Apply For This Tongan Island House Sitting Job

Apply for the House Sitting Job Vacancy of a Lifetime on an Island just off Tonga

I’ve found the ultimate House Sitting job for you in the tropical South Pacific Island’s. It’s the House Sitting job of a lifetime and it’s on a Tongan Island. This House Sitting opportunity is incredible, if you’ve ever wanted to live like Robinson Crusoe here it is. This House Sit is on a tropical Island near Tonga, read on…

You could easily be House Sitting on this Tongan Island

This House Sitting job is just off Tonga; in fact it’s a 20 minute boat trip, which is the only way there. The house is “off the grid.” It only has solar power, and rain water. You need to be able to live in a basic way. Take a look at the following South Pacific Island House Sitting job near Tonga. Does it get you excited? You really will be living like Robinson Crusoe, but you will need to have a partner who is willing to live the Island life with you too.

Got what it takes to do an isolated House Sitting job on a South Pacific Tongan Island?

There are quite a lot of things that you will need to think about before undertaking such a challenge as this House Sitting job in the South Pacific islands such as

  • You most certainly need to be resourceful
  • Able to confidently operate a boat with good knowledge of the sea
  • Live with minimal needs, as there is no TV or mod cons
  • Can you swim?
  • There are no shops near, so being able to plan your supplies is essential

House Sitting on this Tongan Island is relatively easy, its challenges maybe the location

The nearest village to you is 3kms away on a neighboring Island, but on this Island there is no shop. The nearest shop is 20minutes by boat!

You live rent free on this tropical South Pacific Island, where there’s plenty to do 

It’s hard to believe that you are getting to live on this wonderful little island for free!  So; you need to make the most of it and get out and see and do, as much as you can. There certainly is plenty to do whilst you are temporarily living on this tropical South Pacific Island near Tonga.

The lagoon is unspoiled, snorkeling is fabulous, fish for your meal

The lagoon is teeming with sea life, so snorkeling would be incredible, especially as it’s not a tourist hot spot. Fish for tea? Try catching some of the local fish for your evening meal. The lagoon should be completely unspoiled. Fancy this; beach walking and exploring are surely things to enjoy whilst you House Sit on this tropical island paradise.

Whale Watching For Free

If you’re House Sitting from July to October Whales may be present

You could watch for whales in the waters around you. Imagine that? Whale watching for free! Whales are plentiful in these waters from July to October, so if those are the dates that you will be at this Island House sitting job then you may wish to venture out in the boat and watch them.  

The Tongan Island House Sitting Job

The House Sitting job on this Island involves: Pet Sitting a nice cat, caring for the lovely tropical home, and property, including maintaining it, and any issues that may arise. So really, you need to be capable of doing the odd job, just like a caretaker would, also remembering that you must be very resourceful because you are living on an isolated island.

How To Register For This Job

Once registered you can then apply for this Tongan Island House Sitting job

Now you need to register to be a House Sitter at Luxury House Sitters by opening the following link:  Register To Be A House Sitter. The cost is very cheap, costing you just $25 per year. You can then apply to be a House Sitter on this Tongan Island.

Get your application in for this uniquely South Pacific House Sitting job on this Island near Tonga

If you want to try one of the most daring House Sitting jobs that I’ve ever come across, then you should try House Sitting on this Tongan Island. Best that you get your application in ASAP to Luxury House Sitting

Author: Jeff

I'm a Drummer, Writer, and a House Sitter. I love animals. and pets, so House Sitting enables me to go to different places doing what I love: writing and caring for pets and animals. There are so many people out there who need someone to care for their pets whilst they go on holiday. You can get great satisfaction by caring for someone's home and pet. It's a great way to have a vacation anywhere in the world, and not have to pay for accommodation! House Sitting is also great to relax!

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