Change your Aussie life forever

Would you be interested in changing your dull boring lifestyle in Australia for just $84Aus per year?

You can make it as exciting or as relaxing as you want, for this cost each year. Your choice! Have a look at the following and see how…

Changing your Aussie life

You will never look at vacations the same, after you become a House sitter in Australia. Have a look at this webpage on being a House Sitter. Your accommodation throughout Australia will be free forever once you become a House Sitter. Imagine planning your holidays, knowing that you will not be paying any rental fees, what a huge saving that will give you! It opens up a whole new and fun way to live throughout Australia.

Take a look at the many choices you have, of who to join so that you can find House Sitting jobs in Australia. See the following in my preferential order…


Taking a look through some of the Aussie House Sitting jobs is fun

Here’s a look at the Aussie House Sitters website. In it you will find a House Sitting opportunity like this one at Trinity beach in Queensland that’s due to start in a matter of days. This Trinity Beach House Sitting job has a lovely looking pool to cool off in during the balmy Queensland heat! This is a holiday for you and maybe your loved one for free!

There are no accommodation or rent costs at all. This will be the start and help of your new life change. A whole new restart, changing your Aussie life forever.

The start of your new life is choosing which House Sitting job from throughout Australia you want

Maybe a nice free vacation on a small lifestyle farm in Tasmania might be more your thing? You may never ever, have been to Tasmania. Travel could have been too expensive, or perhaps by the time you have added accommodation costs and then, the travel together, the Tasmanian adventure could have become way too expensive? Well now, you would only have the travel to pay for on your Tasmanian adventure.

Go build your  Aussie House Sitting itinerary which will make up a great rent-free vacation

Admittedly that’s only a four day House Sitting job, but you could add more Tasmanian House Sitting jobs like this excellent Kingston House Sitting opportunity to build yourself a great Tasmanian adventure, all without paying any accommodation costs at all! There’s a few more Tassy jobs, so, go do it!

Start your new Aussie life

Choose where in Australia would you like to do your House Sitting job and get free accommodation

That was just three opportunities in just one website full of many great Aussie House Sitting jobs. Take a look at your vacation accommodation costs in Australia. Sit down and see where in Australia you would like to go and spend some time doing an Aussie House Sitting job. Then go out and enjoy your new life, with a lot more money in your pocket.


An amazing House Sitting opportunity in Sydney

Sydney is an amazing city to visit, but accommodation costs are extremely high, especially at Xmas. I’ve found this amazing House Sitting opportunity in Sydney. Your answer to expensive rental costs maybe? Eleven days rent free in a fabulous Sydney mansion. 

This could be your chance to grab this amazing Sydney House Sitting opportunity or check out other opportunities in the following…

Live in a Sydney mansion for FREE this Xmas

Be quick to experience this December House Sitting opportunity in Sydney 

Take a look at what the Sydney home-owners have for you to care for and enjoy? This is the Sydney House Sitting job in Roseville, upper North Shore, that you could be doing. There is certainly an amazing opportunity to live in Sydney for free for eleven days just by House Sitting! Better be quick though, the House Sitting job in Sydney starts on December 4th, so get your application in real quick.

The House Sitting Job 

An amazing opportunity where you live for free in a luxurious Sydney mansion at Xmas

The House Sitting job itself, involves being able to care for two active Lakeland Terrier dogs, and of course a large home alongside some parks. The home has a nice inviting swimming pool to cool yourself off in the Sydney heat. So; remember that you are getting 11 days of free accommodation in Sydney, in return for you swimming, and also playing with, and caring for 2 dogs, and a beautiful Sydney mansion.

See more about Aussie House Sitters

Whereabouts in Australia would you like to go for a rent-free holiday

Have a look at Aussie House Sitters who I believe are the best House Sitting website in Australia. Once you like what you see, then register to be a House Sitter at Aussie House Sitters for the small cost of $84Aus. That’s an incredibly cheap price for a whole year of as many Australian House Sitting jobs as you can handle!

Xmas Day in Sydney

Spend an amazing 18 days with free accommodation in Sydney this Xmas by House Sitting

Live free of charge in a house just 20 minutes by car from the center of Sydney this Xmas! This is an amazing opportunity to live in Sydney for free this Xmas by doing this Lindfield-West House Sitting job. This wonderful Sydney House Sitting job involves Pet Sitting one Dog, one Cat, two Rabbits, and a Guinea pig. If your children want a fun time feeding the pets, and you want to base yourself in Sydney for free, this Xmas, then apply for this House Sitting job now.

Sydney House Sitting job has glorious ocean views

Spend Xmas in Sydney’s northern beach area getting two weeks of free accommodation

Here’s a Sydney House Sitting job where you get wonderful ocean views. This home-owner wants an experienced House Sitter for this job who has references. The House Sitting job is on Sydney’s northern beach area. This Sydney House Sitting opportunity has two lovely dogs with four fish. The fish shouldn’t be a problem! The House sitting job here starts on the 19th December and lasts for two weeks. You would spend Xmas day here. It looks to have glorious ocean views.

More Sydney House Sitting jobs

Take a look at the best House Sitting website in Australia, plentiful House Sitting opportunities

There are plenty more amazing Sydney House Sitting opportunities to be found. You just need to checkout Aussie House Sitters, then click on the NSW filter on the left hand side of the page. You then click on Sydney Filter.

That’s it! You now have access to as many Australian House Sitting jobs as you can handle. ENJOY

Always remember: House Sitting is all about trust, without trust then there will be no House Sitting


Spend Your Xmas Holidays Rent Free in Auckland

Save big money by being rent free in Auckland this Xmas: House Sit

There’s plenty of really great Auckland House Sitting jobs going, take your pick! Renting a place to spend Xmas in the Auckland area, is very, very expensive, through the Xmas break.

Auckland, City of Sails.

Save yourself some really big money by House Sitting, and spend your Xmas holidays in Auckland rent free!

Have a look at some of the really fun home and pet caring opportunities I have found, and see if any of them suit you? But, you best be very quick to choose, others may beat you to them! Take a look at the following… 

Spend your Xmas holidays rent free in Auckland

Glen Innes

This Auckland House Sitting job: neither a cat nor a dog, but a rabbit to Pet Sit

Spend a wonderful week rent free in Auckland Pet Sitting a gorgeous house trained Rabbit? You get a week of very relaxing living with no accommodation costs at all to you, in the lovely suburb of Glen Innes  Auckland.

House Sitting a brand new home in Glen Innes, Auckland at Xmas time with free rent

See your Auckland House Sitting job in Glen Innes. The house you will be living in for free, is brand new! Can you imagine sitting out on one of the decks, gently stroking a very friendly cuddly rabbit? Hmmmmm. There’s also a bit to do around Glen Innes, take a look Here.


So much fun with plenty of animals on this House sitting job on a small farm near Auckland

Do you want to spend your Xmas holidays near Auckland, with rent free accommodation and lots of animals. Guaranteed to be plenty of fun with this many animals to interact with. Take a look at this lovely Waiuku House Sitting job on the Awhitu Peninsula. You get to spend your Xmas Holidays rent free on a farm near Auckland with free accommodation.

See where the Xmas House Sitting job in Waiuku is situated

Take a look HERE at where the Waiuku House Sitting job is situated on the Awhitu Peninsula. This will help you to give you some idea of whereabouts you will be situated in the Auckland area.

Vibrant City of Auckland, NZ


House Sitting in Waitakere area of Auckland whilst you Pet Sit two gorgeous Burman cats            

This Xmas you could have a very cheap holiday in Auckland House Sitting a lovely home in Waitakeri on the Te Atatu Peninsula. Included in this job is  Pet Sitting two beautiful Burman cats. This Waitakere House Sitting job, obviously, will leave you plenty of time to get out and about.

Save yourself Xmas holiday accommodation money in Auckland or spend it

So: you get to spend eight days in Auckland without having to pay for any accommodation costs at Xmas time! Imagine then, what you could spend the money that you save on? Or you may just want to save that money, and spend eight days being extremely relaxed as you “pat the cat!”

Have a look where your Xmas House Sitting job is situated

Take a look at where this Xmas House Sitting job is situated HERE on the Te Atatu Peninsula. It will give you a good idea of exactly where you are situated in Auckland.

Register To Be A House Sitter

Relaxing, enjoying the waterfront on one of the many beaches around Auckland, NZ.

How to register to become a House Sitter enabling you to apply for these House Sitting jobs

To register and become a House Sitter open the following link on Kiwi House Sitters website. You will get as many House Sitting jobs as you can handle in twelve months, for the very cheap price of $84.00NZ. That’s not even the cost of a tourist flat for a night at a motor camp!

If you want to search for more Auckland House Sitting jobs and spend your Xmas Holidays in Auckland rent free open HERE.

Beautiful Auckland waterfront on a sunny day.

When you can save yourself hundreds of dollars by House Sitting in Auckland at Xmas time I’m sure that the money you save will come in very handy.

Always remember: House Sitting is all about trust, never ever ruin that trust.

Xmas House Sitting Jobs In South Island of NZ

Want a holiday in the South Island of New Zealand with free accommodation this Xmas? There are certainly plenty of House Sitting jobs to choose from in many differing and beautiful surroundings of the South Island, I have chosen my picks, for some of the different parts of the South Island, your fun will be to choose which job you want…

Nelson House Sitting

Kayaking in the Motueka area. Photo courtesy of

Enjoy some free accommodation with a Xmas House Sitting job at Nelson

The top of the South Island is very popular at Xmas time, so accommodation is very expensive. Take a look at the following lovely Nelson House Sitting job. This job gives you twelve peaceful days relaxing and caring for a cat, small dog, and chickens, ducks, and geese. Sound good?  There’s so much to see and explore around the Nelson area. Take a look at what there is to see and do in the Nelson area HERE.

Christchurch House Sitting 

Pet Sitting a gorgeous West Highland Terrier will be great fun during your Xmas House Sitting job

What about spending a week in Christchurch Pet Sitting a gorgeous West Highland Terrier? Take a look at the following Xmas Christchurch House Sitting job and see if you would like it?

Punting down the Avon river, Christchurch, NZ

That would be a Xmas day you won’t forget for a while. I know for a fact these gorgeous little Terrier’s are wonderful fun.

There’s also plenty to see and do around Christchurch New Zealand’s “Garden City.”

Oamaru House Sitting

See New Zealand’s most haunted hotel during your Xmas South Island House Sitting job in Oamaru

Take a drive south of Christchurch to Oamaru and maybe go see New Zealand’s most haunted hotel! There’s also plenty else to explore, and go see.

New Zealand’s most Haunted Hotel in Oamaru

This House Sitting job in Oamaru’s outskirts would be so much fun, as it’s got a few animals for the kids to care for (egg collecting), so it would be great for the kid’s to spend a Xmas like no other. There’s one cat, one dog, chickens, ducks and geese.

Dunedin House Sitting

Based around a beautiful harbour, some of Dunedin’s views are truly picturesque.

Dunedin is a city with plenty of Scottish heritage, character and charm. There’s many old buildings and Scottish named streets and places.                     So how about a House Sitting job with excellent harbour views in this fabulous city? Read on then…


Spend six days exploring in an round Dunedin, whilst doing this excellent southern South Island House Sitting job at Xmas time. Take a look at the following Dunedin House Sitting job.

Looks like a real cute little Bichon dog, and a lovely cat to enjoy company with, as you enjoy temporarily living in Dunedin at Xmas time. You probably won’t want to leave this place.

The House Sitting jobs above are only a small amount of the many South Island House sitting jobs available this Xmas. Take plenty of time and browse through them all Here. Be sure to refine your search on the left hand side of the page; to South Island.

Picture of House requiring a House and Pet Sitter at Kiwi House Sitters, New Zealand