House Sitting Jobs In Queensland

Queensland Australia, is an exciting State, always with many varied and exciting House Sitting jobs.

In particular there are opportunities to live without paying any rent in Queensland for a month and over, read on…

Live a month and over rent free in glorious Queensland, Australia

Queensland Australia. The Gold Coast.

Do you want to experience living a life in Queensland Australia without having to pay any rent for over a month? Then I suggest you take a look HERE at these Queensland House Sitting jobs. These House Sitting jobs in  Queensland all extend for a month and over. Take your pick!

Some excellent Queensland House Sitting opportunities on the Aussie House Sitters website

There’s some pretty good looking Queensland House Sitting jobs amongst all the listed House Sits on the Aussie House Sitters Website. Just take at this month plus House Sit at Kelso Northern Queensland. There is plenty to do do around this area which is around Townsville.

Townsville Marina
Queensland wildlife

Take a look at what there is to do HERE. This House Sitting job is but one of the many, excellent opportunities to live without having to pay any rent in Queensland. Being able to live for a month or over without paying any rent is a great way to enjoy life!

House Sitting job at Kurrimine Beach makes a great base for exploring Northern Cairns area

There’s a really good House Sitting job in Queensland that I have just “stumbled upon” whilst writing this post. Click HERE to see this “month plus” House Sitting opportunity which is situated at Kurrimine Beach, Northern Cairns.

Horsehoe Bay

This would be a really good place to explore whilst doing the House Sitting job. Take a look HERE and see what this area has to offer.

As you have been shown, there are plenty of House Sitting jobs in Queensland, so get online and get yourself to Queensland for a bit of House Sitting!






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Well, I’ve managed to finally get another newsletter done for House Sitting 

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To see this newsletter focusing on longer House Sitting jobs see the following…

You will find some longer House Sitting jobs in the latest House Sitting newsletters

Longer House Sitting jobs are great. They really can give you a true taste of the place you choose to House Sit. To see the latest House Sitting newsletter click HERE. Hopefully you will find a longer House Sitting job to your taste. Xmas is a great time to do a longer House Sitting job in Australia, or New Zealand.

Hard to write House Sitting newsletters when you are unwell

Hopefully, I may get a little bit better. This would help me with my low energy, and I would be able to do the newsletters a little easier. When you are extremely low, tired, and not well, things are difficult to do. Writing newsletters and posts can both be difficult for me at times.

Register to become an Australian House Sitter

If you wish to register to become an Australian House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the best House Sitting website in Australia; Aussie House Sitters. On Aussie House Sitters website, you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in Australia, like these Click Here.

Register to become a New Zealand House Sitter on Kiwi House Sitters website

If you want to register to become a New Zealand House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the Kiwi House Sitters website. This website is one of the best New Zealand House Sitting websites there is. This Kiwi House Sitters website is where you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in New Zealand, Click Here.

Please go ahead and look at the House Sitting newsletter; see what you think. Go register to become a House Sitter either in Australia, or New Zealand. You may get one of the many longer House Sitting jobs.



Northern Queensland House Sitting Jobs

How great would it be to live in Australia’s Northern Queensland with completely free accommodation?

In this post, I am going to give you some excellent opportunities to live in North Queensland totally rent free. You do this by House Sitting for absent North Queensland homeowners…

Northern Queensland is exciting

Australia’s Northern Queensland is a truly exciting part of Queensland. Boasting the magnificent Great Barrier Reef the Daintree National Park cities like Cairns and Townsville Northern Queensland certainly has plenty to offer the House Sitter looking for a House Sitting job.

Many towns in tropical North Queensland

There are many lovely towns like Cook Town in far North Queensland, or inland; Queensland; outback towns like Winton to name just a couple. House Sitting certainly is a most enjoyable way, to live with rent free accommodation in North Queensland, whilst enjoying the tropical climate. So next we get to the exciting part your House Sitting jobs to choose from…

Far North Queensland

NORMANTON House Sitting Job

Duration: One month one week

House Sit Starts: October 14th, 2017

House Sit Ends: November 14th, 2017

This is a House Sitting job in the very far North Queensland and it’s a long way to get there by road. Just think of the amazing and exciting road-trip you could have? I would personally love this North Queensland House Sitting job myself, but my circumstances with cancer don’t allow me to get away.

Your House Sitting job entails looking after friendly two Bull Mastiff dogs. These two dogs aren’t really fond of children, but they just want to be loved and cared for. The homeowner doesn’t expect much else, apart from caring for his dogs and low maintenance home; easy as!

WEIPA House Sitting Job

Duration: One week four days

House Sit Starts: Dec 23rd, 2017

House Sit Ends: Jan 3rd, 2018


This remote town of the  Weipa House Sitting job is also in the extreme far North Queensland. This is a House Sitting job that will certainly give the Weipa House Sitters/Sitter a taste of life in the very far north of Australia. It will be hot and humid, but you are well looked after with air conditioning to keep you comfortable.

You will be Pet Sitting a 9 year old Staffy dog called Yuki. The Weipa Home owners have kindly allowed the House Sitter the use of a Mazda 3 car for transport. Just think of all the great Barramundi fishing you could get out and do? The Weipa district is known as the Barra capital of Queensland!)? Take Yuki the dog along with you for a drive, but BEWARE OF THE CROCS while you’re fishing!

Northern Cairns

There are many Northern Cairns House Sitting jobs. I will pick out some North Queensland House Sitting opportunities that look really interesting. Here’s the link to see all of the Northern Cairns House Sitting jobs.

This chance to live with rent free accommodation in North Queensland is Farm Sitting job at Butchers Creek.

Butchers Creek Farm Sitting Job

Duration: Two Weeks and two days approx

House Sit Starts: SOON! August 26th, 2017. Approx.

House Sit Ends: Sept 11th, 2017 Approx.

Stunning views along with chances to walk tracks at this Farm Sitting job

This is a truly fabulous chance to experience an incredible Northern Queensland Farm Sitting job at Butchers Creek. The views from this 167 Acre farm are absolutely stunning looking across to the Atherton Tablelands and Mt Bartle Frere. There would be certainly plenty of opportunities to get out and walk some wonderful trails in the area.

You really need to love animals for this Farm Sitting job

If you are considering this very picturesque Farm Sitting job, you must love dogs and animals. The dog is an inside outside dog, the horse is old and friendly, and there’s some gardens to water and care for. This House Sit is set amongst a photographer’s paradise. Nature at it’s best surrounds you. A Farm Sitting job in Northern Queensland that is simply amazing.

Speewah House Sitting Job  

Duration: One month and two weeks

House Sit Starts: Nov 21st, 2017

House Sit Ends: Jan 7th, 2018

Spend Xmas in Northern Queensland House Sitting at this Speewah 5 bedroomed home. It would be a month and two weeks of free accommodation at Xmas time! This House Sitting job is located near Kuranda Northern Queensland. There’s six and a half acres of land, and the Wallabies and Kangaroos roam daily.


The pets you will be pet sitting are two inside cats, two outside dogs, and twenty chickens in a large coop. The homeowners, in return for the free accommodation in this House Sitting job at Speewah, want the following

  • Plants watered
  • Animals fed
  • Grass mowed
  • Animals cared for in the event of a Cyclone

Shop and pub not far by car

There is a local shop/pub only two minutes drive away, or if you want to walk: 40 minutes! There’s room for a caravan, but the owners really would prefer you to live inside to keep the young cats company. The choice is yours, but this would really be a fascinating way to save money on one month and two weeks accommodation at Xmas time!

A Northern Queensland House Sitting experience is great for non-Australians

For any visitor not from Australia, what a great experience: a Northern Queensland House Sitting Job. An experience you will never forget. Take time to have a good look at what there is in this unique part of Australia. Enjoy free accommodation in some of the most amazing parts of Australia.

House Sitting at any one of THESE Northern Queensland House Sitting jobs will give you that time.


Months Of Living Real Cheap In Queensland

Did you know you can get months of opportunities of living real cheap, sorry no: FOR FREE in Queensland.  Yes, there are actually opportunities to live rent free in Queensland. See these Queensland opportunities, each opportunity a House Sitting job. Each House Sitting job; one month or more, where you can live with rent free accommodation.

Become A House Sitter

Honestly, Aussie House Sitters is the best

Firstly though… Are you a member of Aussie House Sitters? If not; check out all about this wonderful website that is Aussie House Sitters. Do you like what you have read, and love the Aussie House Sitters website? Then you best see how you become an Aussie House Sitter, by clicking HERE. I honestly think Aussie House Sitters is the best House Sitting website for the following reasons…

  • Easy to use
  • VERY inexpensive
  •  A well run website
  • Popular website with many Australian House Sitting job listings
  • Great to use to FIND a House Sitter

Pine Creek House Sitting Job

Pine Creek House Sitting job in the Bundaberg area

Here’s six weeks of living real cheap in the Queensland warmth. The job is a House Sitting job at Pine Creek, Bundaberg, to see; click HERE. You need to be quick to get this House Sitting job, as it starts July 20th 2017 and finishes Sept 1st 2017.  This is over a month of living real cheap, sorry: FREE in Queensland! You can save heaps on accommodation costs; what are you going to do with all that money you’ve saved?

Thing’s to do in the Bundaberg area

Here are some top things to do whilst you do your Pine Creek House Sitting job in Bundaberg, Queensland. Of course with the money you have saved, you will now have more spending money!

Stanmore House Sitting Job

House Sitting job at Stanmore Queensland needs an animal lover

This House Stanmore Queensland House Sitting job starts July 2017 25th-Sept 17th 2017 approx. This Stanmore Queensland House Sitting job would suit a person who loves animals and is confident around farm animals. This chance of living real cheap in Queensland for over a month is on an 180-acre farm property.  You are extremely well situated here, between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Plenty to do in the Stanmore House Sitting area

While you are House Sitting so close to not only the Gold Coast, but Brisbane, here’s some real top things to do whilst in the area. There are so many great Aussie theme parks of course too, that you can spend your money on.

Jimboomba House Sitting Job

Jimboomba House Sitting job on the southern suburbs of Brisbane

Fancy four weeks living real cheap on an acre of land in the southern Brisbane suburbs? This Jimboomba House Sitting job is starting Aug 2nd 2017-Aug 31st 2017. It’s a great House Sitting job situated well, and has two small Terrier dogs to care for. Nothing else to do really, and you have a month of living real cheap in Queensland!

West Stowe House Sit

West Stowe House Sitting job with a swimming pool

If you want to get up to a warmer climate in August? Want to stay for over a month rent free in a lovely Queensland property with a swimming pool? Easy really;  do  this House Sitting job for these home-owners at West Stowe Queensland. Its really not far from Gladstone, which is only a short drive (20kms.) The property water systems can break down every now and then, so the House Sitter needs to have good common sense about these sort of things.

Some of the things the Gladstone area has

Whilst you are living for over a month in the Gladstone, West Stowe area you could try some of these things. This is a lovely area, to explore, climate is great, and there are many interesting things things happening including markets.

You Now Know How

House Sitting in Queensland saves you thousands of dollars

With these four House Sitting jobs you can see how easy it is to spend months living real cheap in Queensland. House Sitting gives you the chance to live with rent free accommodation, saving you thousands of dollars.

I am not in any way affiliated to Aussie House Sitters. I truly and honestly believe they are the  best House Sitting website in Australia, sit is only my opinion.