Western Australia: House Sit And Earn Cash

Just found a real good Aussie House Sitting job in Western Australia.

A charming dog to Pet Sit.

Do you have a motorhome or caravan? Are you on a Western Australia road trip? Then would you care for doing a House Sitting job at Diamond Tree for three months and one week with the possibility of earning some cash!

Possibility of earning some cash whilst House Sitting

Yes, you could possibly earn some cash in exchange for a bit of easy work around the Home owners farm. The Diamond Tree House Sitting job in Western Australia, has a duration of three months and one week.

Diamond Tree, a great stopover on your Western Australia road trip

Diamond Tree is located conveniently on the main South Western Highway. The Diamond Tree House

Karri Tree: Fire Lookout photo courtesy of www.westernaustralia-travellersguide.com

Sitting job could be a great stopover point on your Aussie road trip, through Western Australia.

You could House Sit at Diamond Tree getting free rent, as well as the possibility to earn some cash.


Some of the farms produceSome extra cash for your fuel

If in fact, you did earn some cash, in exchange for some easy work; then this could be useful for buying fuel on your road trip! Remember also; you

Remember also; you are getting free rent provided for you. With three months and one week of free rent, you could certainly save plenty of money.

The Karri Tree forests

There will be excellent chances to explore the  Karri tree forests at Diamond Tree also. The Diamond Tree House Sitting job is surrounded by the magnificent Karri tree forests on three sides.

A great place to stop on your Western Australia road trip

Take a rest from driving for three months and one week. House Sitting at Diamond Tree could be a welcome break! This could be your chance to House Sit in Western Australia and earn cash for your fuel.


House Swap! Vacation Rent Free; Aitutaki, Cook Islands!

You can holiday in Aitutaki (Cook Island’s) for free paying absolutely no rent!
Aitutaki.                                              Photo courtesy of: www.homeexchange.com

House Swap for a home in Aitutaki

House Swap your home! I just found a lovely couple living in gorgeous Aitutaki, who are willing to swap their home with homeowners in Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere around the world. When you House Swap; the vacation is rent free accommodation!

Aitutaki Photo: Courtesy:www.homeexchange.com

Safe, popular Home Exchange Website                       

I have been looking through the very trustworthy and popular; Home Exchange, House Swap Website. I really trust this House Swap Website, because it is so popular and well run. It so happened, that I was searching for a House Swap in the gorgeous Cook Islands. BUT: I stumbled across this amazing Aitutaki House Swap listing!

Rarotonga, and the paradise that is Aitutaki         

We’ve been to Rarotonga before, it really is a beautiful South Pacific Island. My wife and I, though, have never been able to afford a trip to the gorgeous little paradise that is Aitutaki. It’s always been way too expensive. By the time you pay for your accommodation, and airfares, it’s extremely expensive! Until now!

With this House Swap, we are getting a vacation rent free in Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

With our vacation being rent free, in Aitutaki, Cook Islands; the rent money we save, can be used for our Aitutaki airfares. Now doesn’t that make our South Pacific vacation in Aitutaki, Cook Islands, achievable? It certainly has for us! These Aitutaki homeowners are experienced House Swappers, so they know all about House Swapping.

Check out some great House Swap listings     

House Swap in Aitutaki. Photo courtesy: www.homeexchange.com

Go check out more South Pacific House Swap listings, or Australia House Swaps. Maybe you may want to cool off? Go on a rent free skiing vacation with a House Swap in beautiful New Zealand, midwinter!

Will you take a rent-free vacation in your own paradise

A House Swap is a vacation, rent free. I can’t understand why more people haven’t got into House Swapping. I dare say that it will take time for people realise that you can have a vacation rent free. But; what about a vacation rent free in the South Pacific paradise, that is; Aitutaki, Cook Islands?





Long House Sitting Jobs; Stay For Free In Paradise

Would you like to live rent free for a month or more in paradise?

Photo courtesy of www.nelsonnz.com

You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand!

It’s so easy: when you know how, of course; you go House Sitting.  Take a look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…


You can stay for free in paradise; the paradise that is; the spectacular South Island of New Zealand! It’s so easy: when you know how of course; you go House Sitting.  Try to look at these long House Sitting jobs in the paradise that is; New Zealand’s South Island…

Road trip to the West Coast, South Island, NZ

What follows are some really fabulous long House Sitting jobs situated in the spectacular upper South Island of New Zealand…

Mapua House Sitting job

Lots of rent-free days in this long House Sitting job; House Sitting for one month and two weeks, at Ruby Bay. South Island, NZ. This is a wonderful chance to stay rent free in the magnificent Mapua area. Mapua is situated at the top of the most beautiful and spectacular South Island of New Zealand. This House Sit has a duration of one month and two weeks of totally free accommodation. Stay for free in paradise, why don’t you?

There’s plenty more long House Sitting jobs in the top half of the spectacular South Island, NZ. For instance the following…

Upper Moutere House Sit

Here is a month long Upper Moutere House Sitting job could possibly suit ex-farmers. Upper Moutere is close to the lovely town of Motueka, at the top of the spectacular South Island. Someone capable of handling horses, and donkeys, chooks should also apply. There is approx an hour and a half of animal husbandry a day.

It would help if you have farming skills

The house you could be living in, rent free, has a Spa pool and is an Australian style home. Wonderful chance to relax on the deck, taking in the peace and tranquillity that is the Upper Moutere region. There is also a car for your use if so desired. This makes your opportunity to stay for free in paradise; even more rewarding, you can explore!

Westport House Sit

If you have never been to, what is arguably the most stunning part of New Zealand’s South Island; West Coast then this is a chance not to miss. This is your chance to do a long House Sitting job in Westport. Stay for free in paradise, on the magnificent beauty of the West Coast, for one month and two weeks of bliss. This long House Sitting job involves you to; care for the cat, mow the lawns, look after with love, the house and property. That’s a fairly easy task, and a great chance to stay for free in paradise.


Nelson House Sit

Collingwood, Nelson seven month House Sitting job

Stay for free for seven months at Collingwood, Nelson. This seven month Collingwood House Sitting job is the ultimate opportunity to experience the New Zealand lifestyle. Laze on the deck with Fluff, the cat, on your lap, reading a book. The Collingwood House Sitting job is simple: love and care for the cat, house, property, stay for free in paradise, that is; South Island of New Zealand.


More House Sitting Jobs

You will find more House Sitting jobs here in the paradise that is the South Island of New Zealand. If you want to stay for free in paradise, then I genuinely suggest: try a long House Sitting job, in the South Island of New Zealand.

Holiday With Pets For Free

Do you like pets and animals; dogs, cats, ponies, goats etc…?

Have you ever thought that having a pony to ride, a dog to walk and play with, a cat to sit on your lap, would be nice on your holiday? Then you could use your love of pets, animals, to your advantage.

You never have to pay any accommodation costs, but you have a very memorable holiday.

Holidays with pets and animals

I love having a holiday with pets, but that’s because I really do love animals, as a whole. Some of my most memorable holidays have been with animals, of different kinds. As a child, I remember a holiday we had on the West Coast, South Island of NZ; on my auntie’s farm at Ikamatua.

Farm pets

There were horses, sheep, and a big billy goat named Jerry on this farm.  The horses and Jerry the goat, were pets. As kids, we had so much fun riding the horses and walking Jerry the goat. My aunt Dorothy even used to let Jerry, jump up at her, and play with her! This holiday in particular sticks in my mind, and what really made this holiday so special and fun were; the animals.

Holiday with pets for free virtually anywhere in the world wherever there are pets or animals                                              

This brings me to the point of this post: You can go basically anywhere in the world and holiday with pets for free. When I say holiday for free, I mean stay on your holiday for free. To do this you become a House Sitter. To become a House Sitter, see how easy it is to become a House Sitter in Australia here. You can also see how very easy it is, to become a House Sitter in New Zealand right here.

Get paid to do House Sitting

You can also get paid to do House Sitting for homeowners; they will employ you to House Sit! Being paid for House Sitting is an amazing way to save money, whilst getting paid! You save by not having accommodation rental costs on your holiday.

Your holidays with pets; a huge amount of choices

Imagine having a holiday with pets for free in the South Pacific Islands;  House Sitting for a homeowner there? What a great way to explore with no accommodation costs! Australia is vast, there are many Australian House Sitting jobs available for you to choose from. Check out these current Aussie House Sitting vacancies!

You can see then, that you can put your love of pets and animals to great use, allowing you to holiday with pets for free, in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific region.