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On this page is a list of House Sitters available. Please send me your details so that I can put you on this House Sitters Available page. You can email me HERE.

Sell yourselves as House Sitters

You should try to include as much relevant information as you can to me about yourself/yourselves. Also include a nice photo, as these help people see what sort of person/people you are. Please also give experience, Police checks, and where you would like to be House Sitting. For example which parts of Australia, or New Zealand, or the South Pacific Islands? The more positive information about yourselves the better. In other words sell yourselves!

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House Sitters Available

Cook Islands House Sitters     

Kim and Lorenz are an extremely honest couple available for House Sitting work in the Cook Islands. They are a retired couple who are available to do House Sitting work in Rarotonga, and maybe the other Cook Islands as well.

Here’s a bit about the Cook Island House Sitters

Now Kim has been a Property Manager, Lorenz an I T professional. Both have had police checks. Kim and Lorenz are looking at doing six monthly Cook Island House Sitting jobs. They can start from June 1st 2018 until November 29th 2018.

If you are interested in using Kim and Lorenz as your Cook Island House Sitters, then please email me HERE and we will set you up.

Keen House Sitters Seeking Hot Climate House Sitting Work

Sally Carter, her partner and 2 year old child are keen to House Sit in a hot climate for a couple of months.  They would be keen to House Sit and generally help out around the property and home. I’m sure their service would be extremely valuable to home owners and farm owners, especially maybe Out-Back Australia! (Hot Climate!)

Competent House Sitting on Farms; Here’s your chance to get away

If you have a farm that you want a competent couple to come in and run while you are away for a couple of months; Sally Carter and her family would love to come House Sit for you! They have great experience with many different animals. Maybe you need a break for a month or two? Here’s your chance to get away from your farm or large property.

Please email me HERE if you would like to make contact with Sally and her House Sitting family.

Invercargill House Sitters and Pet Sitters

Invercargill House Sitter, Pet Sitter, Jeff Hawkes can look after your pets,  precious home and property

I can House Sit your precious Invercargill home, pets, or Farmlet, expertly, lovingly and very, very carefully. I will charge you a small fee, depending on what is required.

You can count on me for all your House Sitting requirements. I have a wealth of experience, love caring for pets and animals of all kinds, and really are a truly conscientious carer. Your possessions including pets and animals, are my entire priority.

Contact me:

Jeff Hawkes

Ph: 0273342072


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Invercargill Based House Sitter

Michelle Thwaites is an Invercargill based House Sitter available for House Sitting jobs in and around the Invercargill area.

Looking after your pets and property is Michelle’s priority. She thrives at caring for your home and will leave your house and property in excellent condition for you. Michelle is into fitness so running your pet dog through the park is what she would really enjoy doing for you.


Michelle Thwaites

Ph: 03 2468 555

0210 225 7970


Invercargill Based House Sitter

Carole Stevens Bibisi is awaiting your long term Invercargill House Sitting job.

Carole has many talents, she is a not only a very talented artist but also, a very good singer and is just back from an overseas stint. She would love to hear from you if you have a longer House Sitting job that’s 3 or more weeks long. In fact the longer the Invercargill House Sitting job, the better for Carole, and yourself!

A very caring Pet Sitter who just loves cats

Carole loves animals, and will love and care for your pets as if they were hers. Carole particularly likes cats. If you are going away on a long holiday overseas, then this lovely lady House Sitter will be there to keep your pets comforted and well cared for. There is the possibility Carole may even paint or sing to your pets!


Carole Stevens Bibisi

Ph: 0210 8555 325