Chemotherapy Takes Its Toll

House Sitting To all wonderful House Sitters, aspiring House Sitters, House Swappers…

Chemotherapy is now taking its toll on me
I am so utterly tired, weak as anything and struggling to keep my MoJo up with this Chemotherapy treatment. Someone said prior to me starting on the Chemo (Chemotherapy) that I would become tired and fuzzy in the head. (Chemo Brain) Really I didn’t seem to have a problem, up until a week or so ago. Now that has all changed!
Sleeping in a brief moment, Chemo is making me so drained
I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep! In fact; I find if I shut my eyes just for a little bit wherever I may be: that I could just fall into a very deep sleep. I can be sitting at the table, and; Wow! there I am; virtually falling off to sleep as I sit there! I honestly never realised just how tired and drained Chemo would make me.
Sorry for not writing enough House Sitting posts
This is in a way my way of saying: I’m sorry for the lack of posts on my House Sitting blog. I need to have a clear head to write posts. I find even now, with writing this small post, that I’m getting deeply fatigued.
So: Sorry to all House Sitters, and people in any way interested in House Sitting, for the lack of activity on my behalf. I need to take each day as it comes.

How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting A House Sitter

Got ya! Got ya attention!

Are you a home-owner with pets, wanting desperately, to get a House Sitter?

See how I can help solve your problem with your House Listing on House Sitting websites.

Too many times, do I see people desperately seeking House Sitters, without any visual impact, stimulating information in their House Sitter wanted adverts…

The Attention Grab

What grabs your attention when search for a House Sitter wanted advert

Being a fully trained Web Writer, and Copywriter; but more importantly being a very experienced House Sitter and Pet Sitter; I know what it takes to really get my attention when searching for House sitting jobs.

House Sitter Wanted Adverts
Does I catch your eye?

Increase your chances of getting a House Sitter by                 

There is a knack in writing a really effective advertisement; to get a House Sitter. You can increase your chances of getting a House a House Sitter. As a home-owner, pet owner, you should include the following things, in your “House Sitter wanted” advertisement…

  • Provide good quality photos of your house inside and out, along with your property
  • Include good quality photos of your pets, doing all sorts of things
  • Some photos of interesting things and places around where you live which really help to show off the good points, of living where you do
  • Provide information about the home comforts eg; Cable TV, Wifi, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi (Spa Pool), BBQ etc…
  • What does the city, town, or location where you are living have, that would be of interest to a potential House Sitter?
Would you be keen to House Sit here if you saw this photo?

These things, if well presented in a home-owner’s advertisement posting, will help sell your House Sitter wanted advert. They will drastically increase your chances of getting a House Sitter.

Visual Impact                      
Stunning isn’t it?
The headline and photos always take my attention first

It’s always the visual impact that will grab people, searching for prospective House Sitting jobs. A good headline along with visual impact, when I am skimming through looking for House Sitting jobs by home-owners, is what always first grabs my attention.

Photos Headlines Content

Good photos along with good a Headline will make an impact

Check out this House Sit advert’s photos. Good photo’s will out sell, a plain page of writing. Photos supplied to your House Sitting website and posted, along with a good headline and really well written content will make a huge impact on any potential House Sitters.

Cute aren’t I?
Handsome boy isn’t he?


As a home-owner; if you provide quality photos, a good headline, and well written content you will have much better results in getting a House Sitter.