Xmas House Sitting Jobs In South Island of NZ

Want a holiday in the South Island of New Zealand with free accommodation this Xmas? There are certainly plenty of House Sitting jobs to choose from in many differing and beautiful surroundings of the South Island, I have chosen my picks, for some of the different parts of the South Island, your fun will be to choose which job you want…

Nelson House Sitting

Kayaking in the Motueka area. Photo courtesy of www.newzealand.com

Enjoy some free accommodation with a Xmas House Sitting job at Nelson

The top of the South Island is very popular at Xmas time, so accommodation is very expensive. Take a look at the following lovely Nelson House Sitting job. This job gives you twelve peaceful days relaxing and caring for a cat, small dog, and chickens, ducks, and geese. Sound good?  There’s so much to see and explore around the Nelson area. Take a look at what there is to see and do in the Nelson area HERE.

Christchurch House Sitting 

Pet Sitting a gorgeous West Highland Terrier will be great fun during your Xmas House Sitting job

What about spending a week in Christchurch Pet Sitting a gorgeous West Highland Terrier? Take a look at the following Xmas Christchurch House Sitting job and see if you would like it?

Punting down the Avon river, Christchurch, NZ

That would be a Xmas day you won’t forget for a while. I know for a fact these gorgeous little Terrier’s are wonderful fun.

There’s also plenty to see and do around Christchurch New Zealand’s “Garden City.”

Oamaru House Sitting

See New Zealand’s most haunted hotel during your Xmas South Island House Sitting job in Oamaru

Take a drive south of Christchurch to Oamaru and maybe go see New Zealand’s most haunted hotel! There’s also plenty else to explore, and go see.

New Zealand’s most Haunted Hotel in Oamaru

This House Sitting job in Oamaru’s outskirts would be so much fun, as it’s got a few animals for the kids to care for (egg collecting), so it would be great for the kid’s to spend a Xmas like no other. There’s one cat, one dog, chickens, ducks and geese.

Dunedin House Sitting

Based around a beautiful harbour, some of Dunedin’s views are truly picturesque.

Dunedin is a city with plenty of Scottish heritage, character and charm. There’s many old buildings and Scottish named streets and places.                     So how about a House Sitting job with excellent harbour views in this fabulous city? Read on then…


Spend six days exploring in an round Dunedin, whilst doing this excellent southern South Island House Sitting job at Xmas time. Take a look at the following Dunedin House Sitting job.

Looks like a real cute little Bichon dog, and a lovely cat to enjoy company with, as you enjoy temporarily living in Dunedin at Xmas time. You probably won’t want to leave this place.

The House Sitting jobs above are only a small amount of the many South Island House sitting jobs available this Xmas. Take plenty of time and browse through them all Here. Be sure to refine your search on the left hand side of the page; to South Island.

Picture of House requiring a House and Pet Sitter at Kiwi House Sitters, New Zealand


Author: Jeff

I'm a Drummer, Writer, and a House Sitter. I love animals. and pets, so House Sitting enables me to go to different places doing what I love: writing and caring for pets and animals. There are so many people out there who need someone to care for their pets whilst they go on holiday. You can get great satisfaction by caring for someone's home and pet. It's a great way to have a vacation anywhere in the world, and not have to pay for accommodation! House Sitting is also great to relax!

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