Vacation In The South Pacific Islands Rent Free

How good would it be, to vacation amidst the South Pacific Islands totally rent free?

Your House for a lagoon front home on the fabulous Island of Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Right about this time of the year is a great time for a vacation in the South Pacific Islands. So why don’t you try a House Swap?  In other words, exchange your house for a house in the South Pacific Islands?

Before we go any further, have a look at this page about House Swapping. Click HERE.

Take a look at these fabulous opportunities to swap your home for a vacation in the South Pacific Islands…

French Polynesia

A lagoon front vacation in the South Pacific Islands of French Polynesia

This House Swap features a nice modern kitchen area
What a way to wake up; relaxing here whilst sipping your morning coffee.

You could vacation in this spacious lagoon front house in Raiatea, French Polynesia. It looks wonderful, it’s a new home with all the mod-cons and air conditioning. You even get the use of a boat! This House Swap in the South Pacific Islands is available from July until August, both 2017 and 2018.  Follow this link with useful information on getting around French Polynesia.

Airfares To French Polynesia

I find Expedia, a very good travel option when working out flights, as all fees are inclusive. Here is their link that will help you work out flights to and from French Polynesia.

Aitutaki Cook Islands

Vacation on the South Pacific Island of Aitutaki in a lagoon front villa

Your Aitutaki accommodation awaits, and it’s rent free!
You will be staying here, in one of these villas

Fancy a rent-free vacation in a villa on the beach of the stunning South Pacific Island of Aitutaki? The owners of this wonderful Cook Island home on Aitutaki are experienced House Swappers, and will consider swapping with you, wherever you live! This is an incredible chance to vacation on Aitutaki without paying any accommodation costs! These homeowners are open to any dates to swap with you.

Airfares to Rarotonga

Here’s a great link to find airfares costings to Rarotonga. If you want to book airfares to fly from Rarotonga to Aitutaki return, then click HERE.


Vacation on Fiji Island of Vanua Levu rent free

Fiji is a great place to have a vacation during the Australian and New Zealand winter. The weather is just right, not too hot. The sea is still 28 degrees, a rent-free vacation in Fiji is just what you need. Take a look at this House Swap at Naqere Estate on the Fiji Island of Vanua Levu. Everything you could possibly wish for is here for you.

Airfares to Fiji 

Airfares to Fiji vary; sometimes though, you can pick up cheap Fiji airfare deals on the Air New Zealand website Grabaseat

The House Swap Concept

Take a good look at the House Swap concept

Now; do you like the House Swap concept? House Swap your home in New Zealand or Australia for a home in the South Pacific Islands? Well, click HERE to see how Home Exchange works.

Cost To Join Home

The cost is $NZ190.00 per year to join with absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES! You can exchange or swap your home as many times in a year as you want. Want to join then CLICK HERE.

If you don’t get to House Swap in the first year for your vacation in the South Pacific Islands

Get this: If you DON’T DO AN EXCHANGE IN THE FIRST YEAR, YOU GET THE SECOND YEAR FREE! A pretty cheap cost to get to vacation with no rent fees anywhere both in the South Pacific and the world!

Keep your eyes open for plenty more opportunities to vacation in the South Pacific Islands rent free. If you fancy a mid-winter break in the South Pacific Islands, then why not try a House Swap.



House Sitting For A Cancer Sufferer

Have you ever thought about House Sitting to help out a sick pet owner who has cancer?

Giving a helping hand to a cancer sufferer who has a pet or pets, is a really positive thing to do. As by doing this act of kindness you are doing something incredibly special.

Need A House Sitter For A Cancer Sufferer

I want my pet to be taken care of properly whilst I undergo cancer treatment

My Pet Cocker Spaniel Toby

I not only do House Sitting for a cancer sufferer, I am also, now a cancer sufferer myself; hence my gap between blog posts. Being also a cancer sufferer, my dog is going to have to be left at times, while I undergo therapy. I want my pet to be taken care of properly whilst I’m away, getting treatment. That’s where a House Sitter is going to come into the equation.

Important Tips To Help You A Choose A Great House Sitter

Finding a really good House Sitter for a cancer sufferer

My pet Cocker Spaniel is so incredibly important to me, so I will use a really good House Sitter. To help you choose the best Pet Sitter, and House Sitter for your needs; see these 5 very important tips, click HERE. They will help in your choice of potential House Sitters, and make your job easier.

Apply To Become A House Sitter In New Zealand

House Sitting, Pet minding or dog walking, it all helps the cancer sufferer

You could volunteer to be House Sitting for a cancer sufferer’s pets. It doesn’t have to be House Sitting either, you could do Pet minding, or dog walking. If you wish to become a cancer sufferer’s House Sitter, apply HERE. I know that my dog needs walked every day, so for someone to come do that for me, lifts a great burden.

Volunteer Work For Cancer Sufferers

House Sitting is a great way to volunteer your services to a cancer sufferer

For you to volunteer help to New Zealand people who suffer from cancer, follow this link for your local NZ Cancer Society Alternatively in Australia you may check out this link for the Cancer Council of Australia. Volunteering to help cancer sufferers; by House Sitting, Pet minding, or dog walking is an incredibly important and helpful act.


For the cancer sufferer, the act of having a good House Sitter is more than words can express

As any cancer sufferer with a pet will tell you, their pet means everything to them. In this act by you to be House Sitting for a cancer sufferer, means more than words can express. Thanks so much.