Free Pet Care in Sydney: Its true!

Sydney dog and cat owners: before you book cat Boarding, dog Boarding Kennels: HOLD ON! You can save your money!

You can get FREE Pet care in the Sydney area! Not only can you get free Sydney pet care like cats, dogs, birds, fish etc, but you also get free home and property security!
How can you get FREE pet care in the Sydney area?
You choose your very own experienced, trustworthy House Sitter & Pet Sitter. There are experienced House Sitters constantly searching websites such as the excellent Aussie House Sitting Website and others, for Sydney House Sitting opportunities. Another really good House Sitting website for finding Sydney House Sitters is; Happy House Sitters.
There are more House Sitting Websites you can try as well, to search for your Sydney House Sitter; for instance

These are all very good House Sitting Websites, and are all safe to use. You should always however, use your own judgement, and be aware that sometimes, even the best Websites, can have “Scammers” trying their luck.

There are huge benefits to you as a Sydney pet owner, for using an experienced and trustworthy House Sitter or Pet Sitter to care for your pets and property, these include
  • Your pets will be happier and relaxed in their own home
  • It doesn’t cost you; the Sydney pet owner, any expensive cat boarding and dog boarding Kennel fees (especially at peak times of the year)
  • You get to choose who you want to care for your pets. (You will know they are trustworthy, as you can interview the applicants and check their references)
  • Increased home security, especially in Sydney, where there is a large amount of crime (it is always much better when someone is actually living in your home.)

If you have to board out your pets, or pay someone to look after them:

  1. Sydney Boarding Kennels, Cat Boarding facilities: especially at peak holiday times, are incredibly expensive.
  2. You also have the home security issue in Sydney: Alarm systems are OK, BUT: there aren’t the lights, noises and a sound system going on and off intermittently with doors opening and closing in your home!


So look at the alternative below, because here you get professional advice from a hugely experienced “House Sitting Guru”(me)

You can join this website, for free: it doesn’t cost you a cent to join!

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I can write up your professional: House Sitter/Pet Sitter wanted adverts for you.

I am Web Content Writer, Fiction Writer, Copy Writer, but also a hugely experienced House Sitter/Pet Sitter (a House Sitting Guru). With all my vast amount of writing and House Sitting experience: who better to advertise your Sydney home, property and pets?

How much does it cost for a proper “House Sitter wanted” advert

There is a small fee ($35.00 NZ) to write up the House Sitter advert. (Look onto it as very cheap pet sitting fees if you wish!) Being a writer and House Sitting expert, I know how best to advertise for you, and the right way to word your advert for you.

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