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Cancer Is Horrible, But I Need Treatment To Give Me A Bit More Time

Chemotherapy treatment is having an effect on my House Sitting

I’m completely frustrated at being unable to do any House Sitting at the present. Because of my cancer issues I have to be close to my Chemotherapy treatment. The Chemo treatment is supposed to go for a year, and I get it weekly. I never thought that having to get Chemo (Chemotherapy) would impact on my House Sitting, but sadly it has.

Receiving Chemotherapy is hindering me to write posts and the newsletters

Receiving Chemo is also making me struggle to get to writing posts on this website. So you will now know why my posts are a bit erratic! I’m sorry for this.

Can you help me with any interesting news for my posts and the Newsletter?

I have been  hoping that House Sitters, House Swappers, from around the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand regions, may be able to send me in some stories of their House Sitting exploits? You can do this by emailing them to me Here

Look out for more erratic posts, and another newsletter coming soon!

Keep your eyes open for another erratic House Sitting Club.com Newsletter. I promise to try and keep up with these posts and the newsletters as best as I’m able.

Northern Queensland House Sitting Jobs

How great would it be to live in Australia’s Northern Queensland with completely free accommodation?

In this post, I am going to give you some excellent opportunities to live in North Queensland totally rent free. You do this by House Sitting for absent North Queensland homeowners…

Northern Queensland is exciting

Australia’s Northern Queensland is a truly exciting part of Queensland. Boasting the magnificent Great Barrier Reef the Daintree National Park cities like Cairns and Townsville Northern Queensland certainly has plenty to offer the House Sitter looking for a House Sitting job.

Many towns in tropical North Queensland

There are many lovely towns like Cook Town in far North Queensland, or inland; Queensland; outback towns like Winton to name just a couple. House Sitting certainly is a most enjoyable way, to live with rent free accommodation in North Queensland, whilst enjoying the tropical climate. So next we get to the exciting part your House Sitting jobs to choose from…

Far North Queensland

NORMANTON House Sitting Job

Duration: One month one week

House Sit Starts: October 14th, 2017

House Sit Ends: November 14th, 2017

This is a House Sitting job in the very far North Queensland and it’s a long way to get there by road. Just think of the amazing and exciting road-trip you could have? I would personally love this North Queensland House Sitting job myself, but my circumstances with cancer don’t allow me to get away.

Your House Sitting job entails looking after friendly two Bull Mastiff dogs. These two dogs aren’t really fond of children, but they just want to be loved and cared for. The homeowner doesn’t expect much else, apart from caring for his dogs and low maintenance home; easy as!

WEIPA House Sitting Job

Duration: One week four days

House Sit Starts: Dec 23rd, 2017

House Sit Ends: Jan 3rd, 2018


This remote town of the  Weipa House Sitting job is also in the extreme far North Queensland. This is a House Sitting job that will certainly give the Weipa House Sitters/Sitter a taste of life in the very far north of Australia. It will be hot and humid, but you are well looked after with air conditioning to keep you comfortable.

You will be Pet Sitting a 9 year old Staffy dog called Yuki. The Weipa Home owners have kindly allowed the House Sitter the use of a Mazda 3 car for transport. Just think of all the great Barramundi fishing you could get out and do? The Weipa district is known as the Barra capital of Queensland!)? Take Yuki the dog along with you for a drive, but BEWARE OF THE CROCS while you’re fishing!

Northern Cairns

There are many Northern Cairns House Sitting jobs. I will pick out some North Queensland House Sitting opportunities that look really interesting. Here’s the link to see all of the Northern Cairns House Sitting jobs.

This chance to live with rent free accommodation in North Queensland is Farm Sitting job at Butchers Creek.

Butchers Creek Farm Sitting Job

Duration: Two Weeks and two days approx

House Sit Starts: SOON! August 26th, 2017. Approx.

House Sit Ends: Sept 11th, 2017 Approx.

Stunning views along with chances to walk tracks at this Farm Sitting job

This is a truly fabulous chance to experience an incredible Northern Queensland Farm Sitting job at Butchers Creek. The views from this 167 Acre farm are absolutely stunning looking across to the Atherton Tablelands and Mt Bartle Frere. There would be certainly plenty of opportunities to get out and walk some wonderful trails in the area.

You really need to love animals for this Farm Sitting job

If you are considering this very picturesque Farm Sitting job, you must love dogs and animals. The dog is an inside outside dog, the horse is old and friendly, and there’s some gardens to water and care for. This House Sit is set amongst a photographer’s paradise. Nature at it’s best surrounds you. A Farm Sitting job in Northern Queensland that is simply amazing.

Speewah House Sitting Job  

Duration: One month and two weeks

House Sit Starts: Nov 21st, 2017

House Sit Ends: Jan 7th, 2018

Spend Xmas in Northern Queensland House Sitting at this Speewah 5 bedroomed home. It would be a month and two weeks of free accommodation at Xmas time! This House Sitting job is located near Kuranda Northern Queensland. There’s six and a half acres of land, and the Wallabies and Kangaroos roam daily.


The pets you will be pet sitting are two inside cats, two outside dogs, and twenty chickens in a large coop. The homeowners, in return for the free accommodation in this House Sitting job at Speewah, want the following

  • Plants watered
  • Animals fed
  • Grass mowed
  • Animals cared for in the event of a Cyclone

Shop and pub not far by car

There is a local shop/pub only two minutes drive away, or if you want to walk: 40 minutes! There’s room for a caravan, but the owners really would prefer you to live inside to keep the young cats company. The choice is yours, but this would really be a fascinating way to save money on one month and two weeks accommodation at Xmas time!

A Northern Queensland House Sitting experience is great for non-Australians

For any visitor not from Australia, what a great experience: a Northern Queensland House Sitting Job. An experience you will never forget. Take time to have a good look at what there is in this unique part of Australia. Enjoy free accommodation in some of the most amazing parts of Australia.

House Sitting at any one of THESE Northern Queensland House Sitting jobs will give you that time.


Some Fab New Zealand House Sitting Jobs

There are some really fab (fabulous) New Zealand House Sitting jobs awaiting your applications right now!

Auckland, NZ

It really isn’t hard to get yourself one of these rent free accommodation opportunities in New Zealand. So easy, and you really could save yourself thousands of dollars! See some of the following fabulous New Zealand House Sitting jobs available…

North Island House Sitting Jobs


Would you fancy living for four weeks with rent free accommodation in beautiful Parua Bay, Whangarei? URGENT HOUSE SITTING JOB!!!!

This fab Whangarei House Sitting job starts very soon

Starting: August 16th, 2017

Finishes: Sept 18th, 2017 (4 weeks approx)

This is a great chance to live rent free in Northland for free for four weeks. This is a House Sitting job at lovely Parua Bay, Whangarei in Northland. This House Sit could really be a very interesting chance to see lovely Northland, NZ. Your time will be your own from Friday to Sunday. The homeowner comes home then from his work each weekend. Here are some “must do’s in the Northland area.

Auckland, North Shore

Starting: Sept 25th, 2017

Finishes: March 2nd, 2018

Auckland living with rent free accommodation for four weeks

Another fab New Zealand House Sitting job awaiting your application. We all know how much housing and rent is in Auckland, don’t we? Auckland mortgage and rental costs are crippling Aucklanders, so why not live with rent free accommodation in Auckland for six months?

Save thousands of NZ dollars

Here is your opportunity to do this; click HERE to see this fab New Zealand House Sitting job in Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland.  Save yourself literally thousands of $NZ dollars!

Register Here To Be A Kiwi House Sitter

If you are not a member of Kiwi House Sitters then join up Register HERE as a Kiwi House Sitter. This will only cost you $65 NZD for a whole year of; as much House Sitting work as you can manage! By registering, you will then be free to apply for all of the fab New Zealand House Sitting jobs in this post. You will also be free to apply for any House Sitting job through the Kiwi House Sitters site.

Take a look at this article about how to become a House Sitter in New Zealand. It will help you, and makes it real easy to become a New Zealand House Sitter.

South Island House Sitting Jobs  


Starts: Sept 1st, 2017

Finishes: Sept 12th 2017

Fab New Zealand House Sitting jobs like this Nelson House Sitting job, are just waiting for you. This Nelson House Sitting job would make a great starter for anyone new to House Sitting. It doesn’t go too long (1 week 4 days) and there aren’t too many chores to tie you down.

Nelson area has warm weather and beautiful beaches

Nice beaches like these around the Nelson area

Nelson is a wonderful place to base yourself to explore this beautiful warm South Island area. Have a look HERE at what the Nelson area has to offer the newcomer to the region. I spent many a time holidaying up in Nelson as a youngster. What I remember most about Nelson, are the beautiful beaches and the warm weather.

Blue Lake, Central Otago

Starts: August 25th 2017

Finishes: November 20th 2017 (3 months approx)

Could you live for three months in a beautiful, quiet part of the South Island? I could! This fab New Zealand House Sitting job at Blue Lake, Central Otago is a real beaut!

Central Otago scenery

living with the basics in quiet surroundings

The Blue Lake House Sitting job has the basics of living, plus a TV, Internet, and Cellphone coverage. This house is “off the grid” but you still have the basics to live here. This fab Central Otago House Sitting job at Blue Lake would suit someone wanting some peace, or maybe you are a writer wanting to have some special inspiration. Could you be the one to do this House Sit?

Blue Lake area, Central Otago

Historic places, haunted hotel

There is so much history around this area, with an iconic old hotel just a kilometre away. It is said that the Saint Bathans historic hotel is haunted! I love Central Otago, as there are so many historic places and ruins. This Blue Lake House Sitting job would really be quite unique and very, very interesting.

Go apply for some of these fab New Zealand House Sitting jobs

As you have seen there really are some fab New Zealand House Sitting jobs going right now. Why don’t you become a New Zealand House Sitter, and apply for some of these wonderful House Sitting jobs. You wouldn’t regret it.