One Month Rent Free: Invercargill House Sitting Job

Fancy living for one month rent (approx) free in Invercargill close to magnificent Queens Park Gardens?

Spectacular Queens Park Gardens

You can, but you best be quick as you can, the job starts on July the 9th and lasts until August 5th. See more about this wonderful chance to live a month rent free in Invercargill…

A very peaceful, welcoming city

Invercargill is a really peaceful, friendly, welcoming city. Click HERE to see about what Invercargill has to offer the visitor. We have arguably the nicest Botanical Gardens in New Zealand Queens Park. You will be so well placed to walk the lovely friendly dog in Queens Park each day or so. But along with that there are many really wonderful walks in and around the Invercargill City area. Click HERE to see some of these wonderful walks.

Go and see some amazing places around the Invercargill, Southland area

One month rent free doing this Invercargill House Sitting job means you will save big money. With some of the money you have saved you could visit and drive to some amazing places around the Invercargill, and Southland area. Take a look in the following things at what I could certainly recommend you do

Apply For this House Sit

The House Sitting job is as the home-owner has stated to me “a very easy job.”The dog is a very friendly dog to care for, and play with; you will be friends straight away. The home is located just one block away from magnificent Queens Park.

If you would like to live with one month rent free; Invercargill house Sitting job; apply please. You may send me an email to: or


Battling Cancer: House Sitting Is Therapy

I’ve got cancer. I hate that C word, but it’s not as hard to say it now as it was.

You may wonder why House Sitting is therapy whilst battling cancer? Well here’s why I think House Sitting and cancer are great together…

House Sitting caring helps bring me a calmness

House Sitting and caring for the home-owners pets and property gives me a huge feeling of fulfilment. I use this feel-good feeling on myself, using it, to sooth away the horrible thoughts that surround this cancer. Helping people, by House Sitting (even while I’m sick) brings a sense of calmness over me. I’m actually sidetracking my mind away from my own cancer condition.

Multiple Myeloma, it’s no dream, it’s happening

I’ve got Multiple Myeloma an insidious form of cancer for which there is no really good prognosis. I still can’t believe it! I wake up each morning realising this is no dream, sadly. It’s real, and it’s happening to me. I’m undergoing a form of Chemotherapy which hopefully will help to hold this cancer at bay.

Animal therapy helps, whilst battling cancer

House Sitting normally involves pets; have you ever heard of animal therapy? Well, House Sitting provides a kind of animal therapy whilst I’m battling cancer. See the post I wrote sometime ago, Pets are therapeutic click HERE.  That’s also why I love House Sitting so much; because there is a complete peacefulness about just being one on one. For example a dog and a human, it feels so therapeutic. It is.

House Sitting while I receive cancer treatment

I’ve actually just taken a House Sitting job in Invercargill, even whilst I’m under going Chemotherapy. I thought that this House Sitting job would be an extremely peaceful way to endure part of my Chemotherapy treatment while I’m battling cancer. It works well; having the Chemotherapy treatment not too far away from the House Sitting job. After the treatment I can come back to the quiet home with a lovely small dog to care for, and no bugs to catch from anyone!

House Sitting therapy, even without pets

House Sitting while battling cancer is in itself, therapy; even without any pets. Just by changing one’s surroundings, for a different part of the country, you gain rent free accommodation and a vacation. Rest and relaxation in a place of your choice! This all makes for a restful, and rewarding experience.






Queenstown: Free Lifestyle Living For Four Weeks

Does free Queenstown lifestyle living for four weeks in the middle of winter sound good?

It should, because Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world! Accommodation costs are astronomical!

Not only that, it’s ski season! See how you could get to live on a 9 acre lifestyle block, just out of Queenstown for FREE!

House Sitting a Queenstown Lifestyle block

Your mid-winter accommodation near Queenstown.

Firstly; this is a House Sitting job in the Queenstown area; To see; click HERE.  The lifestyle block is located fifteen minutes from the Queenstown town centre. The lifestyle block is situated amidst the stunning majestic beauty, of the Queenstown area. Now you really need to know; HOW DO I GET TO BE THE HOUSE SITTER? Right? Check out the following…

  1. You must be a registered House Sitter on the Kiwi House Sitters website; to do this; click HERE
  2. Have a good look at some of the House Sitter profiles and write up your own. (If not, I can write up a really good profile for you at a small cost, as I am a trained Web Writer and have my own writing business)
  3. Apply for the House Sitting job!
  4. Hope that you are the lucky person to get free lifestyle living for four weeks in the Queenstown area!

You are there to do a job for the home-owners, in return for four weeks free Queenstown lifestyle living

Just remember, before you get carried away with what you want to do; You are there to do a very important job for the home-owner. You get free lifestyle living for four weeks in the Queenstown area. This in itself is worth a fortune! In return for this you must take the utmost care of the house, property and the pets.

Know your House Sitting responsibilities

This little rascal will keep you on your toes!

House Sitting comes with a lot at stake, so make sure you know all about your responsibilities. In this particular House Sitting job, the home-owners want their pets; an old cat, and a young energetic dog, both well loved and cared for, with less emphasis on the section and gardens.

Things to see and do in the Queenstown area during winter whilst you are House Sitting

Queenstown; beauty everywhere.

There is so much to see and do in the Queenstown area, especially in winter time. To start with; it’s ski season! Have a look at this website Everything Queenstown it may help you decide what you can do while you’re in the Queenstown area House Sitting.

Money to spend from money you have saved

Remember: you will have money to spend, because you have saved literally thousands of NZ Dollars. You aren’t paying for any expensive Queenstown accommodation in the busy mid-winter peak tourist time. Isn’t it awesome? Take the dog for walks, there are plenty.


Just do the simple things in life

You may just want to kick back and enjoy the simple things in life, like taking the dog for a walk. There are many wonderful walks you can take the dog on around the Queenstown area. See THIS for some helpful ideas of where you can take the dog walking.

House Sitting for four weeks on a Queenstown lifestyle farm: you best hurry!

Four weeks free lifestyle living near Queenstown, awaits you, if you apply for this job as a House Sitter. Don’t waste any time, as this Queenstown House Sitting job won’t last long!

House Sitting Job on Aitutaki, Cook Islands: 5 Months!

Would be like to live for Five Months FREE in the paradise of Aitutaki, Cook Islands?

This is your golden opportunity to get the House Sitting job of a lifetime!

Do you want a five month House Sitting job on Aitutaki, Cook Islands! Oh and by the way: you get a small remuneration as well! Want to know more?

Become A House Sitter

before you can apply you must become a House Sitter of Kiwi House Sitters

You firstly must be a House Sitter of Kiwi House Sitters a fabulous New Zealand House Sitting website. Once you have had a look at Kiwi House Sitters website you may wish to become a Kiwi House Sitter. Take a look at the page on Kiwi House Sitters website to register and become a Kiwi House Sitter The cost to register to become a Kiwi House Sitter is the best $65.00NZ you will ever spend!

Requirements Of The House Sitter

See the following requirements of the Aitutaki House Sitter

  • You must be capable of looking after 5 small villas on the beach in Aitutaki
  • Meet guests
  • Clean the villas
  • Keep the gardens under control


a small remuneration for this House Sitting job on Aitutaki

There would be a small remuneration for this five month Aitutaki House Sitting job. You are going to be spoilt rotten, by having the chance to live for free on one of the world’s most beautiful Islands! I personally, wouldn’t be expecting remuneration, but make the most of it, as you do have quite a bit of responsibility!


Aitutaki, Cook Islands the kind of place you dream of

The Cook Islands are a tropical paradise. But Aitutaki is a tropical paradise unrivalled. I have been to the Cook Islands twice now, and both times, been unlucky not to go see Aitutaki. See what travel website Lonely Planet says about Aitutaki.  It is the kind of place that you dream of, and crave to go to.

Apply Here

Your link to APPLY for the Aitutaki House Sitting job

Sadly; your House Sitting opportunity of a lifetime has gone! Keep posted with House Sitting, for more real exciting House Sitting jobs.

Flying to Aitutaki

look for cheap flights to Aitutaki

It takes only 45minutes flying time to get to the tropical paradise of Aitutaki. If you check the Trip Advisor website for cheap flights to Aitutaki. No doubt there are other websites that you can use to find cheap airfares as well. Possibly you could negotiate the airfare costs with the owners of the place??? Just a thought!

Be Quick About It

get in quick for this House Sitting job on Aitutaki

This five month House Sitting job on Aitutaki, Cook Islands is the sort of thing dreams are made of. If you truly think you could handle living on Aitutaki for five months, doing this House Sit, then get in quick and apply!





How To Find A House Sitter

Do you want to know how to find a House Sitter? How do you find a House Sitter in New Zealand or Australia? There’s an easy way you can do this.

Providing Southland House Sitters

Jeff And Glenys Hawkes; House Sitters

You can find a House Sitter on most good House Sitting websites. House Sitting provides Southlanders and beyond, a top quality, honest, pet loving House Sitting service. Want us to provide you a quality House Sitter, then CLICK HERE.

An excellent NZ House Sitting website

Top New Zealand House Sitting website has House Sitters for you here in NZ. See this link from excellent website Kiwi House Sitters, to find your House Sitter in NZ.

Looking to find an Aussie House Sitter

If you’re an Australian home-owner seeking how to find a House Sitter try this excellent Aussie House Sitting website. They are an extremely reputable House Sitting website. They have absolute pages of Aussie House Sitters wanting House Sitting jobs.

See these five important tips to help you choose your Pet Sitter

Do you think you have found a House Sitter for your upcoming House Sit job? If so great! Here’s a bit of friendly advice to help you decide on a Pet Sitter. See this: 5 important tips to help you choose the best Pet Sitter.

Don’t throw your money away searching for a House Sitter

There are other websites that have House Sitters looking for House Sitting jobs in New Zealand. On The House Sitting Company they will quote you a price how much it will cost you to get a House Sitter. See this  quote to find you a House Sitter Personally you really don’t need to go this far, you are throwing away your money. Just refer back to Kiwi House Sitters for their membership fee of $65.00NZ per year!

Beware of world wide House Sitting websites; their fees!

There’s a world wide House Sitting company called Trusted House Sitters. They are a Great Britain based company. Trusted House Sitters have House Sitters for New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere around the world. They are VERY EXPENSIVE though! Take a look at Trusted House Sitters fees

Another expensive House Sitting website, and it’s a NZ one!

Another way to find a House Sitter could be through New Zealand company Home Sit House Sitting Service.  After having a good look through their website I see their pricing rather expensive too. An example here would be the minimum $200 fee! Homesit have branches around NZ, but their price is a put off!

In a House Sitting website; always take a close look at just what the fee will give you

Take a good look at any House Sitting website, firstly though, have a look at their fees. As I have said above, there are some very expensive websites. Always check carefully just what it is that your fee will give you.

Great value for money websites to enable you to find a House Sitter

If you want to know how to find a House Sitter in Australia, or New Zealand, check out Aussie House Sitters or Kiwi House Sitters. You really can’t go past them. They are both run by the same outfit, but are both absolutely great value for money!