A Home Exchange: Aitutaki

Imagine a Home Exchange with someone in Aitutaki, Cook Islands? 

Could you handle a House Swap for a week or two in this stunning destination in the tropics?

You will see in this post how YOU could be the couple living lagoon front in this wonderful Aitutaki villa. All you really only need; is to be able to get some airfare and spending money together, along with a sparse amount of cool clothes!

Aitutaki really is the most idyllic destination of the Cook Islands.

It’s the sort of place dreams are made of, and the pictures that you see of Aitutaki are exactly what it’s like. So: imagine being able to House Swap with an Aitutaki resident? You don’t even have to make the House Swap a simultaneous one!

Register at Home Exchange for the yearly cost of $190.00 NZ is very cheap

So here is how to House swap or Home Exchange for this Aitutaki lagoon front villa. You first need to visit the Home Exchange website and have a look at how it all works, so click HERE. For the one-off cost per year of $190 NZ, membership is extremely cheap, so long as you use it!

Registration to Home Exchange gives you as many House Swaps per year as you can manage

By paying your registration to Home Exchange; this means you can have many very cheap holidays or Home Exchanges anywhere in the world each year.  Are you wanting to register with Home Exchange to become a member? Then you should click HERE.

Exchange your home for the Aitutaki villa featured in this article

To make your Home Exchange for Aitutaki or: exchange your home for the Aitutaki Villa featured in this article; then click HERE. You will need to get in quick, as Xmas is fast approaching. Many other people may wish to make a Home Exchange for this Aitutaki villa, around Xmas time too.

Make your home inviting for someone to want to House Swap theirs for yours Remember too that this means your own home will need to be suitable for guests. You will need to make your home as inviting as possible, for people to want to House Swap theirs for yours.

You will want to write up a really inviting House Swap advert

I can do this for you if you so wish, for a small fee of $35.00 NZ, as writing is my expertise. If you wish me to write up a really good House Swap advert for you, then email me HERE.

To fly to Aitutaki you can use Air Rarotonga or book through your airline carrier

You can fly reasonably cheaply to the Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. There’s a few airlines who do good deals. I quite often use Expedia as my search engine, as they include all taxes and fees. To fly to Aitutaki from Rarotonga you can use this Air Rarotonga link which will take you straight to the Air Rarotonga booking page. You can also book when you book with your airline carrier.

Hope you found this interesting and helpful, to enable you to swap your house for the home exchange in Aitutaki. Email me HERE and let me know how you got on?

House Sitting Club Newsletter

Well, I’ve managed to finally get another newsletter done for House Sitting Club.com. 

It’s taken me way too long, and cost me a whole lot of energy.

To see this newsletter focusing on longer House Sitting jobs see the following…

You will find some longer House Sitting jobs in the latest House Sitting Club.com newsletters

Longer House Sitting jobs are great. They really can give you a true taste of the place you choose to House Sit. To see the latest House Sitting Club.com newsletter click HERE. Hopefully you will find a longer House Sitting job to your taste. Xmas is a great time to do a longer House Sitting job in Australia, or New Zealand.

Hard to write House Sitting Club.com newsletters when you are unwell

Hopefully, I may get a little bit better. This would help me with my low energy, and I would be able to do the newsletters a little easier. When you are extremely low, tired, and not well, things are difficult to do. Writing newsletters and posts can both be difficult for me at times.

Register to become an Australian House Sitter

If you wish to register to become an Australian House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the best House Sitting website in Australia; Aussie House Sitters. On Aussie House Sitters website, you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in Australia, like these Click Here.

Register to become a New Zealand House Sitter on Kiwi House Sitters website

If you want to register to become a New Zealand House Sitter then Click Here. Opening this link will take you to the Kiwi House Sitters website. This website is one of the best New Zealand House Sitting websites there is. This Kiwi House Sitters website is where you will find plenty of longer House Sitting jobs in New Zealand, Click Here.

Please go ahead and look at the House Sitting Club.com newsletter; see what you think. Go register to become a House Sitter either in Australia, or New Zealand. You may get one of the many longer House Sitting jobs.



Chemotherapy Takes Its Toll

House Sitting Club.com. To all wonderful House Sitters, aspiring House Sitters, House Swappers…

Chemotherapy is now taking its toll on me
I am so utterly tired, weak as anything and struggling to keep my MoJo up with this Chemotherapy treatment. Someone said prior to me starting on the Chemo (Chemotherapy) that I would become tired and fuzzy in the head. (Chemo Brain) Really I didn’t seem to have a problem, up until a week or so ago. Now that has all changed!
Sleeping in a brief moment, Chemo is making me so drained
I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep! In fact; I find if I shut my eyes just for a little bit wherever I may be: that I could just fall into a very deep sleep. I can be sitting at the table, and; Wow! there I am; virtually falling off to sleep as I sit there! I honestly never realised just how tired and drained Chemo would make me.
Sorry for not writing enough House Sitting Club.com posts
This is in a way my way of saying: I’m sorry for the lack of posts on my House Sitting Club.com blog. I need to have a clear head to write posts. I find even now, with writing this small post, that I’m getting deeply fatigued.
So: Sorry to all House Sitters, and people in any way interested in House Sitting, for the lack of activity on my behalf. I need to take each day as it comes.

House Sitter Looking For Work In Invercargill

Great news for Southland and Invercargill homeowners and/or pet owners!



A House Sitter is looking for work in Invercargill, Southland. Dates are from October 6th till October 13th. A great chance for you to have a holiday and leave your pet/s at home with a House Sitter.

Having a House Sitter in Invercargill means your pets are relaxed in their own home

Contented and relaxed, this dog likes it’s House Sitter from House Sitting Club.com

It’s great to holiday and leave your pet at home in their own environment. The pets stay so relaxed with no stress as it would in a boarding kennel, or cattery. This is great for the homeowner and pet owner. The homeowners themselves relax, knowing their pets are well cared for at their own home.

Email for your chance to get this Invercargill House Sitter

If you need a House Sitter to come and House Sit for you for the week in October then you should email me HERE

Using a House Sitter in Invercargill is the best home security

Remember too that having a House Sitter for your Invercargill home and pet is your best home security. There really isn’t much better home security than having someone living in your home while you are away.

Human presence

Human presence in a home or on a property is the best form of home security for deterring thieves! As well as caring for your pet, the Invercargill House Sitter will collect your mail! Sound good?


House Sitting Club.com has some extremely capable Invercargill House Sitters

There are some extremely capable Invercargill House Sitters working with House Sitting Club.com in Invercargill. This particular House Sitter looking for work in Invercargill, Southland is extremely happy to House Sit for you. Once you reply to me, on the link to my email address above, then I will give you her contact details. Here is the link to my email address again.

Get in and try out this Invercargill House Sitter. She will keep your Invercargill property and home, safe, and your pets loved and well cared for.