Longer Sydney House Sitting Jobs; Save Huge Money!

Saving huge money is super easy, and fun, by doing longer Sydney House Sitting jobs. Save yourself the amount that you would normally be paying in Sydney accommodation rental.


There are lots of Sydney home and pet owners who want their homes and pets cared for while they are on vacation or away from their Sydney homes.

Firstly though, check out the following, article. This article tells you the truth about what you need to do to live rent free in Sydney CLICK HERE

Here’s some longer Sydney  House Sitting jobs to get you started

Sydney – Lithgow area

If you wanted to live just out of Sydney, you could live in nearby Lithgow getting four months rent free accommodation  Think how much money that would equate to, if you had to pay rent in Sydney for four months? Not even any pets to care for. Just your help to keep the place neat and tidy and secure.

Sydney Northern Beaches

You get a two month period of paying no rent in Sydney with this Northern Beach House Sitting job in Clareville Lots of Aussie money to be saved here! Great views, and two lovely dogs to love and care for.

Cambelltown Sydney

This is a longer Sydney House Sitting job; looking after a lovely large home with a pool in Cambelltown for four weeks. There are two dogs who need walked daily. Save huge money; no rent bills for a month, live in style in Sydney free with rent for a month.

Annandale Sydney                                                    

This is a fantastic location for a longer Sydney House Sitting job. Annandale, Sydney is the location of this House Sitting job lasting four weeks. Pet Sitting one dog and two cats, in a two bedroom terrace home close to transport.

Seven Hills Sydney

Save huge money; here is a one month and two week saving of Sydney rent money. This longer Sydney House Sitting job at Seven Hills looks great. Please don’t let down this Sydney home owner, she’s had some bad luck getting a good House Sitter.

Middle Dural Sydney

Another longer Sydney House Sitting job at Middle Dural. Again; a great way to save huge money. That would be approximately seven weeks of money saved, by not paying any rental accommodation in Sydney. Think how much that is?

Live like a king for a while. Live rent free in Sydney!

Having given you a taste of longer Sydney House Sitting jobs, you can see how easy it is to save huge money. Live in Sydney for free, and save HUGE money at the same time!

Stay For Free Around New Zealand: Plan Your House Sits to Suit

Jeff & Glenys Hawkes. Experienced House Sitters.

You can easily stay throughout New Zealand for free; whilst enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle.

If you plan your New Zealand House Sits, to suit, you can easily stay in different places around New Zealand for free. It’s all in the early planning. 




Look on the easiest to use House Sitting website then choose where you want to go, apply; it’s that easy!


Become a New Zealand House Sitter

Of course you do need to join one of the House Sitting websites. Normally joining a New Zealand House sitting website is free. Usually you need to pay a yearly subscription fee when you want to apply for a House Sitting job. The low fee cost is a lot  less than a motel unit for one night! The amount of House Sitting jobs you can possibly do in NZ for a year, more than covers any fee! You can see why I love House Sitting my way round New Zealand!

New Zealand scenery makes being a House Sitter here an amazing experience

Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.
Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.

New Zealand is such a fabulous country with such diverse scenery

  • Lakes
  • Alps
  • Desert
  • Rainforests.

Get in real quick to apply for your House Sitting jobs so you can stay for free

Plan your first House Sitting, whilst also planning where you will do the next House Sitting job, and so on. You should be able to stay for free House Sitting around New Zealand during your vacation! Imagine the money you can save?

Plan your New Zealand House Sit to suit what sort of scenery you desire

Searching online for House sitting jobs on the most popular New Zealand House Sitting website at present there are many North Island House Sitter wanted jobs!

Road Trip up the West Coast of the South island of New Zealand to our Charleston House Sit. Pretty hard to beat this scenery!

The South Island of NZ, also has an abundance of opportunities for rent free accommodation. Check out these South Island House Sitter wanted jobs. (The South Island of New Zealand in my opinion is the most beautiful Island in NZ) 


Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Couldn’t you just sit here all day dreaming, with a coffee in your hand?








Beautiful scenery everywhere in the South Island of NZ. This is up near Tekapo.

Coming from right down the bottom of the South Island of NZ (Invercargill) we often plan for our House Sitting work to suit our love of the South Island scenery. You simply can’t find better scenery in NZ! The mountains, lakes and, native bush, are what make the South Island the best place to visit and House Sit!

Remember if you plan your House Sits to suit, you will stay for free around New Zealand, whilst enjoying living in glorious New Zealand surroundings.

South Island House Sitting Jobs

You had best be extremely quick to get this Queenstown House Sitting job!

Overlooking Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, there is a Xmas House Sitting job right in the middle of Queenstown this year, but be quick!

Most House Sitting jobs in the South Island are somewhere in amongst gorgeous scenery! For example: at Xmas time this year there is this House Sitting job in the adventure capital of the world Queenstown.


Upper South Island House Sitting Jobs

I was just searching through a very popular New Zealand House Sitters website, and found this House Sitting job in idyllic Takaka. 19 days of R&R here and you won’t want to leave! There are more wonderful opportunities for rent free accommodation in these upper South Island House Sitting jobs.

It’s all in your House Sitting job planning

Plan your House Sits to suit, allowing plenty of time for your home owner responses. By planning wisely, then you will get to live in rent free accommodation throughout New Zealand. Enjoy the kiwi lifestyle!