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Well, I’ve managed to finally get another newsletter done for House Sitting 

It’s taken me way too long, and cost me a whole lot of energy.

To see this newsletter focusing on longer House Sitting jobs see the following…

You will find some longer House Sitting jobs in the latest House Sitting newsletters

Longer House Sitting jobs are great. They really can give you a true taste of the place you choose to House Sit. To see the latest House Sitting newsletter click HERE. Hopefully you will find a longer House Sitting job to your taste. Xmas is a great time to do a longer House Sitting job in Australia, or New Zealand.

Hard to write House Sitting newsletters when you are unwell

Hopefully, I may get a little bit better. This would help me with my low energy, and I would be able to do the newsletters a little easier. When you are extremely low, tired, and not well, things are difficult to do. Writing newsletters and posts can both be difficult for me at times.

Register to become an Australian House Sitter

If you wish to register to become an Australian House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the best House Sitting website in Australia; Aussie House Sitters. On Aussie House Sitters website, you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in Australia, like these Click Here.

Register to become a New Zealand House Sitter on Kiwi House Sitters website

If you want to register to become a New Zealand House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the Kiwi House Sitters website. This website is one of the best New Zealand House Sitting websites there is. This Kiwi House Sitters website is where you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in New Zealand, Click Here.

Please go ahead and look at the House Sitting newsletter; see what you think. Go register to become a House Sitter either in Australia, or New Zealand. You may get one of the many longer House Sitting jobs.



One Month Rent Free: Invercargill House Sitting Job

Fancy living for one month rent (approx) free in Invercargill close to magnificent Queens Park Gardens?

Spectacular Queens Park Gardens

You can, but you best be quick as you can, the job starts on July the 9th and lasts until August 5th. See more about this wonderful chance to live a month rent free in Invercargill…

A very peaceful, welcoming city

Invercargill is a really peaceful, friendly, welcoming city. Click HERE to see about what Invercargill has to offer the visitor. We have arguably the nicest Botanical Gardens in New Zealand Queens Park. You will be so well placed to walk the lovely friendly dog in Queens Park each day or so. But along with that there are many really wonderful walks in and around the Invercargill City area. Click HERE to see some of these wonderful walks.

Go and see some amazing places around the Invercargill, Southland area

One month rent free doing this Invercargill House Sitting job means you will save big money. With some of the money you have saved you could visit and drive to some amazing places around the Invercargill, and Southland area. Take a look in the following things at what I could certainly recommend you do

Apply For this House Sit

The House Sitting job is as the home-owner has stated to me “a very easy job.”The dog is a very friendly dog to care for, and play with; you will be friends straight away. The home is located just one block away from magnificent Queens Park.

If you would like to live with one month rent free; Invercargill house Sitting job; apply please. You may send me an email to: or


Queenstown: Free Lifestyle Living For Four Weeks

Does free Queenstown lifestyle living for four weeks in the middle of winter sound good?

It should, because Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world! Accommodation costs are astronomical!

Not only that, it’s ski season! See how you could get to live on a 9 acre lifestyle block, just out of Queenstown for FREE!

House Sitting a Queenstown Lifestyle block

Your mid-winter accommodation near Queenstown.

Firstly; this is a House Sitting job in the Queenstown area; To see; click HERE.  The lifestyle block is located fifteen minutes from the Queenstown town centre. The lifestyle block is situated amidst the stunning majestic beauty, of the Queenstown area. Now you really need to know; HOW DO I GET TO BE THE HOUSE SITTER? Right? Check out the following…

  1. You must be a registered House Sitter on the Kiwi House Sitters website; to do this; click HERE
  2. Have a good look at some of the House Sitter profiles and write up your own. (If not, I can write up a really good profile for you at a small cost, as I am a trained Web Writer and have my own writing business)
  3. Apply for the House Sitting job!
  4. Hope that you are the lucky person to get free lifestyle living for four weeks in the Queenstown area!

You are there to do a job for the home-owners, in return for four weeks free Queenstown lifestyle living

Just remember, before you get carried away with what you want to do; You are there to do a very important job for the home-owner. You get free lifestyle living for four weeks in the Queenstown area. This in itself is worth a fortune! In return for this you must take the utmost care of the house, property and the pets.

Know your House Sitting responsibilities

This little rascal will keep you on your toes!

House Sitting comes with a lot at stake, so make sure you know all about your responsibilities. In this particular House Sitting job, the home-owners want their pets; an old cat, and a young energetic dog, both well loved and cared for, with less emphasis on the section and gardens.

Things to see and do in the Queenstown area during winter whilst you are House Sitting

Queenstown; beauty everywhere.

There is so much to see and do in the Queenstown area, especially in winter time. To start with; it’s ski season! Have a look at this website Everything Queenstown it may help you decide what you can do while you’re in the Queenstown area House Sitting.

Money to spend from money you have saved

Remember: you will have money to spend, because you have saved literally thousands of NZ Dollars. You aren’t paying for any expensive Queenstown accommodation in the busy mid-winter peak tourist time. Isn’t it awesome? Take the dog for walks, there are plenty.


Just do the simple things in life

You may just want to kick back and enjoy the simple things in life, like taking the dog for a walk. There are many wonderful walks you can take the dog on around the Queenstown area. See THIS for some helpful ideas of where you can take the dog walking.

House Sitting for four weeks on a Queenstown lifestyle farm: you best hurry!

Four weeks free lifestyle living near Queenstown, awaits you, if you apply for this job as a House Sitter. Don’t waste any time, as this Queenstown House Sitting job won’t last long!

Long House Sitting Jobs; Stay For Free In Paradise

Would you like to live rent free for a month or more in paradise?

Photo courtesy of

You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand!

It’s so easy: when you know how, of course; you go House Sitting.  Take a look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…


You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand! It’s so easy: when you know how of course; you go House Sitting.  Try to look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…

Road trip to the West Coast, South Island, NZ

What follows are some really fabulous long House Sitting jobs situated in the spectacular upper South Island of New Zealand…

Mapua House Sitting job

Lots of rent-free days in this long House Sitting job; House Sitting for one month and two weeks, at Ruby Bay. South Island, NZ. This is a wonderful chance to stay rent free in the magnificent Mapua area. Mapua is situated at the top of the most beautiful and spectacular South Island of New Zealand. This House Sit has a duration of one month and two weeks of totally free accommodation. Stay for free in paradise, why don’t you?

There’s plenty more long House Sitting jobs in the top half of the spectacular South Island, NZ. For instance the following…

Upper Moutere House Sit

Here is a month long Upper Moutere House Sitting job could possibly suit ex-farmers. Upper Moutere is close to the lovely town of Motueka, at the top of the spectacular South Island. Someone capable of handling horses, and donkeys, chooks should also apply. There is approx an hour and a half of animal husbandry a day.

It would help if you have farming skills

The house you could be living in, rent free, has a Spa pool and is an Australian style home. Wonderful chance to relax on the deck, taking in the peace and tranquillity that is the Upper Moutere region. There is also a car for your use if so desired. This makes your opportunity to stay for free in paradise; even more rewarding, you can explore!

Westport House Sit

If you have never been to, what is arguably the most stunning part of New Zealand’s South Island; West Coast then this is a chance not to miss. This is your chance to do a long House Sitting job in Westport. Stay for free in paradise, on the magnificent beauty of the West Coast, for one month and two weeks of bliss. This long House Sitting job involves you to; care for the cat, mow the lawns, look after with love, the house and property. That’s a fairly easy task, and a great chance to stay for free in paradise.


Nelson House Sit

Collingwood, Nelson seven month House Sitting job

Stay for free for seven months at Collingwood, Nelson. This seven month Collingwood House Sitting job is the ultimate opportunity to experience the New Zealand lifestyle. Laze on the deck with Fluff, the cat, on your lap, reading a book. The Collingwood House Sitting job is simple: love and care for the cat, house, property, stay for free in paradise, that is; South Island of New Zealand.


More House Sitting Jobs

You will find more House Sitting jobs here in the paradise that is the South Island of New Zealand. If you want to stay for free in paradise, then I genuinely suggest: try a long House Sitting job, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Wanaka Accommodation: 17 Days With Free Rent!

Ever wanted to stay in or near Wanaka and Queenstown, New Zealand? How about 17 days rent free accommodation on a farm just out of beautiful Wanaka? See the following…

To get the Wanaka accommodation, with 17 days with free rent; you would be required to do House Sitting on a farm. The farm is located just out of beautiful Wanaka and is also close to Queenstown New Zealand.

Lake Wanaka, NZ

The Wanaka House Sitting job itself, is really easy, as you can see, with the following duties that you need to do

The Wanaka House Sit duties

Some Xmas House Sits in NZ

Spectacular Milford Sound, Southland, New Zealand.

Xmas is House Sitting time in, New Zealand! People holidaying means people will be leaving their homes and pets.  There are some really great Xmas House Sitting jobs to be found all around New Zealand. Have you found a really good Xmas House Sitting New Zealand job yet?

Tauranga Xmas House Sit

A great opportunity to stay for free in the Tauranga area at Xmas


Check out this wonderful Tauranga Xmas House Sitting opportunity If you are the lucky House Sitter who gets this Xmas House Sit, you will certainly enjoy the free Xmas accommodation. There is so much happening in Tauranga & Mt Maunganui, in Xmas holidays during this House Sitting job. Just think what you could do, with the money you save, from getting free accommodation near Tauranga at Xmas 2016?

Auckland Xmas House Sit

Golden Retriever

House Sitting a Golden Retriever in Auckland at Xmas

Auckland, NZ

Ever wanted to House Sit a Golden Retriever? Retrievers are gorgeous dogs, in fact, one of my favourite species of dog. Here is your chance in this Xmas Auckland House Sitting job.                                              Do you know how much accommodation costs in Auckland at Xmas time? Well, it’s unrepeatable really, but getting three weeks for free at Xmas time in Auckland, would certainly be a great way to spend Xmas, wouldn’t it? You could save thousands on accommodation costs!

Dunedin Xmas House Sit

Dunedin, Courtesy of
Dunedin City centre

House Sit in Dunedin, the city with Scottish character

If you have never been to the lower South Island’s Dunedin? Do you want to stay there for free at Xmas? Then feast your eyes on this great 3 week Dunedin House Sit. Dunedin is a fabulous city, with lots of old Scottish character. Here’s some things that are happening in and around Dunedin during this Xmas House Sit in NZ.

These Xmas House Sits in NZ, are a taste of what is on offer between the dates of 15th Dec 2016-15th Jan 2017. There are plenty more Xmas House Sits in NZ, so happy searching.

Explore New Zealand Over Xmas: Stay For Free

Tauranga, North Island, NZ

Have a Xmas holiday in New Zealand (NZ), while exploring with free accommodation! How about making your Xmas vacation something completely different? If you plan now, you could tour NZ over Xmas; House Sitting your way around for free.

Xmas: NZ House Sitting Vacation

Search now for your House Sitting jobs and make a exploration plan

Christmas is a great time to get away for a vacation for many people. If you were quickly to search these Xmas House Sitting jobs in New Zealand  you may be first to get your desired NZ House Sit location. Exploring NZ whilst House Sitting (staying for free) on your Xmas holiday, could easily become a reality! Securing your Xmas, NZ House Sitting jobs now, would enable you the following

  • An extremely cheap Xmas vacation in NZ
  • More money to spend exploring and doing exciting tourist things that cost heaps!
  • Living in a very different environment of YOUR choice for free
  • Memories to last you a lifetime

There are many, places to House Sit right at this very moment between the dates of 15th Dec 2016 and 15th Jan 2017

Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, NZ

House Sitting jobs in NZ for Xmas holidays: starting dates 15th Dec 2016 until 15 Jan 2017

  1. In the North Island, House Sits at this moment number: 66 House Sits spread throughout.
  2. South Island House Sits at this moment number: 21 House Sits

Exploring New Zealand        

Milford Sound, Southland, NZ

Incorporate places to explore and enjoy at your leisure on your House Sitting exploration of NZ

If you work out your itinerary, you will be able to incorporate some North Island House Sits with some South Island House Sits. For example maybe you could do this awesome House Sit in Tauranga starting 20th Dec for eight days then move on down to this quiet House Sit near Rotorua, starting on the 29th Dec 2016. Of course Rotorua has so much to see and do at your leisure.

Mount Cook, NZ
Fox Glacier, South Island, NZ

Make a House Sit Route Plan

Exploration, relaxation: House Sitting gives you ample opportunities

Your exploration of New Zealand over Xmas, could then move down to the South Island if you could find any House Sitting jobs. Alternatively you may want to just keep exploring the North Island of NZ, whilst staying for free; House Sitting. Maybe you could plan to do a really relaxing House Sit in Te Aroha where there are hot healthy Mineral Soda Springs.


Keep Looking for Xmas NZ House Sitting Jobs

No matter where you choose to go, in either the North Island, or the South Island of NZ; you can stay for free whilst exploring NZ at Xmas time. Just keep your eyes open, searching for NZ House Sitting jobs that you can apply for.

South Island NZ: House Sit Jobs

Looking towards Queenstown, New Zealand.

If you haven’t been to New Zealand’s South Island, then book mark this site! This is where to look: get free accommodation! Yes, FREE accommodation; rent free throughout the South Island of New Zealand. There are some awesome opportunities for Xmas House Sit jobs, in New Zealand’s spectacular South Island right now!

The South Island of New Zealand

Some spectacular features of the South Island of New Zealand are as follows 1000643

  • Milford Sound (some call it the 8th wonder of the world)
  • Beautiful Fiordland National Park
  • Mt Aoraki: New Zealand’s Highest mountain

    Curio Bay Petrified Forest. Dated to be 160 million years old.
  • A Petrified Forest that is 160 million years old
  • Glow Worms: you can see these by booking a trip in Te Anau
  • Glaciers on magnificent and scenic West Coast; the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers
    Mt Aoraki: New Zealand’s highest mountain.

    Invercargill’s Queens Park gardens. One of the best of all New Zealand’s city parks and gardens.

House Sitting Jobs South Island, NZ



Urgently required someone to House Sit in beautiful Murchison area

Want free accommodation in return for House Sitting a beautiful little farm with some lovely animals? Do you love beautiful scenery, peace and tranquillity; here it is then; Murchison house Sitting job  Murchison is just the place for you. This is a truly wonderful House Sit where you can; get your thoughts together, time-out, write a best seller book! You will love the community of Murchison. Don’t miss out: this House Sitting job starts 20th October!


URGENT PLEASE HELP: House Sitters required for a Xmas six day House Sit at Rangiora.  Their House Sitter has let them down, can you please help them out, and restore their faith in the House Sitting concept? House Sitting is a great way to stay around the world getting free accommodation. We need to help home-owners as much as we can, for without home-owners, there will be no need for House Sitters!

Governors Bay House Sit seagull-771245_640

One month House Sit over the Xmas holidays

If you want a month long Xmas House Sit in a beautiful area over the hills from Christchurch? See this House Sitting job at Governors Bay

Picton House Sit common-dolphins-914548_640

Another South Island New Zealand, House Sit job for Xmas is this three week House Sit in gorgeous Picton at Waikawa Bay.

Picton; a very relaxing place to stay, with beautiful scenery in the Marlborough Sounds             

Having spent some time up that way, I can vouch that Picton is a wonderful town, it’s surrounding beauty is captivating. This really is a great way to holiday for free in amongst the Marlborough Sounds. You have no Xmas accommodation rental costs for three weeks!


Free Accommodation in Southland at Xmas Time

You could save, heaps of money with no holiday accommodation costs at Xmas time? There is a chance you could get 18 days of rent free, Xmas holiday accommodation near iconic Gore, Southland. Read more to see how…

Yeah right! I bet there’s a catch


There’s always a catch, isn’t there? But it’s a real good catch

The “catch” (forgive the pun; Southland has some of the best Brown Trout fishing in the world!) to receiving 18 days free accommodation in Southland at Xmas time…..  Well actually it’s not really a catch… This is a wonderful House Sitting country-musicopportunity. Click here to view. If you are already a member of this fabulous House Sitting website then you better be quick! If you are not a member then quickly; click here to become a House Sitter.

Ways to enjoy your 18 days accommodation in Southland

See how you could enjoy your time living near Gore, Southland, for 18 days. Whilst enjoying 18 days rent free accommodation at Xmas time in Southland, you could

  • Enjoy some of the best Brown Trout fishing in New Zealand, on the mighty Mataura river
  • Learn to roll your RRRR’s as Southlander’s do
  • Check out lovely Gore, Country Music Capital of New Zealand

    Brown Trout: Southland river the Mataura has a prolific population for the Angler to test his skills.
  • Explore the Catlins on the spectacular Southern Scenic Route
  • Go flying at Mandeville Airfield in a Tiger Moth
  • Chill out and become a temporary Gore Bogan
A Tiger Moth charter flight. These flights are available from Mandeville airport, near Gore, Southland, NZ.

With 18 days of rent free accommodation in Southland at Xmas time, the experience would be well worrrrth it! Go on, grab a barrrrgain. House Sitting near Gore: a great chance to enjoy Southland for a while.





Stay For Free Around New Zealand: Plan Your House Sits to Suit

Jeff & Glenys Hawkes. Experienced House Sitters.

You can easily stay throughout New Zealand for free; whilst enjoying the Kiwi lifestyle.

If you plan your New Zealand House Sits, to suit, you can easily stay in different places around New Zealand for free. It’s all in the early planning. 




Look on the easiest to use House Sitting website then choose where you want to go, apply; it’s that easy!


Become a New Zealand House Sitter

Of course you do need to join one of the House Sitting websites. Normally joining a New Zealand House sitting website is free. Usually you need to pay a yearly subscription fee when you want to apply for a House Sitting job. The low fee cost is a lot  less than a motel unit for one night! The amount of House Sitting jobs you can possibly do in NZ for a year, more than covers any fee! You can see why I love House Sitting my way round New Zealand!

New Zealand scenery makes being a House Sitter here an amazing experience

Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.
Queenstown: The adventure capital of the world.

New Zealand is such a fabulous country with such diverse scenery

  • Lakes
  • Alps
  • Desert
  • Rainforests.

Get in real quick to apply for your House Sitting jobs so you can stay for free

Plan your first House Sitting, whilst also planning where you will do the next House Sitting job, and so on. You should be able to stay for free House Sitting around New Zealand during your vacation! Imagine the money you can save?

Plan your New Zealand House Sit to suit what sort of scenery you desire

Searching online for House sitting jobs on the most popular New Zealand House Sitting website at present there are many North Island House Sitter wanted jobs!

Road Trip up the West Coast of the South island of New Zealand to our Charleston House Sit. Pretty hard to beat this scenery!

The South Island of NZ, also has an abundance of opportunities for rent free accommodation. Check out these South Island House Sitter wanted jobs. (The South Island of New Zealand in my opinion is the most beautiful Island in NZ) 


Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand. Couldn’t you just sit here all day dreaming, with a coffee in your hand?








Beautiful scenery everywhere in the South Island of NZ. This is up near Tekapo.

Coming from right down the bottom of the South Island of NZ (Invercargill) we often plan for our House Sitting work to suit our love of the South Island scenery. You simply can’t find better scenery in NZ! The mountains, lakes and, native bush, are what make the South Island the best place to visit and House Sit!

Remember if you plan your House Sits to suit, you will stay for free around New Zealand, whilst enjoying living in glorious New Zealand surroundings.

South Island House Sitting Jobs

You had best be extremely quick to get this Queenstown House Sitting job!

Overlooking Queenstown, the adventure capital of the world, there is a Xmas House Sitting job right in the middle of Queenstown this year, but be quick!

Most House Sitting jobs in the South Island are somewhere in amongst gorgeous scenery! For example: at Xmas time this year there is this House Sitting job in the adventure capital of the world Queenstown.


Upper South Island House Sitting Jobs

I was just searching through a very popular New Zealand House Sitters website, and found this House Sitting job in idyllic Takaka. 19 days of R&R here and you won’t want to leave! There are more wonderful opportunities for rent free accommodation in these upper South Island House Sitting jobs.

It’s all in your House Sitting job planning

Plan your House Sits to suit, allowing plenty of time for your home owner responses. By planning wisely, then you will get to live in rent free accommodation throughout New Zealand. Enjoy the kiwi lifestyle!