 4 weeks living rent free, does have room for a caravan. Situated in a nice quiet neighbourhood with transport nearby.

St Ives Sydney

Live in a park-like setting for 4 weeks at St Ives, Sydney. You get more big rent savings in this Sydney House Sitting job. To get your Sydney four weeks free rent, then do this House Sitting job in St Ives Sydney.

This St Ives House Sitting job is set in a magnificent garden setting. If you love glorious gardens, then this is the Sydney House Sitting job for you.

St Ives, Sydney 

House Sit Starts: 15th May-14th June

Pets: Cat and Fish


Kings Langley Sydney House Sit

Does living one month and three weeks totally rent free in Kings Langley, Sydney, take your fancy? There is a swimming pool with this Sydney House Sitting job too!

Kings Langley, Sydney House Sit job for one month and three weeks.

Kings Langley, Sydney

House Sit Starts: 15th June-9th August

Pets: Old Cat

More big rent money savings

Here is another of the Sydney House Sitting jobs with more big rent money savings. Here is your chance to apply for this longer Sydney House Sitting job at Kings Langley, Sydney

How much rent money would you save; work it out!

Think how much one month and three weeks without paying any rent in Sydney would be? Maybe you should check some Sydney accommodation rent costs here. Work out HERE how much Aussie money you would save!

House Sitting Dural-Hawkesbury Sydney Area

House Sit on an Acreage property

Get four weeks rent free just out of Sydney in the Dural-Hawkesbury area. You could be House Sitting on this Dural acreage property and making some really big rent money savings.

Dural-Hawkesbury Area, Sydney

House Sit Starts: 30th June 2017-30th July 2017

Pets: I dog

As far as Sydney House Sitting jobs go; this Dural House Sitting job is right up with the best of them. There is a swimming pool to care for and swim in, if you dare, at this time of the year! A gorgeous Spaniel to play with and walk.


These Sydney House Sitting jobs will certainly give you more big rent money savings. Go living rent free in Sydney, and enjoy saving big rent money!

Longer Sydney House Sitting Jobs; Save Huge Money!

Saving huge money is super easy, and fun, by doing longer Sydney House Sitting jobs. Save yourself the amount that you would normally be paying in Sydney accommodation rental.


There are lots of Sydney home and pet owners who want their homes and pets cared for while they are on vacation or away from their Sydney homes.

Firstly though, check out the following, article. This article tells you the truth about what you need to do to live rent free in Sydney CLICK HERE

Here’s some longer Sydney  House Sitting jobs to get you started

Sydney – Lithgow area

If you wanted to live just out of Sydney, you could live in nearby Lithgow getting four months rent free accommodation  Think how much money that would equate to, if you had to pay rent in Sydney for four months? Not even any pets to care for. Just your help to keep the place neat and tidy and secure.

Sydney Northern Beaches

You get a two month period of paying no rent in Sydney with this Northern Beach House Sitting job in Clareville Lots of Aussie money to be saved here! Great views, and two lovely dogs to love and care for.

Cambelltown Sydney

This is a longer Sydney House Sitting job; looking after a lovely large home with a pool in Cambelltown for four weeks. There are two dogs who need walked daily. Save huge money; no rent bills for a month, live in style in Sydney free with rent for a month.

Annandale Sydney                                                    

This is a fantastic location for a longer Sydney House Sitting job. Annandale, Sydney is the location of this House Sitting job lasting four weeks. Pet Sitting one dog and two cats, in a two bedroom terrace home close to transport.

Seven Hills Sydney

Save huge money; here is a one month and two week saving of Sydney rent money. This longer Sydney House Sitting job at Seven Hills looks great. Please don’t let down this Sydney home owner, she’s had some bad luck getting a good House Sitter.

Middle Dural Sydney

Another longer Sydney House Sitting job at Middle Dural. Again; a great way to save huge money. That would be approximately seven weeks of money saved, by not paying any rental accommodation in Sydney. Think how much that is?

Live like a king for a while. Live rent free in Sydney!

Having given you a taste of longer Sydney House Sitting jobs, you can see how easy it is to save huge money. Live in Sydney for free, and save HUGE money at the same time!

You Can Stay In And Around Sydney Area For Free

Did you know; that you can stay in and around the Sydney area, for free? Pay no rent at all!

Sydney Harbour

Put your money that you have saved towards bills or whatever

Yes, such a simple way to enjoy everything Sydney, and it’s surrounding areas has to offer. Save your rent money. Put it towards bills! Spend your rent money. The thing is: you will be saving money, because you don’t need to pay for your Sydney accommodation.

Think of the amount of Sydney accommodation rental money you could save yourself?

If you didn’t have to pay for any Sydney accommodation or rent at all, you could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in accommodation costs!

You can stay in and around Sydney area for free; if you become, or are a Sydney area House Sitter. 

The answer: so you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free

Read the following, because it’s so very simple, fun and easy to do, saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars, when you do a long Sydney House Sitting job, like this Abbotsford, House Sitting job in Sydney. All you need to do to become a House Sitter in the Sydney area is…

  • Be a very honest and caring person
  • love animals, pets
  • A clean and tidy and respectful person
  • Show good common sense
  • register as a House Sitter

Become a registered House Sitter with Aussie House Sitters

If you wish to become a House Sitter on the best and easiest House Sitting Website in Australia, then you should register here to become an Aussie House Sitter.  Registration will only cost you $65 Australian, for a whole year, and as many House Sits in Australia as you can manage! That’s not even the price of a Motel for a night!

When you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free, you could quite easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! Being a Sydney House Sitter is; guaranteed to at least save you hundreds of dollars; if you get the Sydney House Sitting jobs on offer!

Today there are two great opportunities where you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free; without rent payments! See the following great Sydney area rent free opportunities that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

Abbotsford Sydney House Sitting Job

5th April 2017-10th May 2017

Ever wanted to stay in Sydney, have a good look to see what Sydney has to offer? 

This is your chance: want to live without paying rent in Sydney area, for five weeks? If you are preferably mature and single; would love and care for an old cat, then this Abbotsford House Sitting job could well be yours. Honestly, this is a fantastic and extremely rewarding opportunity, to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, just by helping someone, by caring for a lovely old cat! No rent payments/accommodation payments, for five weeks!

Marlow, Hawkesbury River, Sydney Area House Sitting Job

4th April 2017-11th May 2017

Would you like to live somewhere on your own; like on an

Marlow House Sit

Island?  Can you just imagine, living without paying any rent in the Sydney area of Hawkesbury river, for five weeks? This is a totally unique opportunity; to live like Robinson Crusoe, but with all the “mod-cons.”

Living in peace and seclusion at Marlow

Marlow House Sit on Hawkesbury River

You will be living at Marlow, NSW. You could be doing this House Sitting job in Marlow without paying for any rent whatsoever, save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars even! You would need to know how to run a boat as your transport, as you can only access this House Sitting job at Marlow by boat! Park up your car in a secure garage provided. Wow!

More Sydney House Sitting jobs

Now that you know how you can stay in and around Sydney area for free, by being a Sydney House Sitter: Here are a lot more Sydney House Sitting jobs that you can choose from once you have registered to be a House Sitter.

Think of what you have saved in no rent/accommodation payments

Now you can start thinking of what you will do with all the money that you have saved, by not having to pay for any rent or accommodation costs, while living in and around Sydney: by being a Sydney area House Sitter.