Get Auckland Accommodation For Free

Auckland accommodation is extremely expensive, so why not stay in Auckland for free?

There is an extremely easy way to do this: by House Sitting in Auckland. See how easy it is, to become a House Sitter…

House Sitting

Searching for House Sitting Websites

I was looking through Google using the search term House Sitting in New Zealand. I clicked on the first House Sitting Website I found; it was Kiwi House Sitters. After looking through Kiwi House Sitters, I was amazed! It’s so easy to become a House Sitter in New Zealand.

Kiwi House Sitters

Register as a House Sitter

After deciding to become a House Sitter, I read through the site and registered myself. Click here if you wish to register as a Kiwi House Sitter. Pay $65 NZ, and you can House Sit in Auckland, or anywhere in NZ for a whole year! You can also do as many House Sitting jobs in NZ as you want for that year.

Auckland Accommodation

Your Auckland accommodation is free in effect

In effect, you really do get Auckland accommodation for free, because the $65 isn’t even a night in a motel! It’s your holiday, or rent free accommodation in Auckland for a whole year, sorted. Check out this two month one week House Sitting job in Kaukapakapa it’s ideal for a person good with animals.

Hobby Farm

Hobby Farm House Sitting job just out of Auckland

Have a look at these Auckland House Sitting jobs listed through Kiwi House Sitters. There are 51 Auckland House Sitting jobs! That’s a lot of free Auckland accommodation. You can also see how many of these Auckland House Sitting jobs are for one month and more! Here’s a great example of House Sitting on a Hobby Farm just out of Auckland, for four and a half weeks.

Waiheke House Sit

House Sit on Waiheke Island

There are many great Auckland possibilities where you can get Auckland accommodation for free. One of the ones that I see here is really living in style, albeit you can’t really classify it as an Auckland House Sitting job. See this House Sit on Waiheke Island you get 2 months and one week of free accommodation. Not bad!

Free Accommodation In Auckland

Go out there live in Auckland for free

You can see then, that you can live in Auckland, NZ and get Auckland accommodation for free. It’s as easy as…. well you now know how easy it is. Go do it!



Longer Sydney House Sitting Jobs; Save Huge Money!

Saving huge money is super easy, and fun, by doing longer Sydney House Sitting jobs. Save yourself the amount that you would normally be paying in Sydney accommodation rental.


There are lots of Sydney home and pet owners who want their homes and pets cared for while they are on vacation or away from their Sydney homes.

Firstly though, check out the following, article. This article tells you the truth about what you need to do to live rent free in Sydney CLICK HERE

Here’s some longer Sydney  House Sitting jobs to get you started

Sydney – Lithgow area

If you wanted to live just out of Sydney, you could live in nearby Lithgow getting four months rent free accommodation  Think how much money that would equate to, if you had to pay rent in Sydney for four months? Not even any pets to care for. Just your help to keep the place neat and tidy and secure.

Sydney Northern Beaches

You get a two month period of paying no rent in Sydney with this Northern Beach House Sitting job in Clareville Lots of Aussie money to be saved here! Great views, and two lovely dogs to love and care for.

Cambelltown Sydney

This is a longer Sydney House Sitting job; looking after a lovely large home with a pool in Cambelltown for four weeks. There are two dogs who need walked daily. Save huge money; no rent bills for a month, live in style in Sydney free with rent for a month.

Annandale Sydney                                                    

This is a fantastic location for a longer Sydney House Sitting job. Annandale, Sydney is the location of this House Sitting job lasting four weeks. Pet Sitting one dog and two cats, in a two bedroom terrace home close to transport.

Seven Hills Sydney

Save huge money; here is a one month and two week saving of Sydney rent money. This longer Sydney House Sitting job at Seven Hills looks great. Please don’t let down this Sydney home owner, she’s had some bad luck getting a good House Sitter.

Middle Dural Sydney

Another longer Sydney House Sitting job at Middle Dural. Again; a great way to save huge money. That would be approximately seven weeks of money saved, by not paying any rental accommodation in Sydney. Think how much that is?

Live like a king for a while. Live rent free in Sydney!

Having given you a taste of longer Sydney House Sitting jobs, you can see how easy it is to save huge money. Live in Sydney for free, and save HUGE money at the same time!

A Stewart Island House Sitting Job; Hardly A Job

Staying on one of the most beautiful Islands of New Zealand for free could hardly be called a job.

But that’s exactly what I am doing: a House Sitting job on beautiful tranquil Stewart Island, New Zealand.

Stewart Island, part of the stunning Southland province

Stewart Island is part of Southland; the most beautiful, and utterly stunning province in New Zealand. Southland the province with so many natural wonders and wildlife everywhere. Southland; with it’s sparse population, that is yet to spoil it’s totally majestic surroundings.

Home Owners must have been happy with my last Stewart Island House Sitting Job

I am lucky that I have wonderful home owners on Stewart Island; they have invited me to House Sit for them again. I did a 7 week House Sitting job on Stewart Island for them in 2015. Obviously, they must like my expertise as a House Sitter, because I’m back, and this time there is a pony to care for as well; so much the better.

Getting To Stewart Island

I had a choice to make: travel from Bluff by Stewart Island ferry service or fly from Invercargill to Stewart Island I actually chose to catch the ferry to Stewart Island. I love the sea, and crossing Foveaux Strait in choppy conditions was just what I felt like doing. It was exhilarating!

The pets

The three dogs and huge cat I cared for last time are all still alive, and a lot of fun. I’m really surprised actually, because one of the three dogs whose name is DJ, I didn’t think was going to be around. DJ, is a retired sheep dog, he is 13 years old (91 in dog years!) The other two dogs: Lexi and Hector, mother and son are Cairn Island Terriers.

The cat, is extremely placid but is not nearly as large as he was, as he is also getting on in years now. The pony is a wonderful boy called Fanta. He is lovely and also is placid. He would be a nice pet for the children that live here. The feeding time for all is at 4.30pm, so I have time to get out and explore a bit more now.


My first full day had a surprise in store for me

DJ, Hector and Lexi on the beach where I take them for exercise. Not a bad exercise area is it?

Yesterday, I took the three dogs for a beach run. The beach is wonderful; light golden colour with very fine sand. You can see some of the few homes and baches of Oban Stewart Island’s only township, from this beach.

Wild Deer on the edge of town during the day

The dogs had a great romp, but it was on the way back to Oban, that I was really amazed! There grazing on the roadside were two gorgeous Fallow Deer. They weren’t at all worried about the traffic beside them!



If you are a scenic and nature lover like I am, Stewart Island has everything you could possibly wish for in a New Zealand House Sitting job. This scenic paradise they call Rakiura has amazing beauty, the wildlife both sea and bird life abounds. Stewart Island also is home to some of the friendliest people in New Zealand.

Stewart Island Kiwi

Southern brown kiwi. Adult Stewart Island kiwi on bush track in daylight. Stewart Island, March 2015. Photo courtesy of Glenda Rees

The home owners I’m House Sitting for, tell me that there is often Stewart Island Kiwi out on their lawns at night. I’m yet to see a Stewart Island Kiwi, but I may book myself onto this real good Wild Kiwi Encounter Tour if I don’t see one before I go home.

More Stewart Island House Sitting Fun To Come

More Stewart Island House Sitting fun to come, in my next few days here. I am lucky to have my grandson here with me, at present, so out we go now to explore more here on the  beautiful Island of Rakiura.