Swap Your House For A Home In The Cook-Islands

Would you want to do tropical House Swap? Swap your Australian or New Zealand home for a home in Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

Rarotonga, in the tropical Cook Islands
A scene from peaceful, tropical Rarotonga. There’s something very special about the tropics. Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands, has five House Swapping opportunities available.
A Cook Island House Swap is really quite simple, and the cost: Just $180Aus Dollars or $190NZ Dollars. This gives you a whole year of House Swapping not just in tropical Rarotonga, but right round the world! Take a look at the following…

Use dependable House Swap website HomeExchange.com for your Cook Islands House Swap

This is one of the cook Island homes that you may swap your home for
Swap your house for a home in the Cook Islands like this one

I use the HomeExchange.com website when it comes to thinking about doing any House Swap. It is safe and extremely easy to use. I have no qualms at all about using this House Swap website. Here is some really good stuff about House Swapping the South Pacific region.


Swapping your Aussie or NZ home for a home in the tropical Cook Islands gives you a very cheap rent free vacation

A Cook Island House Swap, is a way to have a really cheap rent free Cook Island holiday. It’s pretty simple to do, so here’s how you can go about this tropical home exchange;

Search for your Cook Island House Swap on HomeExchange.com. At present there’s five properties available for a very tempting tropical Cook Island House Swap.

This Cook Island home exchange listing which also has a car for use

Take a look at this tropical home exchange listing in Rarotonga which is available for any dates. These Rarotongan home owners are also open to any Cook Island House Swaps like; simultaneous, non-simultaneous, long term House Swaps. There’s also a car that can be used to explore Rarotonga provided by negotiation.

Note: If you have a car at your house you can maybe exchange your car with the Rarotongan homeowners, when they come to your house.

Some of the Cook Island home owner’s may not necessarily be wanting to swap for your location, so you may not always be accepted by them. Don’t be too dismayed though, there are plenty of other homes around the South Pacific to choose from.

House Swap your home for this Cook Island home
One of the homes in Rarotonga, Cook Islands that you can swap your Aussie or NZ home for.

There are another four  Rarotongan House Swap properties for you to browse over. Some Rarotongan home owner’s may not necessarily be wanting to House Swap with you, as your home may not be in their country of choice.

HINT: As a home owner and intended House Swapper you need your home to be appealing and presentable

One of the thing’s you need to do as a home owner, if you want to want to swap your home for a home in the Cook Islands, is to have your house presentable, and tidy of course. Make your own Aussie or NZ home special. Remember these Rarotongan home owners want to relax in your home too.

Once deciding to do a House Swap you need to join up a reputable website

When you’ve decided on your  House Swap in Rarotonga, you need to join HomeExchange.com. if you haven’t already. You can do that right HERE. The cost to join HomeExchange.com for one year if you are in Australia is $180Aus or if you’re a Kiwi it is $190NZ Dollars. This cost is cheaper than a Hotel or resort room for a night! The one year fee to join HomeExchange though, covers as many House Swaps around the world as you can handle!

Swap your house for a home on Cook Islands; walk the beach
Tropical Cook Islands. Swap my home in NZ for this scene on a Rarotonga beach; yes please!

Now hope that the Cook Island home owner wants to swap their house for yours

Finally, once you are a member of HomeExchange.com, and you have applied for the House Swap on tropical Rarotonga that you want; then it’s all up to the Rarotongan home owner. If they accept your Aussie or NZ house for their home in Rarotonga, in the tropical Cook  Islands, then you are all set for a fabulous vacation.











Stay In Moorea South Pacific For Free

WOW! How would you like to live in a South Pacific paradise for free?

Idyllic front yard

A House Swap in the South Pacific

I have just found this wonderful House Swap in the South Pacific on Moorea, Tahiti. This could be your dream vacation. Want to know more?


A little about Moorea

Moorea is situated  12 miles from the main French Polynesian Island of Tahiti.  Rebecca Shapiro a writer for Huffpost said: “Moorea Is The World’s Most Beautiful Island You’ve Never Heard Of.” So, imagine then that you could live in a lagoon front home for free? See this interesting article about Moorea from Rebecca Shapiro.

The House

The house location on Moorea

Can you imagine yourself waking up in this gorgeous lagoon front home every day of your vacation? I can!

The house.

These Moorea home owners have done 9 home exchanges, so you know that they are genuine. They also have a car that they are willing to exchange.

How To Swap

So how does one get into doing a house swap with the Home Exchange website; it’s easy

A fabulous scene from the shade area of the home.

How do you go about doing a House Swap (home exchange) with these people? Visit the Home Exchange website, see here how Home Exchange works. If you think Home Exchange is for you, then see HERE how much to register and join up Home Exchange. Remember that home in Moorea, could easily be yours, FREE for your South Pacific vacation.

Save BIG Money

Save yourself thousands of dollars

House Swapping is really easy, it’s a great way to save yourself thousands of dollars on vacations. For the cost of $190NZ dollars per year, it’s very reasonable, and is about the price of a Hotel room for a night’s stay.

Location Of Your Dreams

For $190NZ you can experience the location of your dreams

If you do stay in the location of your dreams, the price of $190NZ dollars per year is very cheap! Experiencing that dream holiday in the South Pacific Islands, like this Moorea House Swap, is very achievable!


A Home Exchange: Aitutaki

Imagine a Home Exchange with someone in Aitutaki, Cook Islands? 

Could you handle a House Swap for a week or two in this stunning destination in the tropics?

You will see in this post how YOU could be the couple living lagoon front in this wonderful Aitutaki villa. All you really only need; is to be able to get some airfare and spending money together, along with a sparse amount of cool clothes!

Aitutaki really is the most idyllic destination of the Cook Islands.

It’s the sort of place dreams are made of, and the pictures that you see of Aitutaki are exactly what it’s like. So: imagine being able to House Swap with an Aitutaki resident? You don’t even have to make the House Swap a simultaneous one!

Register at Home Exchange for the yearly cost of $190.00 NZ is very cheap

So here is how to House swap or Home Exchange for this Aitutaki lagoon front villa. You first need to visit the Home Exchange website and have a look at how it all works, so click HERE. For the one-off cost per year of $190 NZ, membership is extremely cheap, so long as you use it!

Registration to Home Exchange gives you as many House Swaps per year as you can manage

By paying your registration to Home Exchange; this means you can have many very cheap holidays or Home Exchanges anywhere in the world each year.  Are you wanting to register with Home Exchange to become a member? Then you should click HERE.

Exchange your home for the Aitutaki villa featured in this article

To make your Home Exchange for Aitutaki or: exchange your home for the Aitutaki Villa featured in this article; then click HERE. You will need to get in quick, as Xmas is fast approaching. Many other people may wish to make a Home Exchange for this Aitutaki villa, around Xmas time too.

Make your home inviting for someone to want to House Swap theirs for yours Remember too that this means your own home will need to be suitable for guests. You will need to make your home as inviting as possible, for people to want to House Swap theirs for yours.

You will want to write up a really inviting House Swap advert

I can do this for you if you so wish, for a small fee of $35.00 NZ, as writing is my expertise. If you wish me to write up a really good House Swap advert for you, then email me HERE.

To fly to Aitutaki you can use Air Rarotonga or book through your airline carrier

You can fly reasonably cheaply to the Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. There’s a few airlines who do good deals. I quite often use Expedia as my search engine, as they include all taxes and fees. To fly to Aitutaki from Rarotonga you can use this Air Rarotonga link which will take you straight to the Air Rarotonga booking page. You can also book when you book with your airline carrier.

Hope you found this interesting and helpful, to enable you to swap your house for the home exchange in Aitutaki. Email me HERE and let me know how you got on?

House Swap! Vacation Rent Free; Aitutaki, Cook Islands!

You can holiday in Aitutaki (Cook Island’s) for free paying absolutely no rent!
Aitutaki.                                              Photo courtesy of: www.homeexchange.com

House Swap for a home in Aitutaki

House Swap your home! I just found a lovely couple living in gorgeous Aitutaki, who are willing to swap their home with homeowners in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere around the world. When you House Swap; the vacation is rent free accommodation!

Aitutaki Photo: Courtesy:www.homeexchange.com

Safe, popular Home Exchange Website                       

I have been looking through the very trustworthy and popular; Home Exchange, House Swap Website. I really trust this House Swap Website, because it is so popular and well run. It so happened, that I was searching for a House Swap in the gorgeous Cook Islands. BUT: I stumbled across this amazing Aitutaki House Swap listing!

Rarotonga, and the paradise that is Aitutaki         

We’ve been to Rarotonga before, it really is a beautiful South Pacific Island. My wife and I, though, have never been able to afford a trip to the gorgeous little paradise that is Aitutaki. It’s always been way too expensive. By the time you pay for your accommodation, and airfares, it’s extremely expensive! Until now!

With this House Swap, we are getting a vacation rent free in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

With our vacation being rent free, in Aitutaki, Cook Islands; the rent money we save, can be used for our Aitutaki airfares. Now doesn’t that make our South Pacific vacation in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, achievable? It certainly has for us! These Aitutaki homeowners are experienced House Swappers, so they know all about House Swapping.

Check out some great House Swap listings     

House Swap in Aitutaki. Photo courtesy: www.homeexchange.com

Go check out more South Pacific House Swap listings, or Australia House Swaps. Maybe you may want to cool off? Go on a rent free skiing vacation with a House Swap in beautiful New Zealand, midwinter!

Will you take a rent-free vacation in your own paradise

A House Swap is a vacation, rent free. I can’t understand why more people haven’t got into House Swapping. I dare say that it will take time for people realise that you can have a vacation rent free. But; what about a vacation rent free in the South Pacific paradise, that is; Aitutaki, Cook Islands?





House Swap the South Pacific


Want to go live in the warm tropics of the South Pacific for free? How about a rent free vacation in the gorgeous South Pacific Islands?

Deluxe beach front villa on Muri Beach, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Believe it: this is a House swap! https://www.homeexchange.com/en/listing/516324

The Cook Islands, Tahitian Islands? Go House Swap the South Pacific; you should see what sort of places you can swap your home for!

Best House Swap Website

Home Exchange

The island of Rarotonga and Muri lagoon
Cook Islands, Rarotonga, featuring here the Muri lagoon.

The Home Exchange, House Swapping website has to be the best and safest. (Home Exchange is another term for House Swapping) You don’t pay any rent costs for your accommodation! Go on, see what you what you can swap your home for…

Cook Islands House Swaps

There’s nine wonderful House Swaps on the Cook Islands

Two bedroomed beach front villa. What a picture to open your eyes to every morning!

This gorgeous Rarotongan beach house has it’s own pool. This listing is just one of the nine great Cook Island House swaps you can get, on the Home Exchange website. There’s also this two bedroomed beach front villa on Muri beach!  This listing is a real cracker, as it is literally on the best beach in Rarotonga! Maybe you may like this luxurious beach front villa.


Some fab House Swaps in French Polynesia, Tahiti

vue de la terrasse
Moorea House Swap opportunity. This view is from the verandah.

A fantastic South Pacific House Swap in Moorea, Windward Islands, Tahiti is up for grabs! Check this Moorea House Swap out!It’s got a view to die for and also has the following great points

  • Balcony with a fabulous view
  • Three Bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • Air Conditioned
  • Accommodates 6
  • Luxury

The owners of this Moorea house are experienced at House Swapping, and have done five previous House swaps. They are open to any destinations to swap for, so you may be in luck!

Paradise Awaits
Like to House Swap the South Pacific?

More great South Pacific House Swaps

Check out these other great House Swap listings in French Polynesia. There should a House Swap amongst them that will suit you. You can safely House Swap the South Pacific Islands, using the Home Exchange website. It is very easy to use, and it has many, many mouth watering listings. Whale watching... Découverte des Baleines

If you love the Pacific Islands, as I do, then try House Swap the South Pacific. Heiva ou Marae ARAHURAHU



Paradise awaits.