Stem Cell Transplant

A Stem Cell Transplant has a lot to do with House Sitting

You probably don’t know what having a Stem Cell Transplant has to do with House Sitting. Right? Well actually in my case having a Stem Cell Transplant has an awful lot to do with House Sitting! Read on then to see why…

Multiple Myeloma

If I want to live longer a Stem Cell Transplant may help slow the cancer’s progress

I have to get this Stem Cell Transplant, to try to prolong my life as I have Multiple Myeloma. It’s a hideous cancer which does lot’s of horrible things to you, and there is no cure.  It will kill me, or one of it’s horrible side effects will. Multiple Myeloma can sometimes be slowed down by having a Stem Cell Transplant.

What does a Stem Cell Transplant have to do with House Sitting

My gorgeous boy and I.

I need to leave home city of Invercargill, New Zealand, to get my Stem Cell Transplant. The Transplant takes place in Christchurch Hospital NZ.  I will be away from home for at least 6 weeks if there are no problems. I will be in hospital for Xmas 2017. This means leaving my beloved Cocker Spaniel dog; hence the House Sitting implication.

A wonderful House Sitter and Pet Sitter

Love this guy to bits. Toby the Cocker Spaniel.

I am blessed to have the use of a truly wonderful lady who has been House Sitting for me lately. She is a God send; truly! She has helped me feel at ease while she cares for my gorgeous boy (the pet dog I mean!) I had her House Sit and Pet Sit for me whilst I was having my Stem Cells Harvested. I was away for 10 days, and she loved her time Pet Sitting, and House Sitting for me.

My House Sitter understands my needs

My House Sitter knows just how much it means for a dog owner like myself, to know his beloved pet is in good care.  She herself had her own dog. Only a dog owner, or someone who has owned and loved their dog, knows just how much it does mean, to have their dog , lovingly cared for.

I leave knowing my dog is loved, that’s House Sitting at it’s very best

Now I’m getting ready to leave on this life prolonging (I hope!) trip to Christchurch, NZ. I’m happy in the knowledge, that my precious Spaniel is in safe, caring hands. This is House Sitting at it’s very best.

I urge you to support Cancer Society Otago Southland. They have helped me immensely.