Battling Cancer: House Sitting Is Therapy

I’ve got cancer. I hate that C word, but it’s not as hard to say it now as it was.

You may wonder why House Sitting is therapy whilst battling cancer? Well here’s why I think House Sitting and cancer are great together…

House Sitting caring helps bring me a calmness

House Sitting and caring for the home-owners pets and property gives me a huge feeling of fulfilment. I use this feel-good feeling on myself, using it, to sooth away the horrible thoughts that surround this cancer. Helping people, by House Sitting (even while I’m sick) brings a sense of calmness over me. I’m actually sidetracking my mind away from my own cancer condition.

Multiple Myeloma, it’s no dream, it’s happening

I’ve got Multiple Myeloma an insidious form of cancer for which there is no really good prognosis. I still can’t believe it! I wake up each morning realising this is no dream, sadly. It’s real, and it’s happening to me. I’m undergoing a form of Chemotherapy which hopefully will help to hold this cancer at bay.

Animal therapy helps, whilst battling cancer

House Sitting normally involves pets; have you ever heard of animal therapy? Well, House Sitting provides a kind of animal therapy whilst I’m battling cancer. See the post I wrote sometime ago, Pets are therapeutic click HERE.  That’s also why I love House Sitting so much; because there is a complete peacefulness about just being one on one. For example a dog and a human, it feels so therapeutic. It is.

House Sitting while I receive cancer treatment

I’ve actually just taken a House Sitting job in Invercargill, even whilst I’m under going Chemotherapy. I thought that this House Sitting job would be an extremely peaceful way to endure part of my Chemotherapy treatment while I’m battling cancer. It works well; having the Chemotherapy treatment not too far away from the House Sitting job. After the treatment I can come back to the quiet home with a lovely small dog to care for, and no bugs to catch from anyone!

House Sitting therapy, even without pets

House Sitting while battling cancer is in itself, therapy; even without any pets. Just by changing one’s surroundings, for a different part of the country, you gain rent free accommodation and a vacation. Rest and relaxation in a place of your choice! This all makes for a restful, and rewarding experience.






Finding A House Sitting Job In New Zealand

When you are away, you may want to find a House Sitting job in New Zealand (NZ)

Here’s how to find a House Sitting job in NZ while you’re in another country.

Some people seem to struggle with the idea of finding a House Sitting job in New Zealand while they are away and in another country. It really is simple, and will only cost you $65.00NZ, to apply for as many NZ House Sitting jobs as you want each year! Here’s how to find your New Zealand House Sitting job…


Use the best NZ House Sitting website to find your NZ House Sitting job

Finding a House Sitting job in NZ is really easy using the Kiwi House Sitters website. The simplicity of the Kiwi House Sitters website makes using the website a real pleasure.

Which part of NZ do you want to House Sit in

If you look up Kiwi House Sitters and CLICK HERE  Have a think about which part of beautiful NZ you want to go House Sitting in…. North Island or South Island?

Using the Kiwi House Sitters Website

You will find the Location Filters on your left-hand side of the screen. If you click on THE NORTH ISLAND BUTTON you will find all of New Zealand’s North Island House Sitting jobs. The same applies if you click on THE SOUTH ISLAND BUTTON.

Queenstown area; a million dollar view!

Register as a House Sitter

Once you register, this opens up all the House Sit application details you need to contact the homeowner

Once you have found a House Sitting job in New Zealand, it is then your choice if you want to register as a Kiwi House Sitter. This will cost you a very reasonable $65.00NZ. Once you have registered, you have a whole year of fabulous House Sitting throughout NZ. Pretty cheap for so much fun, and the chance to experience life in different New Zealand surroundings!

Maybe you would be lucky enough like I was to be House Sitting on beautiful Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. This really is the ultimate place to do a House Sitting job. Wild deer roam the Stewart Island roads. The largest Kiwis in NZ are the Stewart Island Kiwi. If you love nature, and pristine surroundings, then you would love Stewart Island.

Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes


House Sitter Profile

Check out some profile to get clues so you can make your House Sitter profile stand out

You can create your own profile on Kiwi House Sitters, and be advertised as a House Sitter. Take a look at some of these profiles of House Sitters, CLICK HERE This will give you an idea as to how you can make up your own outstanding House Sitter profile. You want your House Sitter profile to really stand out!

Toby the Cocker Spaniel.

Create your House Sitter Profile

You can have your House Sitter profile  and registration completed and running live on Kiwi House Sitters website, even whilst you’re out of NZ. This will give you a head start in finding a House Sitting job in NZ. Homeowners may even contact you whilst you are out of NZ wanting your House Sitting skills.

Get your House Sitter profile done pronto!

As you can see; finding a House Sitting job in NZ is easy even if you aren’t actually in New Zealand. I urge you to try and make up a fantastic profile of yourself. It will help NZ homeowners to choose you.

Long House Sitting Jobs; Stay For Free In Paradise

Would you like to live rent free for a month or more in paradise?

Photo courtesy of

You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand!

It’s so easy: when you know how, of course; you go House Sitting.  Take a look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…


You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand! It’s so easy: when you know how of course; you go House Sitting.  Try to look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…

Road trip to the West Coast, South Island, NZ

What follows are some really fabulous long House Sitting jobs situated in the spectacular upper South Island of New Zealand…

Mapua House Sitting job

Lots of rent-free days in this long House Sitting job; House Sitting for one month and two weeks, at Ruby Bay. South Island, NZ. This is a wonderful chance to stay rent free in the magnificent Mapua area. Mapua is situated at the top of the most beautiful and spectacular South Island of New Zealand. This House Sit has a duration of one month and two weeks of totally free accommodation. Stay for free in paradise, why don’t you?

There’s plenty more long House Sitting jobs in the top half of the spectacular South Island, NZ. For instance the following…

Upper Moutere House Sit

Here is a month long Upper Moutere House Sitting job could possibly suit ex-farmers. Upper Moutere is close to the lovely town of Motueka, at the top of the spectacular South Island. Someone capable of handling horses, and donkeys, chooks should also apply. There is approx an hour and a half of animal husbandry a day.

It would help if you have farming skills

The house you could be living in, rent free, has a Spa pool and is an Australian style home. Wonderful chance to relax on the deck, taking in the peace and tranquillity that is the Upper Moutere region. There is also a car for your use if so desired. This makes your opportunity to stay for free in paradise; even more rewarding, you can explore!

Westport House Sit

If you have never been to, what is arguably the most stunning part of New Zealand’s South Island; West Coast then this is a chance not to miss. This is your chance to do a long House Sitting job in Westport. Stay for free in paradise, on the magnificent beauty of the West Coast, for one month and two weeks of bliss. This long House Sitting job involves you to; care for the cat, mow the lawns, look after with love, the house and property. That’s a fairly easy task, and a great chance to stay for free in paradise.


Nelson House Sit

Collingwood, Nelson seven month House Sitting job

Stay for free for seven months at Collingwood, Nelson. This seven month Collingwood House Sitting job is the ultimate opportunity to experience the New Zealand lifestyle. Laze on the deck with Fluff, the cat, on your lap, reading a book. The Collingwood House Sitting job is simple: love and care for the cat, house, property, stay for free in paradise, that is; South Island of New Zealand.


More House Sitting Jobs

You will find more House Sitting jobs here in the paradise that is the South Island of New Zealand. If you want to stay for free in paradise, then I genuinely suggest: try a long House Sitting job, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Holiday With Pets For Free

Do you like pets and animals; dogs, cats, ponies, goats etc…?

Have you ever thought that having a pony to ride, a dog to walk and play with, a cat to sit on your lap, would be nice on your holiday? Then you could use your love of pets, animals, to your advantage.

You never have to pay any accommodation costs, but you have a very memorable holiday.

Holidays with pets and animals

I love having a holiday with pets, but that’s because I really do love animals, as a whole. Some of my most memorable holidays have been with animals, of different kinds. As a child, I remember a holiday we had on the West Coast, South Island of NZ; on my auntie’s farm at Ikamatua.

Farm pets

There were horses, sheep, and a big billy goat named Jerry on this farm.  The horses and Jerry the goat, were pets. As kids, we had so much fun riding the horses and walking Jerry the goat. My aunt Dorothy even used to let Jerry, jump up at her, and play with her! This holiday in particular sticks in my mind, and what really made this holiday so special and fun were; the animals.

Holiday with pets for free virtually anywhere in the world wherever there are pets or animals                                              

This brings me to the point of this post: You can go basically anywhere in the world and holiday with pets for free. When I say holiday for free, I mean stay on your holiday for free. To do this you become a House Sitter. To become a House Sitter, see how easy it is to become a House Sitter in Australia here. You can also see how very easy it is, to become a House Sitter in New Zealand right here.

Get paid to do House Sitting

You can also get paid to do House Sitting for homeowners; they will employ you to House Sit! Being paid for House Sitting is an amazing way to save money, whilst getting paid! You save by not having accommodation rental costs on your holiday.

Your holidays with pets; a huge amount of choices

Imagine having a holiday with pets for free in the South Pacific Islands;  House Sitting for a homeowner there? What a great way to explore with no accommodation costs! Australia is vast, there are many Australian House Sitting jobs available for you to choose from. Check out these current Aussie House Sitting vacancies!

You can see then, that you can put your love of pets and animals to great use, allowing you to holiday with pets for free, in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific region.

Wanaka Accommodation: 17 Days With Free Rent!

Ever wanted to stay in or near Wanaka and Queenstown, New Zealand? How about 17 days rent free accommodation on a farm just out of beautiful Wanaka? See the following…

To get the Wanaka accommodation, with 17 days with free rent; you would be required to do House Sitting on a farm. The farm is located just out of beautiful Wanaka and is also close to Queenstown New Zealand.

Lake Wanaka, NZ

The Wanaka House Sitting job itself, is really easy, as you can see, with the following duties that you need to do

The Wanaka House Sit duties

To Make House Sitting Even MORE Fun

House Sitting is a fun, exciting new life-change, if you’ve never done House Sitting before. But there are some things to make House Sitting even more fun. The following things are what I look for, to make House Sitting even more fun…

  • The pets and animals that I have always liked, need to be present at the House Sitting job
  • Location of the particular House Sitting job: it has to be a place to my personal liking, and the travel there and back, needs to be personally enjoyable.
  • House and property need to be appealing with what they have to offer for me, as in my likes, and feeling whilst there.

The Pets and Animals retriever-348572_640

If you personally like the kind of pet or animal that you are Pet Sitting,  obviously you enjoy being around it, caring for it, playing with it. I personally love most all animals, but particularly dogs, horses, donkeys, and pigs. When I get to House Sit with these animals present, then the House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Animal Minding experience is always so much more fun. You can sound like an idiot sometimes, but I always “talk to the animals!” It’s great fun, and I’m absolutely positive that the pets and animals get a closer bond with you. 100022800pig-214349_640

House Sitting Job Location

The location means so much to me whilst looking for a House Sitting job

Where the House Sitting job is located means a lot to me. I love historic places, spectacular scenery, and isolation, but also need to have a town nearby somewhere. Therefore when researching an area of a potential House Sitting job I have these above attributes in mind. Also I love travel: the further, the better. I mean; I love to drive. I have always loved driving, so therefore if the House Sitting job is at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, then I would love it! (I live at the bottom of New Zealand, in the most beautiful province: Southland)

Whilst House Sitting

Photography is a great hobby whilst doing House Sitting work

Queens Park Botanical Gardens, Invercargill, NZ Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ.            Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, NZ.    Photo by Jeff Hawkes

Photography is also a growing passion of mine, scenery is a very important part of my House Sitting tick list. In this way it’s not just a House Sit (every House Sit is special to me)  it’s an opportunity; to spend time, taking photos in surroundings that I love. Sometimes I just love taking “snap shots” of the animals and pets that I’m Pet Sitting, which adds to make House Sitting even more fun. I look back on the photos, and memories come flooding back of that particular House Sitting job.


On the "road trip" to Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ House Sitting job.
On the “road trip” to Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ House Sitting job.

I love travel, in particular driving, so each House Sitting job in NZ is a potentially a nice drive for me

Driving around New Zealand and also Australia, is fun. Admittedly driving around Adelaide was a little stressful, as I was not used to the huge volumes of traffic, compared to little old Invercargill, New Zealand. I made preparations for that though, and bought myself a GPS for the car we were using. Without the little “Tom Thumb” GPS, driving around Adelaide, and it’s beautiful surroundings would have been very, very stressful!

The South Island of New Zealand is spectacularly beautiful though. I’m not just saying that because I come from there, but it has every kind of landscape; Desert like (McKenzie Country) Alps, lakes, Fiords, and Rainforests. Everything to make you love where you live.

House and Property

This place has the sort of character I would look for in a House Sit


Location: Stewart Island, Southland,NZ Photo by Jeff Hawkes


I love older homes and Villas. They make a more enjoyable and fun House Sitting experience for me

I look for a house and property that have what it takes for me personally. I love: old looking, wooden, or stone cottages. If there is a beautiful old Villa, or cottage, that looks great, and has all the comforts I desire, then I would be particularly interested (as long as the House Sit had the other qualifying things; like the location, and the right pets and animals.) But you first have to apply for the House Sitting, Pet Sitting animal minding job, and hope that your particular profile is what the Pet Owner, Animal owner, Home-Owner is looking for!


A House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Animal Minding job that meets all of my requirements; to make House Sitting even more fun, then as a House Sitter; I am fulfilled.


Explore New Zealand Over Xmas: Stay For Free

Tauranga, North Island, NZ

Have a Xmas holiday in New Zealand (NZ), while exploring with free accommodation! How about making your Xmas vacation something completely different? If you plan now, you could tour NZ over Xmas; House Sitting your way around for free.

Xmas: NZ House Sitting Vacation

Search now for your House Sitting jobs and make a exploration plan

Christmas is a great time to get away for a vacation for many people. If you were quickly to search these Xmas House Sitting jobs in New Zealand  you may be first to get your desired NZ House Sit location. Exploring NZ whilst House Sitting (staying for free) on your Xmas holiday, could easily become a reality! Securing your Xmas, NZ House Sitting jobs now, would enable you the following

  • An extremely cheap Xmas vacation in NZ
  • More money to spend exploring and doing exciting tourist things that cost heaps!
  • Living in a very different environment of YOUR choice for free
  • Memories to last you a lifetime

There are many, places to House Sit right at this very moment between the dates of 15th Dec 2016 and 15th Jan 2017

Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, NZ

House Sitting jobs in NZ for Xmas holidays: starting dates 15th Dec 2016 until 15 Jan 2017

  1. In the North Island, House Sits at this moment number: 66 House Sits spread throughout.
  2. South Island House Sits at this moment number: 21 House Sits

Exploring New Zealand        

Milford Sound, Southland, NZ

Incorporate places to explore and enjoy at your leisure on your House Sitting exploration of NZ

If you work out your itinerary, you will be able to incorporate some North Island House Sits with some South Island House Sits. For example maybe you could do this awesome House Sit in Tauranga starting 20th Dec for eight days then move on down to this quiet House Sit near Rotorua, starting on the 29th Dec 2016. Of course Rotorua has so much to see and do at your leisure.

Mount Cook, NZ
Fox Glacier, South Island, NZ

Make a House Sit Route Plan

Exploration, relaxation: House Sitting gives you ample opportunities

Your exploration of New Zealand over Xmas, could then move down to the South Island if you could find any House Sitting jobs. Alternatively you may want to just keep exploring the North Island of NZ, whilst staying for free; House Sitting. Maybe you could plan to do a really relaxing House Sit in Te Aroha where there are hot healthy Mineral Soda Springs.


Keep Looking for Xmas NZ House Sitting Jobs

No matter where you choose to go, in either the North Island, or the South Island of NZ; you can stay for free whilst exploring NZ at Xmas time. Just keep your eyes open, searching for NZ House Sitting jobs that you can apply for.

Stay For Free Around New Zealand: Plan Your House Sits to Suit

Jeff & Glenys Hawkes. Experienced House Sitters.

You can easily stay throughout New Zealand for free; whilst enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle.

If you plan your New Zealand House Sits, to suit, you can easily stay in different places around New Zealand for free. It’s all in the early planning. 




Look on the easiest to use House Sitting website then choose where you want to go, apply; it’s that easy!


Become a New Zealand House Sitter

Of course you do need to join one of the House Sitting websites. Normally joining a New Zealand House sitting website is free. Usually you need to pay a yearly subscription fee when you want to apply for a House Sitting job. The low fee cost is a lot  less than a motel unit for one night! The amount of House Sitting jobs you can possibly do in NZ for a year, more than covers any fee! You can see why I love House Sitting my way round New Zealand!

New Zealand scenery makes being a House Sitter here an amazing experience

Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.
Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.

New Zealand is such a fabulous country with such diverse scenery

  • Lakes
  • Alps
  • Desert
  • Rainforests.

Get in real quick to apply for your House Sitting jobs so you can stay for free

Plan your first House Sitting, whilst also planning where you will do the next House Sitting job, and so on. You should be able to stay for free House Sitting around New Zealand during your vacation! Imagine the money you can save?

Plan your New Zealand House Sit to suit what sort of scenery you desire

Searching online for House sitting jobs on the most popular New Zealand House Sitting website at present there are many North Island House Sitter wanted jobs!

Road Trip up the West Coast of the South island of New Zealand to our Charleston House Sit. Pretty hard to beat this scenery!

The South Island of NZ, also has an abundance of opportunities for rent free accommodation. Check out these South Island House Sitter wanted jobs. (The South Island of New Zealand in my opinion is the most beautiful Island in NZ) 


Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Couldn’t you just sit here all day dreaming, with a coffee in your hand?








Beautiful scenery everywhere in the South Island of NZ. This is up near Tekapo.

Coming from right down the bottom of the South Island of NZ (Invercargill) we often plan for our House Sitting work to suit our love of the South Island scenery. You simply can’t find better scenery in NZ! The mountains, lakes and, native bush, are what make the South Island the best place to visit and House Sit!

Remember if you plan your House Sits to suit, you will stay for free around New Zealand, whilst enjoying living in glorious New Zealand surroundings.

South Island House Sitting Jobs

You had best be extremely quick to get this Queenstown House Sitting job!

Overlooking Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, there is a Xmas House Sitting job right in the middle of Queenstown this year, but be quick!

Most House Sitting jobs in the South Island are somewhere in amongst gorgeous scenery! For example: at Xmas time this year there is this House Sitting job in the adventure capital of the world Queenstown.


Upper South Island House Sitting Jobs

I was just searching through a very popular New Zealand House Sitters website, and found this House Sitting job in idyllic Takaka. 19 days of R&R here and you won’t want to leave! There are more wonderful opportunities for rent free accommodation in these upper South Island House Sitting jobs.

It’s all in your House Sitting job planning

Plan your House Sits to suit, allowing plenty of time for your home owner responses. By planning wisely, then you will get to live in rent free accommodation throughout New Zealand. Enjoy the kiwi lifestyle!