About Me

My name is Jeff Hawkes: extremely experienced House Sitter

My special dog Toby the Cocker Spaniel. I can thank him, for where my life is at, today.
My special dog Toby, the Cocker Spaniel. I can thank him, for where my life is at, today.

Be it sitting pet or sitting house, I have been House Sitting for many years. I live for House Sitting. Ask me any questions about HouseSitting; I will help you. Helping people by doing House Sitting jobs gives me a huge sense of fulfilment. I will explain why House Sitting means so much to me …

A chain of events that has led me to a wonderful new future

Health circumstances and a botched Back (Lumbar) operation forced me from my job as a Printing firm manager. After many “dark times”, I was left searching for something positive in life. My wife encouraged me to get a dog, not just a dog, but a lovely Cocker Spaniel.

Opening up a passion that had always been there

In getting my dog, I found the answer that has changed my life so much for the better! My awesome pet Cocker Spaniel, opened up my passion for animals, that I had always had, since childhood. My empathy towards animals, pets, and pet owners has given me the passion I have for all things to do with House Sitting.

My first House Sitting job that has helped form my future

A House Sitting job came up at our friend’s Vineyard near Alexandra, New Zealand (Hawkdunrise) one year, way back in 2008. Sitting pets and sitting house at the Vineyard was so good for my self-esteem, and sense of self-worth.

Helping people by House Sitting for them

There were hens, and dogs to look after, along with deliveries of wine orders, and of course; collecting mail, and all the other jobs that go, with looking after a large property. It was a learning experience, but so, so much fun. I felt valued again! My love for helping people and caring for animals, has led me to where I am today. IMG_20151226_201101

The experiences of House Sitting and the knowledge gained

In the years since starting House Sitting I have experienced many, varied House Sitting jobs. After learning of a really great House Sitting website I used this website to find House Sitting work.

Using a top House Sitting website, has provided me with many jobs

Since then, I have been all over the South Island sitting pets, sitting house, dog walking, feeding out to livestock, and even getting bitten by cantankerous Donkeys! Dealing with gas hot water systems that malfunctioned, or pumps for water systems that needed setting, I have experienced it all! I have experienced quite a few cold showers over the many House Sitting jobs, I can tell you.

Adaptability is a prerequisite to being a top performing House Sitter

Two of my own flock of 4 hens.

I have been able to learn, and had to adapt to the many different living situations. Being able to adapt is a prerequisite for any serious, would be House Sitter. It is crucial!

House Sitting defines who I am

Looking after someone’s house and their beloved pets is a job I personally take incredibly seriously. I have a passion for House Sitting and all that it involves. House Sitting defines who I am. I am honest, and incredibly reliable. I do my utmost in looking after the home-owner’s property, pets or animals.

Want to know even more?

If you want to learn even more about who I really am, and without me boring you “half to death” on this page, feel free to check out these links: