Here’s Some Top House Sitting Jobs In New Zealand

Just thought I could show you some top House Sitting Jobs in New Zealand


House Sitting in New Zealand is fantastic, with plenty of diverse destinations to choose from. So; here’s some top House Sitting jobs in New Zealand for you to choose from…


Russell, Bay of Islands

Here’s your chance to experience life in the beautiful Bay of Islands! This House Sitting job is in fabulous Russell.

Russell House Sitting Job

Take a look HERE to see this glorious Russell House Sitting job.

The Russell House Sitting job

The Bay of Islands are one of the North Island of New Zealand’s biggest tourist attractions. Imagine then, to be given the chance to live  for 12 days in the Bay of Islands for free?


Russell has so much to offer the visitor to this friendly tourist haven. To see what Russell and the glorious Bay of Islands has to offer you take a look at THIS.

Always remember though that as a House Sitter, you are there for the homeowner to do a job for him, or her.

Tauranga House Sitting Job

Here is your chance to live for free near beautiful Tauranga

Plenty of fun with the animals

This Tauranga House Sitting job starts February 10th 2018! A House Sitting job like this is  a great chance for an animal lover to care for the many pets and animals. These animals include; three horses, three goats, four pigs, two cats, and one dog.

Stunning views from your House Sit near Tauranga

There are stunning views looking towards Tauranga, and the Mount and this Hobby Farm is situated in such a prime position, close to Tauranga, but out in the country.


Karamea House Sitting Job

Karamea is a place where you can live in peace

On this wonderful House Sitting job you will be living in one of the nicest parts of New Zealand’s South Island.

Karamea, photo by Paul Murray

Karamea is a place where you can live in peace, with just the native birds around you.

This Karamea House Sitting job lasts for 4 months, and starts on May 25th 2018 until September 29th approximately. If you want serenity, this House Sitting job could be yours I just love Karamea. Have a look at what Karamea has to offer you HERE. 

Find your very own top New Zealand House Sitting jobs

These are just some of New Zealand’s top House sitting jobs. If you want to find more, take a look at these South Island House Sitting jobs. You can also check out these North Island House Sitting jobs. There are plenty to choose from. Enjoy yourself while you search out your top New Zealand House Sitting jobs.


New Year’s House Sitting In New Zealand


Looking to do some New Year’s House Sitting in New Zealand?

Looking towards Queenstown, New Zealand.

There’s plenty of excellent House Sitting jobs going, all around beautiful enchanting New Zealand. 

North Island of New Zealand

Plentiful amounts of New Year’s House Sitting jobs in New Zealand’s North Island

In the North Island of New Zealand, House sitting jobs are plentiful at present. Kiwi House Sitters website have 105 North Island House Sitting jobs listed. That’s 105 opportunities to get free new year’s accommodation opportunities in the North Island of New Zealand.

There’s also over 20 House Sitting jobs in New Zealand’s South Island

If you are looking for New Year’s House Sitting jobs in the South Island of New Zealand, you are also spoilt for choice. There’s also another 25 South Island new year House Sitting jobs listed. The many different House Sitting jobs make your selection process fun and exciting.

Take your pick of exciting Auckland House Sitting jobs

Auckland City

Take a look at some of the North Island’s  attractions whilst you travel through to your job. Consider visiting the beautiful Bay of Islands; to see what they have to offer CLICK HERE.  You may also want to check out Auckland by doing some New Year’s House Sitting there. Take a look at some of Auckland’s many New Year’s House Sitting jobs.  

Rotorua has some New Year’s House Sitting jobs and great tourist activities

There is also lovely Rotorua, with it’s many tourist attractions. Check out the many thing’s that you can do in Rotorua HERE. You may want a Rotorua House Sitting job so you can spend more time there. Have a look at these new year’s Rotorua House Sitting jobs.

South Island of New Zealand

The Marlborough Sounds also has a House Sitting job

Kayaking Marlborough Sounds

The South Island has much to offer the traveler seeking scenery, outdoor adventure, and beauty. Starting at the very top of the South Island are the beautiful Marlborough Sounds  You may want to try a fabulous opportunity of a  3 month House Sitting job in Anakiwa in the Marlborough Sounds.

Check out beautiful Christchurch city, they call; the Garden city

Want to stay in New Zealand’s garden city maybe? Have a look HERE at what Trip Advisor suggests the tourist to do in beautiful Christchurch. There are also these Christchurch New Year’s House Sitting jobs to apply for, if you want to stay for free awhile.

Many more beautiful places to see as you travel the South Island of New Zealand

There’s plenty more beautiful places to see and go to while you travel the South Island. You could take a drive down scenic West Coast and do this Westport House Sitting job in March 2018. Alternately maybe you may want to drive right down to Southland to do a whole lot of sightseeing.

Southland is incredibly spectacular when you go exploring

Magnificent Milford Sound

Southland is the largest of all New Zealand’s provinces including the incredibly spectacular Milford Sound. There are also these two Southland House Sitting jobs you may wish to consider during 2018. This particular part of New Zealand, in all honesty, has the best scenery in the world.

Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, Southland New Zealand.

Imagine then having the time to explore Southland throughout, seeing and living amongst the best scenery in the world. So staying for free with free accommodation for over 4 weeks based at this Otautau House Sitting job would give you so much time to explore this purely magnificent province of Southland.

See New Zealand and stay for free, go House Sitting

As you can see, there are plenty of New Year’s House Sitting jobs right throughout New Zealand. What a great way to see one of the most beautiful countries of the world, and stay for free!