Live Rent Free In Auckland NZ

Sometimes people need to think outside the square!

Here’s how to live rent free in Auckland, NZ!

If the thought of paying exorbitant rent costs in Auckland, NZ scares you, then you need to read this… 


For $65NZ you can be a registered Kiwi House Sitter

You can become a House Sitter in New Zealand for $65NZ for a year; see HERE.  House Sit in Auckland, NZ all year long! This would enable you to live for just $65NZ all year long in Auckland! True! Being a House Sitter and registering on this wonderful House Sitting website Kiwi House Sitters enables you to live for $65NZ in and around Auckland all year long!

Auckland, NZ

You can browse all the Auckland House Sitting vacancies right HERE and if you are a registered House Sitter for Kiwi House Sitters; apply for any of the Auckland House Sitting job vacancies. There are many great chances to live rent free in Auckland, NZ all the time.

House Sitting opportunity in Auckland, NZ for over one month

Here is a really brilliant opportunity to live in Auckland, NZ for over one month rent free. Take a look at this excellent Auckland House Sitting job vacancy starting April 6th 2018.

How much money could you save by not paying rent for 5 weeks in Auckland, NZ

Work out how much it would cost you to rent in Auckland, NZ for 5 weeks (the length of the House Sitting job.) You can find out roughly how much money you could save, by checking out this excellent article on Rents and Rental costs in Auckland, NZ. It’s in the thousands of dollars!

Be well organized with applying for Auckland House Sitting jobs

There is a way to live like this all year long in Auckland, as long as you are well organized as follows

  • Whilst just starting an Auckland House Sitting job immediately start searching for your next
  • It helps to find the longest Auckland House Sitting jobs if you can
  • Apply for as many Auckland House Sitting jobs as you can, to give you the best chance of getting them
  • Work out so your new Auckland House Sitting job to starts as your previous one finishes, or as close as you can
  • Remember though, that you are there to be doing a service for the Homeowner and Pet Owner. Never take this for-granted, so focus yourself on doing the best job possible for them

You can now see that it really is quite easy to live rent free in Auckland, NZ. In this way you will hopefully enjoy your experience of House Sitting in Auckland, NZ as it is a truly beautiful city. You will also save yourself lots of money.