Fiji House Swap

Just thought I would have a look at some House Swap opportunities in Fiji. I found a House Swap that really looks great and I thought that you may be interested in having a look…

Fiji a place we think of when we mention South Pacific

Fiji is nearly always the first place people will think of if we mention; a South Pacific holiday. A House Swap opportunity in Fiji is not so common, and a bit hard to find until…

A reputable House Swap organization called Home Link

Swap your house for this one on the beach on Fiji

I searched a website I haven’t searched before. I found a House Swap or you could call it a Home Exchange organization, called Home Link. Home Link has been around since 1953, so it’s obviously a reputable House Swap organization. It was in this website that I found the Fiji House Swap.

The Fiji House Swap has plenty going for it and makes a great Fijiian vacation

House Swap view on Fiji

So here it is; the Fiji House Swap is near the township of Lautoka on Fiji. A Fijiian vacation would be a great way to; get away from it all for a while. The House swap looks to have plenty going for it including a “car exchange” which can be negotiated with the owners.  There’s some more pictures and information on the Fiji House swap right HERE.  The Home Owners are open to all destinations to swap their House for.

What you need to do to join Home Link

What you need to do to have a crack at getting in on this House Swap opportunity in Fiji, is to join Home Link. If you CLICK ON THIS LINK it will take you to the Home Link join up section. There’s a few options for joining up, so you decide what is best to suit you. It’s not really that cheap, but it’s certainly cheaper than renting a place over there, or anywhere for that matter.

A House Swap certainly gives you an affordable Fijiian vacation

Tranquillity on Fiji

At this time of the year, a South Pacific Holiday would be real nice right about now. This House Swap creates a Fijiian vacation with very little cost (just the cost of the Home Link membership for a year) and is certainly affordable.

Find more House Swaps from around the world with Home Link

If you want to find more House Swaps around the world with Home Link use THIS LINK. It will give you plenty to choose from. There’s Home Owners around the world looking to do House Swapping. Keep looking out for your ideal House Swap.





Is Your Dog Food Harmful?

It’s a scary moment; when you read that what is supposed to be a top brand of dog food you have been using, is found out to be harmful!

It’s true; a few brands of dog food have been found out! You must check out what follows…

A very interesting series of tests carried out on various dog foods

I got an email from asking me to make dog owners aware of what their dogs are eating. They are genuinely concerned that some dog owners my be feeding their dogs harmful dog food, whilst thinking the dog food is good for their dogs. Dog owner’s definitely wouldn’t want their dog food harmful to their beloved dog. have done extensive testing on many varieties of comparable dog foods.

The results of the dog food testing you will find interesting and also scary at times

Here is what found out; check out the following carefully and see if your dog food is amongst the named dog food harmful to your dog. Take a look HERE There’s also lots of other information on the dog foods as well, that may be of interest to you, for instance Brand Comparison Tables or The best Dry Dog Food and the best Wet Dog Food brands.

At no cost to the dog owner have provided some very informative test results

All in all, have studied up and tested very well, on what you are feeding your beloved pet dog. Harmful dog food is brought out into the open with and their testing procedures. They do the dog owner a big favor, and at no cost to the dog owner.