Stay In Moorea South Pacific For Free

WOW! How would you like to live in a South Pacific paradise for free?

Idyllic front yard

A House Swap in the South Pacific

I have just found this wonderful House Swap in the South Pacific on Moorea, Tahiti. This could be your dream vacation. Want to know more?


A little about Moorea

Moorea is situated  12 miles from the main French Polynesian Island of Tahiti.  Rebecca Shapiro a writer for Huffpost said: “Moorea Is The World’s Most Beautiful Island You’ve Never Heard Of.” So, imagine then that you could live in a lagoon front home for free? See this interesting article about Moorea from Rebecca Shapiro.

The House

The house location on Moorea

Can you imagine yourself waking up in this gorgeous lagoon front home every day of your vacation? I can!

The house.

These Moorea home owners have done 9 home exchanges, so you know that they are genuine. They also have a car that they are willing to exchange.

How To Swap

So how does one get into doing a house swap with the Home Exchange website; it’s easy

A fabulous scene from the shade area of the home.

How do you go about doing a House Swap (home exchange) with these people? Visit the Home Exchange website, see here how Home Exchange works. If you think Home Exchange is for you, then see HERE how much to register and join up Home Exchange. Remember that home in Moorea, could easily be yours, FREE for your South Pacific vacation.

Save BIG Money

Save yourself thousands of dollars

House Swapping is really easy, it’s a great way to save yourself thousands of dollars on vacations. For the cost of $190NZ dollars per year, it’s very reasonable, and is about the price of a Hotel room for a night’s stay.

Location Of Your Dreams

For $190NZ you can experience the location of your dreams

If you do stay in the location of your dreams, the price of $190NZ dollars per year is very cheap! Experiencing that dream holiday in the South Pacific Islands, like this Moorea House Swap, is very achievable!


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