Real Good NZ House Sitting Jobs: North Island

Shetland Sheep dog pup: Waitoa House Sit

Want to live rent free in New Zealand’s North Island over Xmas?

I’ve picked out four real good North Island House Sitting jobs, where you can live with rent free accommodation over Xmas. These House Sitting jobs are each in very good locations, with great pets to pet sit. The House Sitting jobs listed here in descending geographical order, are as follows

  • Parua Bay, Whangarei, Northland, NZ
  • Flat Bush, Auckland, NZ

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    Map courtesy of Geography Blog
  • Waitoa, Waikato, NZ
  • Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ
Parua Bay House Sitting Job
Parua Bay Photo, courtesy Google
Picture of House requiring a House and Pet Sitter at Kiwi House Sitters, New Zealand
Parua Bay House Sit

Over a month to live for free and explore whilst House Sitting in beautiful Northland

Live for over a month without paying any accommodation costs in beautiful warm Parua Bay House Sit Northland, NZ. This real good NZ House Sitting job in the North Island, is a great chance to explore the many walks and beaches in close proximity to Parua Bay. Pet Sit a beautiful Tonkinese cat called Gypsy. This is a great chance to save money by not paying for any accommodation costs for over a month!

Auckland House Sitting Job

Live in a luxurious Auckland, NZ mansion, for 11 days over Xmas, absolutely rent free

Flat Bush. The “mansion you could possibly be House Sitting in.

You could live in Auckland, getting rent free accommodation for 11 days over Xmas? This luxury Auckland House Sit looks wonderful; you’d be House Sitting an Auckland mansion in Flat Bush,  overlooking hills. Pet Sit a cat and fish, while living with free accommodation in Auckland for 11 days. Auckland accommodation costs are extremely high over Xmas, so living in an Auckland mansion for free, for 11 days, adds up to huge money saving. There is so much to do in Auckland over the Xmas period

 Waitoa House Sitting Job

Located near the Coromandel Peninsula, and Hamilton, this is a fabulous country House Sitting job

Irish Setter: Waitoa House Sit.
Shetland Sheep dog pup: Waitoa House Sit.

Get three weeks in the country, without paying for any accommodation costs. This fabulous Waitoa House Sit is located near North Island’s Coromandel Peninsula and Hamilton Pet Sit two dogs;  a gorgeous Irish Setter, and a Shetland Sheepdog pup. Also Pet Sitting two chooks, two baby goats, two cats, and a 14 year old thorough bred mare. This North Island, country House Sit job, has all the pets and animals to keep you occupied, and happy. This is another real good NZ House Sitting job, with a wonderful country experience to be had.

Whakatane House Sitting Job

A free weeks accommodation in return for House Sitting in beautiful Whakatane, North Island, NZ

Beautiful Ohope Beach, near Whakatane, NZ Photo courtesy of
Whakatane, NZ Photo courtesy of

Accommodation is free for a week over Xmas, in Whakatane in return for House Sitting duties. If you get this real good NZ House Sitting job in Whakatane you get to live in an absolutely gorgeous seaside town.  The modern home you would be House Sitting has two great decks to relax on, and three living areas, along with all the “mod cons.” Dates on this Whakatane, North Island, House Sit, are negotiable. Pet Sitting a kitten, there would ample opportunities to explore the wonderful Bay of Plenty area, whilst staying for free. I highly recommend this area, as I have had some great trips up here.


New Zealand has many real good House Sitting jobs in it’s North Island; these are only four of them. I suggest that you quickly get looking at the many North Island House Sits, as they will quickly disappear over the Xmas break here in NZ.


More Real Good N.Z House Sitting Jobs

Tauranga, North Island, NZ

I’ve picked out four real good NZ House Sitting jobs over the Xmas season, that you may be interested in. Two North Island House Sits, and two South Island House Sitting jobs.

Saving money, by doing some-one a valuable service

Remember: House Sitting is saving money by not paying any accommodation costs, in return for you doing the home-owner a valuable service: Pet Sitting, House Minding, property minding. House Sitting is also fun, with interaction with pets and animals, in a different environment, to your normal one. Check out each of these real good NZ House Sitting jobs…

Tauranga Area House Sitting Job  pig-214349_640

House Sit cats, goats, pigs, horses, a real NZ farm experience

Would you like to be based on a farm near Tauranga, New Zealand, living for free for three weeks? This fun Tauranga House Sitting job on a Lifestyle Farm is a great way to have a special; New Zealand farm experience. You would be looking after cats, chickens, goats, pigs, and horses! A special way to enjoy a NZ farm experience for free! And it would be fun looking after these animals. Go on; apply to become a House Sitter now!

URGENTLY REQUIRED: House Sitter with Farming skills
Urgent: free, three weeks accommodation

Urgently wanted: someone to stay for free, for three weeks, House Sitting at Matawai. This is a farm and former quaint Hotel near Gisborne, NZ. A great chance for retired farmers, or for people with a little mechanical aptitude, and farm sense. Enjoy three weeks of free accommodation on this House Sit near Gisborne, North Island, NZ. Peace, tranquillity, animals, time-out; heaven. Go for it, come on all would be farmers, and pet lovers!

Lyttleton House Sitting Job

A nice long House Sitting opportunity that is longer than a month: here it is; Lyttleton, South Island, NZ

Perhaps you are yearning a long rest? Here is a longer House Sitting opportunity in Lyttleton, South Island, NZ. This House Sit goes for over a month, it’s another real good NZ House Sitting job, and a nice long rest. You can explore Banks Peninsula, and the very quaint town of Akaroa over Xmas. You will be Pet Sitting a lovely dog and a cat. Take the dog with you, exploring all the beaches and bays around Banks Peninsula. The cat at this House Sitting job, will probably just snooze at home. You will have plenty of time to check out the whole of Banks Peninsula, and what it has to offer.

Port Chalmers House Sitting Job

Very close to Dunedin, there is a great House Sitting opportunity with free accommodation for 12 days over Xmas

Would 12 days free Xmas accommodation in a Port Chalmers House Sitting job take your fancy? Right near Dunedin, there is so much here for anyone wanting to explore this beautiful picturesque area. You would be looking after a real cool friendly little dog called Bowie, along with some chickens. Dunedin is a thriving city, and it has a great wildlife viewing like the world famous Royal Albatross Centre. This is also home to the “world’s best House Sitter!”

End Comments  

1443228965920Four more chances for free Xmas accommodation

With these four more real good NZ House Sitting jobs, you can choose which of these you would like. They all provide you a chance for free Xmas accommodation in beautiful NZ.





Live in Sydney for Free at Xmas: pay no rent

Pay No Rent in Sydney at Xmas

Live in Sydney have free accommodation at Xmas

Search; cheap accommodation Sydney at Xmas; Sydney accommodation is VERY expensive, especially at Xmas! Now what if I put to you; enjoy FREE accommodation Sydney, Xmas?  Would you think free accommodation Sydney, at XMAS was a scam? Honestly, this is 100% NO SCAM! Check out this exciting news from House Sitting How to holiday virtually anywhere; rent free.

House Sitting

You can just imagine this furry feline cuddled up to you.

How to live rent free in Sydney

Toby, the Cocker Spaniel. Pets like these are so much fun to House Sit with.

At House Sitting we’re happy to show you how you can live in Sydney accommodation for free! It’s so much fun too. You also can enjoy interacting with the pets you will be caring for. They can really make your House Sitting adventure so much more fun, than just an ordinary holiday. House Sitting is very safe too. (Good websites have minimal possibility of  scams) House Sitting has no scams at all!

Sydney Accommodation

Sydney, harbour side view.

Sydney accommodation, at Xmas time

Cheap accommodation Sydney cbd, is pretty scarce, at Xmas. Some very lucky House Sitters may get this Xmas Sydney House Sitting opportunity reasonably close to Sydney cbd. Another chance for Sydney accommodation Xmas time: House Sitting at Quakers Hill. The beautiful Samoyed/Retriever you would be House Sitting here, would make your Xmas so much fun. As you can see there are opportunities to live in Sydney for free at Xmas; pay no rent, at all. Check out this;  Sydney accommodation Xmas time: House Sitting opportunities.

Sydney at Xmas

Sydney fireworks New Years Eve celebration.

Think of the possibilities of what you could do in Sydney at Xmas time

Being able to live in Sydney, whilst getting free Sydney accommodation, especially at Xmas time, is fantastic! Just look at the following activities and possibilities

See also this great website with heaps to see and do in Sydney along with prices. There’s just so much, and you can still fulfil your house Sitting obligations whilst doing many of the activities in and around Sydney.


The money you save money-1632055_640

When you live in Sydney accommodation for free at Xmas, the money that you save by paying no rent, could be used for FUN, LOTS of FUN! You might just want to bank your unused Sydney accommodation dollars!

The Maths

Sometimes Maths is fun, this is one of those times

How much could you potentially save by NOT paying Sydney accommodation costs at Xmas time? Check out this link on prices for Sydney hotels on New Years eve! Now, see what the average night cost’s before and after New Years eve.

More Maths!  Work out how much you could potentially save yourself, it’s pretty amazing  abacus-7935_640

If you were to work out: how much the average cost of one nights Sydney accommodation is, multiply that number by however many nights you were to stay; you would see how much money you could potentially save! It’s a good deal isn’t it?

For example: $300 night x 10 nights = $3000!

Hopefully you now have the information you need, to live for free in Sydney at Xmas; pay no rent. Enjoy! couple-843489__340House Sitting WILL save you money, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER: you are there to House Sit. You are there to do a job, NEVER, EVER take that for-granted.



Best House Sitting Location in the World

Milford Sound. Photo courtesy of

Southland, New Zealand is the best House Sitting location in the world. Located at the lush green, southern end of New Zealand’s South Island, Southland is utterly stunning! See why Southland is truly the best House Sitting location in the world.

Southland Has So Much

You will be spoilt for choice whilst House Sitting in Southland

People who visit Southland are spoilt for choice as Southland, has so much for the House Sitter to see and do. Your problem may be that you can’t do it all! Visiting Milford Sound, or fishing for Trout: there’s just so much to do!

Southland Dialect

Many people just fall in love with the natural beauty of Southland, where it’s inhabitants, roll their rrrr’s. Ask a Southlander to say Gore, you will then hear their lovely southern dialect.

Southland: An Incredible Province

As a House Sitter, you are spoilt for choice in Southland: so much to see and do


Adult male Hookers Sea Lion approaching two females, at Southland’s Waipapa Point.

Southland province offers the House Sitter

  • Pristine lakes
  • A Petrified Forest at Curio Bay that is 160,000,000 years old
  • Milford Sound: is the Eighth  Wonder of the World
  • A Sparse population inhabited by the friendliest people in New Zealand
  • Unspoilt natural beauty
  • So many Southland Walking Tracks, requiring many varying levels of fitness
  • Stewart Island

    Stewart Island’s only township: Oban

Exploring Southland

Your Southland House Sitting experience can include; driving to many beautiful spots during a day

As a House Sitter, you are there to do a job: looking after the home-owner’s homes and pets. Southland is a province, where you can drive to many differing beautiful scenic spots during a day. You can still be home for evening meal time, after a day outing, touring Southland. In many cases your House Sitting obligations can be still completed easily whilst having enjoyed a drive.

Outdoor recreation

A healthy Mataura river Brown Trout. The Mataura river in Southland has a prolific population of large Brown Trout, for the Angler to fish for.

Outdoor Sporting Enthusiasts Dream

The Southland province is an outdoor sportsman’s dream location. There is so much of Southland, easily accessible for the outdoor sporting enthusiast.

Some of the outdoor recreational opportunities on offer to visiting House Sitters are

  • Fantastic fishing, both sea and Trout fishing (check out the Mataura river; one of the most prolific Brown Trout, rivers in the world!)
  • Wonderful, golf courses, set amidst stunning Southland scenery
  • Hunting for Deer, Possum, Rabbits, Ducks
  • Lovely formed Southland walking tracks

Movies Use Southland Locations

Southland is used as a location for many movies

You can now see, that you could easily describe Southland as the best House Sitting location in the world. There is literally, just so much to see and do in beautiful Southland. It’s no wonder that movie producers are always wanting to use the Southland scenery

Southland scenery from: Lord of the Rings movie

As a House Sitter new to the Southland region, friendly southern people will greet you and help you, should you need it. Discover the beauty of Milford Sound, or laze back in your chair whilst reading a book.

The choices are yours in Southland: the best House Sitting location in the world. Enjoy.


How to get Paid House Sitting work in Australia & NZ

You can be paid for House Sitting in New Zealand and Australia. A large factor in you getting paid House Sitting work, will be selling your pet and property care abilities. You can get the paid Australian or NZ, House Sitting job. Here’s how you can increase your chances! IMG_20150617_155600_6


How I never miss out getting a paid House Sitting job

Being a very experienced House Sitter and Pet Sitter, in both New Zealand and Australia; I have NEVER missed out on a paid House Sitting job that I have applied for! The following points I share with you, are my key ideas to winning: “as many House Sitting and Pet Sitting jobs as I ever need.”


A home-owner will always want the best care for retriever-348572_640their pets and property

Home and pet owners always, only ever want the best care, for their property and animals. Many pet owners or home-owners will offer to pay you for House Sitting. When you get interviewed for the paid House Sitting job in NZ, Australia; big emphasis will be on; your skills with animals. This is normally the most important thing to a home-owner/pet owner (if there are indeed, pets involved in the House Sitting job)

The key, to help you become a paid House Sitter: is in your abilities to convince a home and pet owner; just how good you really are, as a House Sitter and Pet Sitter. It follows then, that;

  • In your initial interview with the pet owner: you should always only talk about the pets and their care, before anything else. Never talk about where you will be going whilst Pet Sitting, as this, straight away, leaves a negative impression with the pet or animal owner. It’s about the pets and the property, remember?
  • Relate your experiences with pets, and animals, building the home-owner and pet owner a very positive mental picture.
  • Have a list of sitting house or sitting pet jobs you have done with you, with references.
  • Show your confidence with animals, relating to the pets that may be there with the owner.
  • You must always demonstrate confidence with all things, in looking after property and home, whilst House Sitting.
  • Always be positive, and ask pet care or house care related questions.

IMG_20150927_153041Normally this is enough to clinch you the paid New Zealand or Australian House Sitting job. Australians and New Zealanders are very easy people to converse with, and will size you up on your positive abilities and enthusiasm. By convincing straight away, you are there for the animal, the house and property care: this should be enough to win over the pet owner.

Applying without meeting the home or pet owner

Maybe you are applying from the computer with no chance of meeting the home-owner or pet owner in Australia or New Zealand? The same principles apply as above; keep the majority of your conversation about the pet (or animal’s)needs. This is telling the animal owner of the confidence you have, and your love of animals.

No pet’s to look after on your House Sitting job in Australia, or NZ? new-zealand-429381_1280

Ask all questions about the care of the home and property. Show your interest, in doing the service for the property owner. Convince the property owner with your questions.

There can also be more benefits to House Sitting, apart from possible financial ones:

  1. Repeat House Sitting jobs from the same satisfied pet/animal owners.
  2. Your performance and care, as a top House Sitter, will be spread via word of mouth (the best advertising you can get; or the worst!)
  3. Your satisfaction of a great House Sitting adventure.
Away to House Sit in Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ. The road trip getting to a House Sitting job, is always half the fun of the job!

Am I mad? I turn money down, for House Sitting!

I’ve been offered money, quite a few times to House Sit in New Zealand. Indeed but; I’ve  always turned the offers down! My reason: “it’s my way of being useful to society again, and helping people. I do House Sitting for the love of animals, and experiencing new places to live. That is my payment.”

A Pet Dies while I’m House Sitting: What do I do?

A pet dies while sitting pet and sitting house

Pet dies unexpectedly while Pet Sitting/House Sitting: so what do you do? Be prepared,  for anything before sitting pet or sitting animals. If you are sitting pet for anyone, you really need to have a plan, for any eventuality.





Sitting pet plan: in eventuality of pet death 

Whilst chatting with the pet owner/animal owner prior to the pet or animal minding assignment:

  • You need to be tactful in your discussion. (No animal owner wants their pet/animal to die while they are away. A pet dying or animal (especially a pet) while owner’s away, could be utterly devastating, which could potentially ruin the pet owners trip; but sadly; it needs to be discussed.)
  • Discuss the matter: “in the event of your pet dying whilst you are away, what are your wishes for the action I should take?”
  • Make a note of these instructions, and keep them in the same place as you keep any instructions left from the pet owner. burial-1299277_640

When the pet death happens

When you find the pet or animal dead, you will be in a state of shock, so you must:

  • Try to stay calm,
  • Get help from a neighbour or contact, if there is one (this could also potentially help you, if there are any suspicions from the pet owner, but also it will help take a little stress from you.)
  • Carefully follow the instructions that the pet owner gave you.

Trust that you did, everything right by the pre-sitting pet instructions

While you were sitting pet for the owner, you had their entire trust, in your ability to look after their pet or animals. The pet owner will have more faith in you, if their “in the event of pet death” instructions, they left you were followed. It is essential that you know, yourself, that you did everything right, whilst sitting pet for the owners.

Good luck for sitting house for the owner, after the pet death.

You will be upset, but “keep your chin up.”

How do I become a House Sitter in Australia

Australian House Sitting website that is very easy to use, & has cheap membership fees

Become a House Sitter: enjoy rent free lifestyle change anywhere. Want to become an Australian House Sitter: then try joining this House Sitting website. 

A user-friendly website that I fully endorse sydney-363244_640

I have suggested Aussie House Sitters website, as this is where I first joined for Australian House Sitting opportunities. I endorse Aussie House Sitters, as I find them an inexpensive, and user-friendly House Sitting website. sydney3

Check out the Terms & Conditions of the House Sitting websites before you sign up

There are other House Sitting websites, which you may find, and prefer. All I can say is: do your homework, on fees and conditions first! panoramic-landscape-949448_640

A House Sitting website with many, many House Sitting opportunities to gain House Sitting experience

There are many House Sitting jobs in Australia, to gain experience at sitting house or sitting pets. hobart-703761_1280Australia is a vast country with many different places to begin your House Sitting lifestyle. There is:

Australia has a vast land area, big population, and many pets: a House Sitters dream!