Find House Sitting Jobs Easily in South Island of New Zealand

Follow the instructions on this page to easily find a South Island House Sitting Job

Let’s Make Finding Your South Island House Sitting Job Easy

Some websites can make quite it hard for you to find House Sitting jobs in beautiful New Zealand. This is a problem for you as a House Sitter, particularly when you are not really computer savvy. It just makes the search for a New Zealand House Sitting job that much harder than it needs to be. That’s the last thing you need, especially so, if you are looking for your first Kiwi House Sit! I want to get you to find jobs easily in the South Island of New Zealand, so read on…

The Right House Sitters Website To Use

Use Kiwi House Sitters, they are a very good website, and have everything you need to get into House Sitting jobs

What I am doing, is trying to make your search for a South Island House Sitting job easy. Take a look at the following New Zealand Kiwi House Sitters House Sitting website. This is the right website to use. It’s always got plenty of listings, and is a relatively easy website to use, once you know how! I must say too that; it’s not me getting paid to promote Kiwi House Sitters, or anything like that; it’s just that I think they tick all the boxes as a great House Sitting website for people wanting to go House Sitting here in New Zealand.

To Look For A South Island House Sit

To find South Island House Sitting job vacancies easily, follow the simple instructions

Cape Foulwind, West Coast South Island        Photo by Jeff Hawkes.                                                 My wife and I did a South Island road trip combining it with our Charleston House Sitting job on the South Island’s West Coast.


I have made the following instructions for using Kiwi House Sitters to find a South Island House Sitting job as simple to use as I can. Firstly you should know: You do not need to be a member of Kiwi House Sitters to look for House Sitting jobs, so there is no need to Log On. Now read and click on each of the blue links in the following steps

  1. Along the white strip at the top of the opening page you should firstly click on How it Works so that you understand the way that Kiwi House Sitters works
  2. On the broad white strip at the top of “How it Works” page, click on Find a House Sitting Job.
  3. Once you have opened “Find a House Sitting Job” look on the left hand side of this page at the “Refine Search”column and click on Reset all Filters. This will clear all Filters.
  4. In the same “Refine your search” column click on South Island region This action will bring up all the South Island House Sitting jobs available at this time.
  5. Once you have taken the above steps, click on the “Show More Listings” (if there are any more listings) at the very bottom of this “Find a House Sitting Job page.” Keep repeating until there are no more listings.
  6. Further down the same “Refine your search” column, you can click on any of the other Filters that may help you. There are the;“House Type, Dwelling, Nearby, Locale” Filters. These all make your search so easy, and tell you what you would want to know.
Lake Manapouri, Fiordland National Park, NZ.
Photo by Jeff Hawkes. Manapouri is a quiet piece of paradise in the Fiordland National Park. If you are lucky enough to get a House Sitting job in or near this idyllic little South Island township, then you will never want to leave.

Do Some Homework

You want to find out about the area where you want to base yourself as a House Sitter

To find your ideal New Zealand House Sitting experience ask yourself; “What sort of area do I want to be based in?” I say this, because New Zealand, particularly the South Island, is a country, with such diverse geography, and climates.

Driving through spectacular scenery in the middle of the South Island of New Zealand, on the glorious West Coast. Any House Sitting job that requires you to drive in the South Island is something to be cherished forever.
Queens Park Botanical Gardens, Invercargill.   Photo by Jeff Hawkes Invercargill is a delightful little city to do a House sitting job.

Get out onto the excellent roads and drive to your House Sitting job, take it all in

Study up well, where it is in the gloriously beautiful South Island, that you wish to do a House Sitting job. South Island also has some fabulous roads on which to travel, with very little traffic to worry you. Please be sure you know the road rules, as the number of fatalities on New Zealand roads, is way too high! Discover The South Island’s Stunning Beauty

These following districts may interest you for a South Island House Sitting job

Some of the following districts may interest you, as a visitor to the South Island. You may wish to check out the spectacular Fiordland National Park.  as the beauty of this park is utterly stunning! House Sitting in this area is amazing. Be it in spectacular Fiordland National Park area, the

Mount Aoraki (Mt Cook as it was formerly known after explorer James Cook) is a splendid sight if there’s a beautiful day on your South Island House Sitting road trip.

Southern Lakes district or maybe the warmth of the Marlborough district with it’s vineyards and lovely Sounds. There are many regions in the South Island of NZ, each with their own spectacular beauty.


After you have followed the easy instructions on this page, finding your next House Sitting job on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, will be incredibly simple.