Free Accommodation In New Zealand’s South Island

Would you want to vacation, with free accommodation amongst the most stunning scenery in the world?

Towards Queenstown, NZ. Imagine being able to vacation around this sort of scenery whilst getting free accommodation!

You can vacation with rent free accommodation by House Sitting your way around the South Island of New Zealand. There are some really great South Island House Sitting jobs going at present, including Queenstown!

House Sitting; a great way to enjoy a South Island rent free vacation

You will be House Sitting this lovely little dog in Queenstown; if you get the House Sitting job!

House Sitting is; the way to enjoy a vacation in New Zealand’s South Island with rent free accommodation! So easy; Firstly: have a look at this Queenstown Xmas 2017 House Sitting job. Better be quick though! So you want that House Sitting job? I bet half a million people would want it!

There is plenty more free accommodation in New Zealand’s South Island, but admittedly not any more in Queenstown at present sorry.

South Island Scenery

A glimpse of the South Island’s scenery

Away to a South Island House Sitting job.

The South Island of New Zealand has the most magnificent scenery in the world! Take a look HERE at some of the South Island surroundings where you could be living, with rent free accommodation. That was just a small taste of the amazing scenery the South Island of New Zealand has to offer! If you love to drive; check out also some of the South Island’s five best drives showcasing more utterly stunning South Island scenery.

South Island House Sitting opportunities

See if you would like to experience House Sitting in one of the South Island’s many differing provinces? Click on the following link to see your opportunities for free accommodation in New Zealand’s South Island!

Become a House Sitter

I am a Kiwi House Sitter, I think this is the best New Zealand House Sitting website

Now you are probably wondering: How do I become a House Sitter and get free accommodation in New Zealand’s South Island, right? Easy as! See this; it’s the easy way to become a House Sitter in New Zealand.  That’s using my favourite New Zealand House Sitting website Kiwi House Sitters. They are in my mind, the very best and easiest House Sitting website in New Zealand to use.

Planning House Sitting Trip

On your vacation try planning a House Sitting vacation around New Zealand

You could also try to plan your vacation very carefully and House Sit around the whole of New Zealand. If you take a look at the following link, it will help you work out just how you can stay for free around New Zealand.

Near Queenstown, South Island, NZ.

A chance to experience an idyllic lifestyle

If you want to get free accommodation in New Zealand’s South Island then go House Sitting. A vacation in the South Island of New Zealand is a chance to live amongst the most stunning scenery. It’s also a chance to experience an idyllic lifestyle, in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

Months Of Living Real Cheap In Queensland

Did you know you can get months of opportunities of living real cheap, sorry no: FOR FREE in Queensland.  Yes, there are actually opportunities to live rent free in Queensland. See these Queensland opportunities, each opportunity a House Sitting job. Each House Sitting job; one month or more, where you can live with rent free accommodation.

Become A House Sitter

Honestly, Aussie House Sitters is the best

Firstly though… Are you a member of Aussie House Sitters? If not; check out all about this wonderful website that is Aussie House Sitters. Do you like what you have read, and love the Aussie House Sitters website? Then you best see how you become an Aussie House Sitter, by clicking HERE. I honestly think Aussie House Sitters is the best House Sitting website for the following reasons…

  • Easy to use
  • VERY inexpensive
  •  A well run website
  • Popular website with many Australian House Sitting job listings
  • Great to use to FIND a House Sitter

Pine Creek House Sitting Job

Pine Creek House Sitting job in the Bundaberg area

Here’s six weeks of living real cheap in the Queensland warmth. The job is a House Sitting job at Pine Creek, Bundaberg, to see; click HERE. You need to be quick to get this House Sitting job, as it starts July 20th 2017 and finishes Sept 1st 2017.  This is over a month of living real cheap, sorry: FREE in Queensland! You can save heaps on accommodation costs; what are you going to do with all that money you’ve saved?

Thing’s to do in the Bundaberg area

Here are some top things to do whilst you do your Pine Creek House Sitting job in Bundaberg, Queensland. Of course with the money you have saved, you will now have more spending money!

Stanmore House Sitting Job

House Sitting job at Stanmore Queensland needs an animal lover

This House Stanmore Queensland House Sitting job starts July 2017 25th-Sept 17th 2017 approx. This Stanmore Queensland House Sitting job would suit a person who loves animals and is confident around farm animals. This chance of living real cheap in Queensland for over a month is on an 180-acre farm property.  You are extremely well situated here, between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Plenty to do in the Stanmore House Sitting area

While you are House Sitting so close to not only the Gold Coast, but Brisbane, here’s some real top things to do whilst in the area. There are so many great Aussie theme parks of course too, that you can spend your money on.

Jimboomba House Sitting Job

Jimboomba House Sitting job on the southern suburbs of Brisbane

Fancy four weeks living real cheap on an acre of land in the southern Brisbane suburbs? This Jimboomba House Sitting job is starting Aug 2nd 2017-Aug 31st 2017. It’s a great House Sitting job situated well, and has two small Terrier dogs to care for. Nothing else to do really, and you have a month of living real cheap in Queensland!

West Stowe House Sit

West Stowe House Sitting job with a swimming pool

If you want to get up to a warmer climate in August? Want to stay for over a month rent free in a lovely Queensland property with a swimming pool? Easy really;  do  this House Sitting job for these home-owners at West Stowe Queensland. Its really not far from Gladstone, which is only a short drive (20kms.) The property water systems can break down every now and then, so the House Sitter needs to have good common sense about these sort of things.

Some of the things the Gladstone area has

Whilst you are living for over a month in the Gladstone, West Stowe area you could try some of these things. This is a lovely area, to explore, climate is great, and there are many interesting things things happening including markets.

You Now Know How

House Sitting in Queensland saves you thousands of dollars

With these four House Sitting jobs you can see how easy it is to spend months living real cheap in Queensland. House Sitting gives you the chance to live with rent free accommodation, saving you thousands of dollars.

I am not in any way affiliated to Aussie House Sitters. I truly and honestly believe they are the  best House Sitting website in Australia, sit is only my opinion.


Want A House Sitter Long Term

Do you need a long-term House Sitter in Western Australia? Are you in need of someone to look after your small farm or lifestyle block in NSW Australia? Maybe your Queensland home and pets need someone awesome to care for them?

How about getting a long-term House Sitter to add some security to your empty home in Sydney? see how easy this is to do….

Honestly, I will tell you who is the best Australian House Sitting website

To get a House Sitter long term into your Sydney home for a month or more is a really wise move. Go to any House Sitting website check them out for eligible House Sitters. But I will honestly tell you who is the ultimate website to use to search for a Sydney House Sitter.

The very best House Sitting website in Australia

They are Aussie House Sitters. To see the very best House Sitting Website in Australia have a look right HERE. Now that you know a bit about Aussie House Sitters, see who are some of the potential Sydney House Sitters HERE.

The best security for a Sydney home

Always remember, that someone living in your Sydney home is the best security for your home. A long term Sydney House Sitter, is a great option if you are intending a long vacation from Sydney. Think of the massive savings of money in Sydney Dog Boarding and Cat boarding costs!  

House Sitter long term for your Queensland Hobby Farm

Want a long term House Sitter long term for your Queensland Hobby Farm? Are you a small farm owner wanting a break? It’s not easy to get away from a Queensland Hobby Farm, but getting in a House Sitter is a really wise move for the following reasons

  • Your animals and any pets will be well cared for whilst you are away
  • Your home will be cared for and gardens kept in tidy order; in Queensland with it’s lush climate this is especially important.
  • Security will be onsite; it’s always the best security to have someone staying at the property.
  • You won’t have to pay expensive Dog Boarding, or Cat Boarding costs.
  • You get to choose carefully who you want from the lists of House Sitters and their experience in what they can manage.

Western Australia House Sitters

Western Australia home owners needing to get away for a few months should try one of these Western Australia House Sitters. Just remember that you get to choose from the many Western Australia House Sitters listed. Always get references from previous House Sitting jobs they have done. You must feel good about who you have chosen, in order for you to have a stress free time away from your home, pets, and animals.

Want a long term House Sitter for your Aussie House Sitting job

If you want a House Sitter long term, always check out Aussie House Sitters and search for your desired House Sitter Here. You should find a great match for your desired long term House Sitting job in Australia.