One Month Rent Free: Invercargill House Sitting Job

Fancy living for one month rent (approx) free in Invercargill close to magnificent Queens Park Gardens?

Spectacular Queens Park Gardens

You can, but you best be quick as you can, the job starts on July the 9th and lasts until August 5th. See more about this wonderful chance to live a month rent free in Invercargill…

A very peaceful, welcoming city

Invercargill is a really peaceful, friendly, welcoming city. Click HERE to see about what Invercargill has to offer the visitor. We have arguably the nicest Botanical Gardens in New Zealand Queens Park. You will be so well placed to walk the lovely friendly dog in Queens Park each day or so. But along with that there are many really wonderful walks in and around the Invercargill City area. Click HERE to see some of these wonderful walks.

Go and see some amazing places around the Invercargill, Southland area

One month rent free doing this Invercargill House Sitting job means you will save big money. With some of the money you have saved you could visit and drive to some amazing places around the Invercargill, and Southland area. Take a look in the following things at what I could certainly recommend you do

Apply For this House Sit

The House Sitting job is as the home-owner has stated to me “a very easy job.”The dog is a very friendly dog to care for, and play with; you will be friends straight away. The home is located just one block away from magnificent Queens Park.

If you would like to live with one month rent free; Invercargill house Sitting job; apply please. You may send me an email to: or


Battling Cancer: House Sitting Is Therapy

I’ve got cancer. I hate that C word, but it’s not as hard to say it now as it was.

You may wonder why House Sitting is therapy whilst battling cancer? Well here’s why I think House Sitting and cancer are great together…

House Sitting caring helps bring me a calmness

House Sitting and caring for the home-owners pets and property gives me a huge feeling of fulfilment. I use this feel-good feeling on myself, using it, to sooth away the horrible thoughts that surround this cancer. Helping people, by House Sitting (even while I’m sick) brings a sense of calmness over me. I’m actually sidetracking my mind away from my own cancer condition.

Multiple Myeloma, it’s no dream, it’s happening

I’ve got Multiple Myeloma an insidious form of cancer for which there is no really good prognosis. I still can’t believe it! I wake up each morning realising this is no dream, sadly. It’s real, and it’s happening to me. I’m undergoing a form of Chemotherapy which hopefully will help to hold this cancer at bay.

Animal therapy helps, whilst battling cancer

House Sitting normally involves pets; have you ever heard of animal therapy? Well, House Sitting provides a kind of animal therapy whilst I’m battling cancer. See the post I wrote sometime ago, Pets are therapeutic click HERE.  That’s also why I love House Sitting so much; because there is a complete peacefulness about just being one on one. For example a dog and a human, it feels so therapeutic. It is.

House Sitting while I receive cancer treatment

I’ve actually just taken a House Sitting job in Invercargill, even whilst I’m under going Chemotherapy. I thought that this House Sitting job would be an extremely peaceful way to endure part of my Chemotherapy treatment while I’m battling cancer. It works well; having the Chemotherapy treatment not too far away from the House Sitting job. After the treatment I can come back to the quiet home with a lovely small dog to care for, and no bugs to catch from anyone!

House Sitting therapy, even without pets

House Sitting while battling cancer is in itself, therapy; even without any pets. Just by changing one’s surroundings, for a different part of the country, you gain rent free accommodation and a vacation. Rest and relaxation in a place of your choice! This all makes for a restful, and rewarding experience.






Southland, New Zealand: House Sitting Heaven

Milford Sound, Southland ,NZ
Milford Sound, Southland, NZ

Want to touch 180,000,000 year old Fossilised Forest. Swim for free with  Dolphins. Fish pristine rivers and lakes that abound in Trout and Salmon. Walk well defined tracks amongst the best scenery in the world. Surf some of the many fabulous “breaks” that are to be found in Southland, NZ. See why I love House Sitting in my home province; why Southland, NZ, is House Sitting heaven…

My Home

Invercargill, my home town where I started my House Sitting career

Queens Park botanical gardens, Invercargill, NZ

My first House Sit was in Southland,

NZ. A five and a half week House Sit job on a lifestyle farm, just out of iconic Invercargill, NZ (where legendary Burt Munro, from the movie: The Worlds Fastest Indian lived and died) Actually I come from Invercargill Southland, but this House Sitting job started my career as a Pro-House Sitter.

Southland Province

Swim with rare Dolphins for free

Southland is the most beautiful and amazing province in New Zealand. For a day trip you can easily drive to Curio Bay (Porpoise Bay.) At Curio Bay you can view and walk amidst the Jurassic 180,000,000 year old fossilised forest, on the rocks.

Surfing one of the many fine breaks around the Southland coastline.
Surfing one of the many fine breaks around the Southland coastline.

You can also swim for free with some of the most rare Dolphins in the world (Hectors Dolphins.) How lucky are you: it doesn’t cost you a cent! Surfers also love the great “surf break” at Curio Bay, when wind and tides are favourable.

Drive the Southern Scenic Route

Fishing for Trout, or just driving to view the scenery

Brown Trout are prolific in the many Southland rivers and lakes, especially the world famous Mataura river.

The Southland rivers and lakes teem with fish to be caught by the angler; licences are cheap compared to other parts of the world. Trout or Salmon fishing is  a great way to get out from your House Sitting job for a bit. You could travel to the mighty Mataura river to catch a nice big fat Brown Trout. Alternatively you may wish to drive the Southern Scenic Route to beautiful Lake Manapouri for a great day out, and fish this stunning lake. You see why the province of Southland, New Zealand, is indeed House Sitting heaven.

Southland Walking Tracks and Bike Tracks

There are many really good walking tracks near Invercargill city, and around Southland

Interacting with the dogs, on one of the many Invercargill reserves.

Southland has also many walking and bike tracks. Invercargill has some very nice walking and biking tracks around, Invercargill city. House Sitting is also about getting out and experiencing; what the area that you are House Sitting in, has to offer. What better way than to walk, or bike, if you have one? The walk or bike tracks are all very well maintained, and even in Southland’s wet days you can still enjoy some fantastic walks, or rides. They are great too, if you want to take the pet along (if it’s a dog, or even a cat!)

Southland House Sitting Heaven

Taking the dog you’re Pet Sitting, out for a walk or a drive is a great way to interact with it                        

Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

You can now see why Southland New Zealand, is House Sitting Heaven! With House Sitting: the pets and property come first. Get the dog you’re Pet Sitting, out into the Southland province for walks, and drives. It’s a great way to interact with the pet, while you are out in the beautiful Southland province.



Best House Sitting Location in the World

Milford Sound. Photo courtesy of

Southland, New Zealand is the best House Sitting location in the world. Located at the lush green, southern end of New Zealand’s South Island, Southland is utterly stunning! See why Southland is truly the best House Sitting location in the world.

Southland Has So Much

You will be spoilt for choice whilst House Sitting in Southland

People who visit Southland are spoilt for choice as Southland, has so much for the House Sitter to see and do. Your problem may be that you can’t do it all! Visiting Milford Sound, or fishing for Trout: there’s just so much to do!

Southland Dialect

Many people just fall in love with the natural beauty of Southland, where it’s inhabitants, roll their rrrr’s. Ask a Southlander to say Gore, you will then hear their lovely southern dialect.

Southland: An Incredible Province

As a House Sitter, you are spoilt for choice in Southland: so much to see and do


Adult male Hookers Sea Lion approaching two females, at Southland’s Waipapa Point.

Southland province offers the House Sitter

  • Pristine lakes
  • A Petrified Forest at Curio Bay that is 160,000,000 years old
  • Milford Sound: is the Eighth  Wonder of the World
  • A Sparse population inhabited by the friendliest people in New Zealand
  • Unspoilt natural beauty
  • So many Southland Walking Tracks, requiring many varying levels of fitness
  • Stewart Island

    Stewart Island’s only township: Oban

Exploring Southland

Your Southland House Sitting experience can include; driving to many beautiful spots during a day

As a House Sitter, you are there to do a job: looking after the home-owner’s homes and pets. Southland is a province, where you can drive to many differing beautiful scenic spots during a day. You can still be home for evening meal time, after a day outing, touring Southland. In many cases your House Sitting obligations can be still completed easily whilst having enjoyed a drive.

Outdoor recreation

A healthy Mataura river Brown Trout. The Mataura river in Southland has a prolific population of large Brown Trout, for the Angler to fish for.

Outdoor Sporting Enthusiasts Dream

The Southland province is an outdoor sportsman’s dream location. There is so much of Southland, easily accessible for the outdoor sporting enthusiast.

Some of the outdoor recreational opportunities on offer to visiting House Sitters are

  • Fantastic fishing, both sea and Trout fishing (check out the Mataura river; one of the most prolific Brown Trout, rivers in the world!)
  • Wonderful, golf courses, set amidst stunning Southland scenery
  • Hunting for Deer, Possum, Rabbits, Ducks
  • Lovely formed Southland walking tracks

Movies Use Southland Locations

Southland is used as a location for many movies

You can now see, that you could easily describe Southland as the best House Sitting location in the world. There is literally, just so much to see and do in beautiful Southland. It’s no wonder that movie producers are always wanting to use the Southland scenery

Southland scenery from: Lord of the Rings movie

As a House Sitter new to the Southland region, friendly southern people will greet you and help you, should you need it. Discover the beauty of Milford Sound, or laze back in your chair whilst reading a book.

The choices are yours in Southland: the best House Sitting location in the world. Enjoy.