House Sitter Looking For Work In Invercargill

Great news for Southland and Invercargill homeowners and/or pet owners!



A House Sitter is looking for work in Invercargill, Southland. Dates are from October 6th till October 13th. A great chance for you to have a holiday and leave your pet/s at home with a House Sitter.

Having a House Sitter in Invercargill means your pets are relaxed in their own home

Contented and relaxed, this dog likes it’s House Sitter from House Sitting

It’s great to holiday and leave your pet at home in their own environment. The pets stay so relaxed with no stress as it would in a boarding kennel, or cattery. This is great for the homeowner and pet owner. The homeowners themselves relax, knowing their pets are well cared for at their own home.

Email for your chance to get this Invercargill House Sitter

If you need a House Sitter to come and House Sit for you for the week in October then you should email me HERE

Using a House Sitter in Invercargill is the best home security

Remember too that having a House Sitter for your Invercargill home and pet is your best home security. There really isn’t much better home security than having someone living in your home while you are away.

Human presence

Human presence in a home or on a property is the best form of home security for deterring thieves! As well as caring for your pet, the Invercargill House Sitter will collect your mail! Sound good?


House Sitting has some extremely capable Invercargill House Sitters

There are some extremely capable Invercargill House Sitters working with House Sitting in Invercargill. This particular House Sitter looking for work in Invercargill, Southland is extremely happy to House Sit for you. Once you reply to me, on the link to my email address above, then I will give you her contact details. Here is the link to my email address again.

Get in and try out this Invercargill House Sitter. She will keep your Invercargill property and home, safe, and your pets loved and well cared for.