You Can Stay In And Around Sydney Area For Free

Did you know; that you can stay in and around the Sydney area, for free? Pay no rent at all!

Sydney Harbour

Put your money that you have saved towards bills or whatever

Yes, such a simple way to enjoy everything Sydney, and it’s surrounding areas has to offer. Save your rent money. Put it towards bills! Spend your rent money. The thing is: you will be saving money, because you don’t need to pay for your Sydney accommodation.

Think of the amount of Sydney accommodation rental money you could save yourself?

If you didn’t have to pay for any Sydney accommodation or rent at all, you could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in accommodation costs!

You can stay in and around Sydney area for free; if you become, or are a Sydney area House Sitter. 

The answer: so you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free

Read the following, because it’s so very simple, fun and easy to do, saving yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars, when you do a long Sydney House Sitting job, like this Abbotsford, House Sitting job in Sydney. All you need to do to become a House Sitter in the Sydney area is…

  • Be a very honest and caring person
  • love animals, pets
  • A clean and tidy and respectful person
  • Show good common sense
  • register as a House Sitter

Become a registered House Sitter with Aussie House Sitters

If you wish to become a House Sitter on the best and easiest House Sitting Website in Australia, then you should register here to become an Aussie House Sitter.  Registration will only cost you $65 Australian, for a whole year, and as many House Sits in Australia as you can manage! That’s not even the price of a Motel for a night!

When you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free, you could quite easily save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars! Being a Sydney House Sitter is; guaranteed to at least save you hundreds of dollars; if you get the Sydney House Sitting jobs on offer!

Today there are two great opportunities where you can stay in and around the Sydney area for free; without rent payments! See the following great Sydney area rent free opportunities that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

Abbotsford Sydney House Sitting Job

5th April 2017-10th May 2017

Ever wanted to stay in Sydney, have a good look to see what Sydney has to offer? 

This is your chance: want to live without paying rent in Sydney area, for five weeks? If you are preferably mature and single; would love and care for an old cat, then this Abbotsford House Sitting job could well be yours. Honestly, this is a fantastic and extremely rewarding opportunity, to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, just by helping someone, by caring for a lovely old cat! No rent payments/accommodation payments, for five weeks!

Marlow, Hawkesbury River, Sydney Area House Sitting Job

4th April 2017-11th May 2017

Would you like to live somewhere on your own; like on an

Marlow House Sit

Island?  Can you just imagine, living without paying any rent in the Sydney area of Hawkesbury river, for five weeks? This is a totally unique opportunity; to live like Robinson Crusoe, but with all the “mod-cons.”

Living in peace and seclusion at Marlow

Marlow House Sit on Hawkesbury River

You will be living at Marlow, NSW. You could be doing this House Sitting job in Marlow without paying for any rent whatsoever, save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars even! You would need to know how to run a boat as your transport, as you can only access this House Sitting job at Marlow by boat! Park up your car in a secure garage provided. Wow!

More Sydney House Sitting jobs

Now that you know how you can stay in and around Sydney area for free, by being a Sydney House Sitter: Here are a lot more Sydney House Sitting jobs that you can choose from once you have registered to be a House Sitter.

Think of what you have saved in no rent/accommodation payments

Now you can start thinking of what you will do with all the money that you have saved, by not having to pay for any rent or accommodation costs, while living in and around Sydney: by being a Sydney area House Sitter.

Wanaka Accommodation: 17 Days With Free Rent!

Ever wanted to stay in or near Wanaka and Queenstown, New Zealand? How about 17 days rent free accommodation on a farm just out of beautiful Wanaka? See the following…

To get the Wanaka accommodation, with 17 days with free rent; you would be required to do House Sitting on a farm. The farm is located just out of beautiful Wanaka and is also close to Queenstown New Zealand.

Lake Wanaka, NZ

The Wanaka House Sitting job itself, is really easy, as you can see, with the following duties that you need to do

The Wanaka House Sit duties

Free Accommodation In NZ: Exciting New Year House Sits


We are starting the year with some really exciting New Zealand (NZ) House Sitting jobs. These NZ House Sitting jobs, are a real cool holiday option. You get free NZ accommodation, whilst almost always enjoying some really cool pets. Have a look at the following four exciting new year House Sits; opportunities to enjoy free accommodation in NZ.

Northland, Kohukohu House Sit

Starting: 22nd Feb 2017-22nd March 2017

Pets: One Burmese Cat

Your view from the Kohukohu gallery

Live in a home gallery for four weeks with an old cat

You could get free accommodation in Northland, NZ, for four weeks! That’s only if you do

The Studio

this exciting new year House Sit, of a studio home gallery. This Northland, NZ, House Sit job is a little gem in the lovely far north; the harbour village of Kohukohu. Remember: That’s FOUR WEEKS OF FREE ACCOMMODATION IN LOVELY WARM PICTURESQUE NORTHLAND, NZ!

If you want this NZ House Sitting job in Kohukohu, Northland, you must…

  • Be mature and responsible
  • Love animals; you will be caring for a 19 year old Burmese cat
  • Have the ability to do some gardening

If this sounds like you, then apply, but to do this you need to be a registered Kiwi House Sitter. If you want to become a registered House Sitter: this is your Kiwi House Sitting registration link.

Auckland, Algies Bay House Sit

Starting: 23rd Feb 2017-26Feb 2017

Photo courtesy of:

Pets: Two dogs

This could be the beginning of a rewarding House Sitting position

Want to live in Auckland NZ with free accommodation? Try the Auckland NZ, Algies Bay House Sitting job. This House Sit, could be your start off point, as a regular and possibly PAID House Sitter for these home-owners.

House Sit overlooking the sea

Orca. Photo courtesy of

This Auckland House Sitting job at Algies Bay overlooking the sea, lasts only for three days, and has two dogs to care for. The Algies Bay location in Auckland is fabulous: a short three minute walk to the sea!

A test run; do you meet the home-owner’s approval

Regard this Algies Bay House Sit as a test run, a trial; because you may really benefit from this, if you pass the home-owners approval as a reliable House Sitter for them. Go on, try to convince the home-owners that you are the best possible House Sitter for them!

Richmond, Nelson House Sit

Starting: 20th May 2017-26th June 2017                                       

Richmond, Nelson House Sit job


Pets: Two Spoodle dogs, Fish, Birds

Free accommodation in Richmond, Nelson

Get FREE ACCOMMODATION in Nelson NZ for one month and one week. Here is another exciting new year House Sit, with a South Island, NZ,  House Sit in Richmond, Nelson. If you want to consider applying for this wonderful long House Sit job, in Richmond, Nelson, ideally you should

The pets
  • love animals, especially dogs
  • be reasonably fit; active enough, to be able to walk two dogs twice daily
  • house proud with a sense of tidiness, and respect
  • Mature
  • be able to mow some smallish lawns, along with some garden care

Be quick to apply to get this House Sit in Nelson

Best be quick to apply, for a House Sitting job like this. One month plus one week, is a long time to be getting Rent Free accommodation in Nelson, NZ!

St Bathans House Sit

Starting: 26th Feb 2017-15th March 2017

Jack Russell you would be Pet Sitting

Pets: One Jack Russell Dog

St Bathans House Sit for the gold mining history buffs

There’s a chance for 17 days of free accommodation in NZ, near the historic Gold Mining town of St Bathans. If you really want an exciting new year House Sit: check out this Cambrian, St Bathans House Sitting job. St Bathans is a town that goes way back into early NZ gold mining history. You could go check out arguably NZ’s most haunted building the Vulcan Hotel.

Your House Sit will involve caring for a historic mud cottage and B&B (Bed & Breakfast)

St Bathans, Cambrian House Sit job

The 17 day Cambrian, St Bathans House Sit job, actually has a Bed and Breakfast operating from a historic mud cottage there. You definitely are not required to do the cleaning after guests, as this is done by a contracted cleaner. Your House Sitting duties would be the following

  • Be there to take care of the guests at the Bed & Breakfast
  • Pet Sit the wonderful Jack Russell dog
  • Care for the home and the cottage
Vulcan Hotel. Photo courtesy

Historic and haunted                                

This is a great chance to spend 17 days exploring and learning about NZ’s early gold mining history in the St Bathans area, and oh: NOT TO FORGET THE HAUNTED VULCAN HOTEL!

More Real Good Aussie House Sitting Jobs

Humpty Doo urgent House Sitting job; a great looking home to stay in!

Yep! I’ve found some more real good Aussie House Sitting jobs! Live rent free in the real Australia.

Three very different and unique, opportunities to get rent free accommodation in Australia. House Sitting, and experiencing what the real Australia is all about. Three real good Aussie House Sitting jobs that may whet your appetite, for House Sitting, in beautiful Australia…

The  following three very different House Sitting jobs, and unique opportunities to live while staying rent free are

  • Northern Territory House Sit at Humpty Doo
  • North Queensland House Sit at Proserpine
  • Queensland House Sit on South Moreton Bay Island

Humpty Doo House Sit: Northern Territory

House Sit is URGENT: starts Jan 12th 2017 – 27th Jan

The home that you could be living in rent free for 15 days in Humpty Doo!

Urgently required House Sitters for a 15 day House Sit in House Sit in Humpty Doo up in the Northern Territory.

Under the shelter at the urgent Humpty Doo House Sit

This home has 3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, a swimming pool, big beautiful verandahs, a large pond, BBQ, Air Conditioning, Dishwasher etc… Everything that would keep a House Sitter happy, whilst caring for the home and property along with the 3 wonderful pets.

Here is a link with a little information about the Northern Territory town of Dumpty Doo that may give you an insight, as to what you would be experiencing.

The Pets

Two of the pets of the Humpty Doo House Sit.

The pets are an English Cocker Spaniel, a Lab cross, and an indoor Rag Doll cat. The Lab cross dog has a tendency to wander, but he can be kept inside. Anyone who knows these dog breeds, will know that they are a beautiful dog, very loyal, and loving. I have an English Cocker Spaniel myself. These pets will make your House Sit in Humpty Doo even more memorable.

experience the Northern Territory

This can certainly be classified as another real good Aussie House Sitting job. The Dumpty Doo House Sit, in Australia’s Northern Territory, would be great for anyone, who wants to experience the NT; Darwin, and Humpty Doo.

Proserpine House Sit: North Queensland

House Sit starts 14th Jan 2017 – 30th Jan 2017

House Sitting near the charming, traditional country town of Proserpine

Proserpine House Sit; a 16 day House Sitting job that’ll interest House

Proserpine; the house.
Photo courtesy of

Sitters looking at House Sitting North Queensland. This is a small farm, nine kms from the completely charming traditional country town of Proserpine. Proserpine is situated very close to gorgeous Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands.

The Pets                                      

The pets for this 16 day lovely country House Sit in North Queensland are; two outdoor dogs, two ponys and some fish in an outdoor pond.

Ponies at Proserpine House Sit
The pets at Proserpine House Sit, there are also two lovely ponies.

You will be responsible for tending to these whilst caring for the house and property. The pets being what they are; will also leave you plenty of time to explore the very exciting area Proserpine Area.

South Moreton Bay Island: Queensland

House Sit starts 31st Jan 2017 – 1st March 2017

A unique opportunity to House Sit on an island in Queensland

Nice to live here at South Moreton Bay Island, rent free for a month!

The Pets: NONE!

This is a very unique opportunity to House Sit one of the South Moreton Bay Islands, Queensland. The South Moreton Bay Island House Sit is for one month.  A true island adventure! The House Sit has no pets! You will need to be a person/s who love the quiet life; there is no night-life, nightclubs etc. South Moreton Bay Island does have, a supermarket, chemist and doctor.

Enjoy nature at this House Sitting job

South Moreton Bay Islands


The waterfront is at the bottom of the garden; you will have kayaks for your use. There is even a car for your use! This is a superb  opportunity for House Sitters, who want to enjoy nature, and the quiet life of a true island adventure. Here is a link about the South Moreton Bay Islands that may interest you. This is another very good example of House Sitting at it’s best in Aussie.

More real good Aussie House Sitting jobs, in vast, beautiful, Australia, to follow.

Remember: always treat the house, property and pets that you care for, with love. You will then assure home and pet owners, that House Sitters are to be trusted: without trust, there will be no House Sitting.




How You Can Increase Your Chances Of Getting A House Sitter

Got ya! Got ya attention!

Are you a home-owner with pets, wanting desperately, to get a House Sitter?

See how I can help solve your problem with your House Listing on House Sitting websites.

Too many times, do I see people desperately seeking House Sitters, without any visual impact, stimulating information in their House Sitter wanted adverts…

The Attention Grab

What grabs your attention when search for a House Sitter wanted advert

Being a fully trained Web Writer, and Copywriter; but more importantly being a very experienced House Sitter and Pet Sitter; I know what it takes to really get my attention when searching for House sitting jobs.

House Sitter Wanted Adverts
Does I catch your eye?

Increase your chances of getting a House Sitter by                 

There is a knack in writing a really effective advertisement; to get a House Sitter. You can increase your chances of getting a House a House Sitter. As a home-owner, pet owner, you should include the following things, in your “House Sitter wanted” advertisement…

  • Provide good quality photos of your house inside and out, along with your property
  • Include good quality photos of your pets, doing all sorts of things
  • Some photos of interesting things and places around where you live which really help to show off the good points, of living where you do
  • Provide information about the home comforts eg; Cable TV, Wifi, Swimming pool, Jacuzzi (Spa Pool), BBQ etc…
  • What does the city, town, or location where you are living have, that would be of interest to a potential House Sitter?
Would you be keen to House Sit here if you saw this photo?

These things, if well presented in a home-owner’s advertisement posting, will help sell your House Sitter wanted advert. They will drastically increase your chances of getting a House Sitter.

Visual Impact                      
Stunning isn’t it?
The headline and photos always take my attention first

It’s always the visual impact that will grab people, searching for prospective House Sitting jobs. A good headline along with visual impact, when I am skimming through looking for House Sitting jobs by home-owners, is what always first grabs my attention.

Photos Headlines Content

Good photos along with good a Headline will make an impact

Check out this House Sit advert’s photos. Good photo’s will out sell, a plain page of writing. Photos supplied to your House Sitting website and posted, along with a good headline and really well written content will make a huge impact on any potential House Sitters.

Cute aren’t I?
Handsome boy isn’t he?


As a home-owner; if you provide quality photos, a good headline, and well written content you will have much better results in getting a House Sitter.