Explore Australia Without Paying Rent

Airlie Beach, Australia. You could be the lucky House Sitter to get the Airlie Beach House Sit!

Explore Australia without paying rent costs; a great way to live free in different areas of Aussie. The answer is to House Sit your way around Aussie.

You can see the real Australia, and stay for free while you do so!  It’s easy; if read this article, save yourself thousands of dollars…

Become a House Sitter

How to become an Aussie House Sitter; it’s so easy

So you want to explore and stay rent free around Aussie? Here’s how to do it; read this information about How Aussie House Sitters works. Once you are happy with the very trustworthy, and best Australian House Sitting

A very experienced House Sitter; Jeff Hawkes, House Sitting “Guru”

website; you open up this registration to be an Aussie House Sitter link and apply to be an Aussie House Sitter. Once you have filled out the registration, and paid the very reasonable cost of $65 per year (Australian dollars), you are then able to access and apply for any of the many House Sits available all around Australia.

Applying For House Sits

Rent free Australia exploration begins once you are a registered House Sitter with Aussie House Sitters

Exploring Australia without paying rent is now a reality for you. Here are some real good Aussie House Sits for you to apply for, from the many awesome Australia House Sitting jobs you can choose from.  These Aussie House Sits are some of longer ones.  You can explore Australia without paying any rent for MONTHS so feel free to apply…

Cape York House Sit: 4 Months Rent Free

This is one of the most extreme Aussie House Sits


There is a Cape York Queensland House Sitting job which is one of the most extreme House sits that I have seen. You need to know how to survive in the Aussie Wet Season, and this job is remote. You will need to know all about living in a very isolated area, and be a person or people with mechanical aptitude who can work and use a generator etc… This is a real good taste of Australia if you can handle it for 4 months!

Condamine Queensland: 3 Months Rent Free:

Live for 3 months on an 80 acre property with only 2 dogs and some poultry to worry about

Condamine, Queensland, House Sit job.

How about a lovely three month House Sit in Condamine Queensland? This Condamine House Sit is on 80 acres of property, and your responsibilities are caring for two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and some laying poultry, along with the daily house care. A nice Aussie House Sit in a beautiful part of Queensland Australia. This House Sit would give you three months of free accommodation whilst living in Australia without paying rent!

Airlie Beach: 3 Weeks Rent Free

One of the very best House Sitting jobs with many benefits

Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

Have you ever dreamed of living or staying near the Whitsunday Islands, in Northern Queensland Australia? I have, but I can’t do this wonderful Airlie Beach House Sit maybe you can though? What an opportunity to continue exploring Australia without paying rent! You can live in Airlie Beach with three weeks of rent free accommodation. Your job: look after and care for home, two smallish dogs, and enjoy your time. A fab chance is begging, free motorbike to ride, free car to drive, close to boat hire etc… Now how good is that?

Your life will change: go searching for your dream House Sit job

You can now see that it is so easy to explore Australia without paying any rent. Just go have a look at the many different places that Aussie House Sitters has listed for the House Sitter to choose from.

Enjoy your new life change!


House Swap the South Pacific


Want to go live in the warm tropics of the South Pacific for free? How about a rent free vacation in the gorgeous South Pacific Islands?

Deluxe beach front villa on Muri Beach, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Believe it: this is a House swap! https://www.homeexchange.com/en/listing/516324

The Cook Islands, Tahitian Islands? Go House Swap the South Pacific; you should see what sort of places you can swap your home for!

Best House Swap Website

Home Exchange

The island of Rarotonga and Muri lagoon
Cook Islands, Rarotonga, featuring here the Muri lagoon.

The Home Exchange, House Swapping website has to be the best and safest. (Home Exchange is another term for House Swapping) You don’t pay any rent costs for your accommodation! Go on, see what you what you can swap your home for…

Cook Islands House Swaps

There’s nine wonderful House Swaps on the Cook Islands

Two bedroomed beach front villa. What a picture to open your eyes to every morning!

This gorgeous Rarotongan beach house has it’s own pool. This listing is just one of the nine great Cook Island House swaps you can get, on the Home Exchange website. There’s also this two bedroomed beach front villa on Muri beach!  This listing is a real cracker, as it is literally on the best beach in Rarotonga! Maybe you may like this luxurious beach front villa.


Some fab House Swaps in French Polynesia, Tahiti

vue de la terrasse
Moorea House Swap opportunity. This view is from the verandah.

A fantastic South Pacific House Swap in Moorea, Windward Islands, Tahiti is up for grabs! Check this Moorea House Swap out!It’s got a view to die for and also has the following great points

  • Balcony with a fabulous view
  • Three Bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • Air Conditioned
  • Accommodates 6
  • Luxury

The owners of this Moorea house are experienced at House Swapping, and have done five previous House swaps. They are open to any destinations to swap for, so you may be in luck!

Paradise Awaits
Like to House Swap the South Pacific?

More great South Pacific House Swaps

Check out these other great House Swap listings in French Polynesia. There should a House Swap amongst them that will suit you. You can safely House Swap the South Pacific Islands, using the Home Exchange website. It is very easy to use, and it has many, many mouth watering listings. Whale watching... Découverte des Baleines

If you love the Pacific Islands, as I do, then try House Swap the South Pacific. Heiva ou Marae ARAHURAHU



Paradise awaits.


House Swap: Airlie Beach Australia

House Swap for a Airlie Beach luxurious waterfront apartment!

Stunning views with walkway into town.

House Swap; get rent free accommodation at Australia’s Airlie Beach.

The Airlie Beach House Swap is an apartment, which is in a great spot, right beside the marina! This apartment, is actually part of the Marina Shores 5 star resort! Imagine being able to House Swap (otherwise known as Home Exchange) your home, for this resort for a while? sit on the verandah take in the sunset with a glass of wine watch the outriggers, fish jumping and the occassional pod of dolphins and cook yourself a meal on an electric stainless bbq

Home Owners

The Home Owners

The apartment owners: Charlie & Jen have done 8 previous exchanges, so you know that they are totally legit! Charlie & Jen are actually business owners in Airlie Beach of: Airlie Beach Transfers & Tours www.abtt.com.au

Features of the Airlie Beach House Swap
  leather lounge which has a double fold out bed and a flat screen tvStunning views with walkway into town.
the kitchen has a fantastic view to work in with miele appliances

The apartment (your House Swap) itself has the following features

  • It’s right on the water with stunning views of the Whitsunday Islands and Coral sea
  • Has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms
  • Accommodates 6
  • There is a car for use (that is negotiable)
  • Private balcony
  • Air-conditioning
  • Swimming pool

    30m Lap Pool
    Swimming pool at 5 star Marina Shores Apartments; for your pleasure at the House Swap
House Swap Location

Your Airlie Beach House Swap location is so close to Airlie Beach activities

You couldn’t get a better place to stay for free by House Swapping in Airlie Beach could you? This Australia; Airlie Beach House Swap, is a fab place and location to stay, and base yourself for the many Airlie Beach activities.

Airlie Beach Activities

2-Night Whitsunday Islands Catamaran by Day and Paradise Cove Resort...

While you stay for free by House Swapping in Airlie Beach you can do many activities. You may want to check out this link from Trip Advisor on things to do at Airlie Beach as it gives prices and ratings, which comes in really handy.

Blue Pearl Bay Snorkeling Adventure
Snorkel Blue Pearl Bay

Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

I’ve always wanted to go snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. What an opportunity! I see there are quite a lot of Great Barrier Reef snorkelling trips you can go on: This Barrier Reef Reef Tour is reasonably priced and is affordable; with the money you save by House Swapping in Airlie Beach. But there really are many, many tours and flights from Airlie Beach you can go on.

Bredl’s Wild Farm

Tours from Airlie Beach 

There are 77 tours available from Airlie Beach. These Airlie beach tours include the following

  • Scuba & snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Air Tours
  • Kayaking & canoeing
  • Nature & wildlife tours
  • 4WD & off road trips
  • Sailing & boat tours


Derwent Hunter Day ToursRelax in Airlie Beach                        

Relax and chill           

Of course you can just elect to stay back in your 5 star rent free accommodation, lying out on the balcony with a sparkling of your choice, just admiring the view! Charlie & Jen


I highly recommend the popular Home Exchange Website to you

Really though, this is just an insight, as to the sort of places you can stay, with rent free accommodation by getting into House Swapping. If you want a great House Swap website, that has no scams, I would highly recommend this website: Home Exchange to you.

House Swapping, Home Exchanging; call it what you will, it’s a really awesome way to stay anywhere you want free!








Real Good Aussie House Sitting Jobs: True Australia Experience

Australia is an exciting country, so vast, with so many real good Aussie House Sitting jobs. If you want to really experience the “true Australia,” then look at these real good House Aussie House Sit opportunities in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT.) Here’s a real good selection of what could be your “true Australia” experience…

A Long Northern Territory House Sit

Home-Owner has cancer and needs treatment; URGENT

Your back yard; the Marraki NT House Sit. This is the real Australia.
Image result for free photo of kangaroos
Experience the true Australia wildlife, in the backyard.







The first of these NT House Sitting jobs is a 4 month House Sit in Marraki. Plenty of Aussie wildlife visits this property; Kangaroos, and other creatures.

You are out in the real Australia here; this real good Aussie House Sitting job in the NT, is approximately 65kms from the nearest town. A place to “be at one with nature!” Four months of rent free accommodation in the real true Australia!

Now if that doesn’t give you the “true Australia” experience what would?

Darwin Area

A taste of life in and around of Australia’s northern city of Darwin

Rapid Creek House Sit; these gorgeous 2 dogs will keep you company.

Rapid Creek in Darwin, NT is the location of another month plus of rent free accommodation; a Australian House Sitting job, that you could apply for. This urgent Rapid Creek House Sit is in a location that will give you a taste of “true Australia life” in  Australia’s large northern city of Darwin.

The pets are two gorgeous dogs, who you are to walk daily. The care of this house and these dogs is a great trade, for over a month of rent free accommodation. You would be situated close to the Rapid Creek Markets and also the Nightcliff foreshore, where there is the really nice Foreshore Restaurant & Cafe.

Alice Springs

You get 17 days to live in Alice Springs, experience life in the very centre of Australia

Looks inviting doesn’t it? The pool at this wonderful Aussie House Sit at Alice Springs, NT, Australia.
Nice to relax out here in the heat of the day! This Alice Springs House Sit has everything you need.

The Northern Territory stretches all the way down to the very middle of Australia. Here is another taste of “true Australia;” a real good Aussie House Sitting job at Alice Springs, NT. This House Sit has a pool, air-conditioning, and a wonderful dog to Pet Sit. There is lots to see and do around Alice Springs and you have the time to explore. This real good Aussie House Sitting job is 17 days of rent free accommodation, so you will get to really experience, what living in Alice Springs, the very centre of Australia, is like.

These real good Aussie House Sitting jobs, are just a taste of the type of life you could experience House Sitting and living for a while, in the true Australia.


Sydney: Get Free Accommodation Over Xmas

How would you like to live in Sydney at Xmas time with free accommodation?
Sydney fireworks spectacular.

How good would it be to get free accommodation over Xmas in Sydney Australia? I’ve just counted 62 opportunities to get free accommodation in Sydney! I will show you some of these opportunities to get rent free accommodation in Sydney…

Sydney: Free Accommodation Listings

See how to see the free Sydney accommodation listings

To see these 62 Sydney Australia accommodation opportunities you need to see the fantastic Aussie House Sitters website  click on: find a house  you then click on: NSW state then click on: Sydney. Simple as that! These Sydney Australia House Sitting jobs vary, and there’s some real good Sydney House Sitting jobs like this one; at Cobbitty, on seven acres of land with fab views!

Warriewood House Sit; Sydney’s Northern Beaches, this beautiful Shih tzu x Cavalier dog.
Dee Why, Sydney House Sit job. Getting a week of free accommodation at this location in Sydney would be great at Xmas time.
Sydney Listings Near The Sea

Live near the Sydney sea front for free

In Australia, you may wish to get free Sydney accommodation near the sea, like some of these listings: there’s this one week lovely House Sit at Dee Why, NSW which is close to the beaches. You could also get free accommodation at Warriewood, Sydney Northern Beaches; a very nice Australia  House Sitting job; caring for a  shih tzu x cavalier dog for 12 days.

You could have 11 days of free accommodation at Elizabeth Bay; in Sydney, when you Pet Sit this wonderful cat.

If you are keen on Pet Sitting a kitten, you could get free accommodation in lovely Elizabeth Bay; Sydney, for 11 days. This great House Sitting job would be good if you like to be down near Sydney’s Potts Point area.



Pets Are Fun

Pets help make your Sydney House Sitting, Pet Sitting fun

Sammy: House sitter needed to live rent free for 19 days on Sydney’s North Shore, looking after this cute little character.

Want to live for free on Sydney’s North Shore? You can get free Sydney accommodation for 19 days over the Xmas period. This free Sydney accommodation at Willoughby, has a swim pool and: a real cute dog. Just look at this little character called Sammy. Pet Sitting cute pets like Sammy, helps make House Sitting so much more fun.

Xmas Time Fun Around Sydney

Much To Do Around Sydney At Xmas Time

Spend your time watching the fantastic Sydney fireworks spectacular on New Year’s eve.  If you have free accommodation while you are House Sitting in Sydney, then you will be able to see the fireworks spectacular! You will also save a lot of money at Xmas time, which you could use for other fun things to do around Sydney.


It’s now easy to see that there are plenty of options to find Sydney; free accommodation over Xmas. It really is so easy to do, and fun: House Sitting, Pet Sitting Sydney, Australia.






Southland, New Zealand: House Sitting Heaven

Milford Sound, Southland ,NZ
Milford Sound, Southland, NZ

Want to touch 180,000,000 year old Fossilised Forest. Swim for free with  Dolphins. Fish pristine rivers and lakes that abound in Trout and Salmon. Walk well defined tracks amongst the best scenery in the world. Surf some of the many fabulous “breaks” that are to be found in Southland, NZ. See why I love House Sitting in my home province; why Southland, NZ, is House Sitting heaven…

My Home

Invercargill, my home town where I started my House Sitting career

Queens Park botanical gardens, Invercargill, NZ

My first House Sit was in Southland,

NZ. A five and a half week House Sit job on a lifestyle farm, just out of iconic Invercargill, NZ (where legendary Burt Munro, from the movie: The Worlds Fastest Indian lived and died) Actually I come from Invercargill Southland, but this House Sitting job started my career as a Pro-House Sitter.

Southland Province

Swim with rare Dolphins for free

Southland is the most beautiful and amazing province in New Zealand. For a day trip you can easily drive to Curio Bay (Porpoise Bay.) At Curio Bay you can view and walk amidst the Jurassic 180,000,000 year old fossilised forest, on the rocks.

Surfing one of the many fine breaks around the Southland coastline.
Surfing one of the many fine breaks around the Southland coastline.

You can also swim for free with some of the most rare Dolphins in the world (Hectors Dolphins.) How lucky are you: it doesn’t cost you a cent! Surfers also love the great “surf break” at Curio Bay, when wind and tides are favourable.

Drive the Southern Scenic Route

Fishing for Trout, or just driving to view the scenery

Brown Trout are prolific in the many Southland rivers and lakes, especially the world famous Mataura river.

The Southland rivers and lakes teem with fish to be caught by the angler; licences are cheap compared to other parts of the world. Trout or Salmon fishing is  a great way to get out from your House Sitting job for a bit. You could travel to the mighty Mataura river to catch a nice big fat Brown Trout. Alternatively you may wish to drive the Southern Scenic Route to beautiful Lake Manapouri for a great day out, and fish this stunning lake. You see why the province of Southland, New Zealand, is indeed House Sitting heaven.

Southland Walking Tracks and Bike Tracks

There are many really good walking tracks near Invercargill city, and around Southland

Interacting with the dogs, on one of the many Invercargill reserves.

Southland has also many walking and bike tracks. Invercargill has some very nice walking and biking tracks around, Invercargill city. House Sitting is also about getting out and experiencing; what the area that you are House Sitting in, has to offer. What better way than to walk, or bike, if you have one? The walk or bike tracks are all very well maintained, and even in Southland’s wet days you can still enjoy some fantastic walks, or rides. They are great too, if you want to take the pet along (if it’s a dog, or even a cat!)

Southland House Sitting Heaven

Taking the dog you’re Pet Sitting, out for a walk or a drive is a great way to interact with it                        

Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes

You can now see why Southland New Zealand, is House Sitting Heaven! With House Sitting: the pets and property come first. Get the dog you’re Pet Sitting, out into the Southland province for walks, and drives. It’s a great way to interact with the pet, while you are out in the beautiful Southland province.



Real Good NZ House Sitting Jobs: North Island

Shetland Sheep dog pup: Waitoa House Sit

Want to live rent free in New Zealand’s North Island over Xmas?

I’ve picked out four real good North Island House Sitting jobs, where you can live with rent free accommodation over Xmas. These House Sitting jobs are each in very good locations, with great pets to pet sit. The House Sitting jobs listed here in descending geographical order, are as follows

  • Parua Bay, Whangarei, Northland, NZ
  • Flat Bush, Auckland, NZ

    Image result for map of north island nz
    Map courtesy of Geography Blog
  • Waitoa, Waikato, NZ
  • Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, NZ
Parua Bay House Sitting Job
Parua Bay Photo, courtesy Google
Picture of House requiring a House and Pet Sitter at Kiwi House Sitters, New Zealand
Parua Bay House Sit

Over a month to live for free and explore whilst House Sitting in beautiful Northland

Live for over a month without paying any accommodation costs in beautiful warm Parua Bay House Sit Northland, NZ. This real good NZ House Sitting job in the North Island, is a great chance to explore the many walks and beaches in close proximity to Parua Bay. Pet Sit a beautiful Tonkinese cat called Gypsy. This is a great chance to save money by not paying for any accommodation costs for over a month!

Auckland House Sitting Job

Live in a luxurious Auckland, NZ mansion, for 11 days over Xmas, absolutely rent free

Flat Bush. The “mansion you could possibly be House Sitting in.

You could live in Auckland, getting rent free accommodation for 11 days over Xmas? This luxury Auckland House Sit looks wonderful; you’d be House Sitting an Auckland mansion in Flat Bush,  overlooking hills. Pet Sit a cat and fish, while living with free accommodation in Auckland for 11 days. Auckland accommodation costs are extremely high over Xmas, so living in an Auckland mansion for free, for 11 days, adds up to huge money saving. There is so much to do in Auckland over the Xmas period

 Waitoa House Sitting Job

Located near the Coromandel Peninsula, and Hamilton, this is a fabulous country House Sitting job

Irish Setter: Waitoa House Sit.
Shetland Sheep dog pup: Waitoa House Sit.

Get three weeks in the country, without paying for any accommodation costs. This fabulous Waitoa House Sit is located near North Island’s Coromandel Peninsula and Hamilton Pet Sit two dogs;  a gorgeous Irish Setter, and a Shetland Sheepdog pup. Also Pet Sitting two chooks, two baby goats, two cats, and a 14 year old thorough bred mare. This North Island, country House Sit job, has all the pets and animals to keep you occupied, and happy. This is another real good NZ House Sitting job, with a wonderful country experience to be had.

Whakatane House Sitting Job

A free weeks accommodation in return for House Sitting in beautiful Whakatane, North Island, NZ

Beautiful Ohope Beach, near Whakatane, NZ Photo courtesy of www.whakatane.com
Whakatane, NZ Photo courtesy of www.whakatane.com

Accommodation is free for a week over Xmas, in Whakatane in return for House Sitting duties. If you get this real good NZ House Sitting job in Whakatane you get to live in an absolutely gorgeous seaside town.  The modern home you would be House Sitting has two great decks to relax on, and three living areas, along with all the “mod cons.” Dates on this Whakatane, North Island, House Sit, are negotiable. Pet Sitting a kitten, there would ample opportunities to explore the wonderful Bay of Plenty area, whilst staying for free. I highly recommend this area, as I have had some great trips up here.


New Zealand has many real good House Sitting jobs in it’s North Island; these are only four of them. I suggest that you quickly get looking at the many North Island House Sits, as they will quickly disappear over the Xmas break here in NZ.


To Make House Sitting Even MORE Fun

House Sitting is a fun, exciting new life-change, if you’ve never done House Sitting before. But there are some things to make House Sitting even more fun. The following things are what I look for, to make House Sitting even more fun…

  • The pets and animals that I have always liked, need to be present at the House Sitting job
  • Location of the particular House Sitting job: it has to be a place to my personal liking, and the travel there and back, needs to be personally enjoyable.
  • House and property need to be appealing with what they have to offer for me, as in my likes, and feeling whilst there.

The Pets and Animals retriever-348572_640

If you personally like the kind of pet or animal that you are Pet Sitting,  obviously you enjoy being around it, caring for it, playing with it. I personally love most all animals, but particularly dogs, horses, donkeys, and pigs. When I get to House Sit with these animals present, then the House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Animal Minding experience is always so much more fun. You can sound like an idiot sometimes, but I always “talk to the animals!” It’s great fun, and I’m absolutely positive that the pets and animals get a closer bond with you. 100022800pig-214349_640

House Sitting Job Location

The location means so much to me whilst looking for a House Sitting job

Where the House Sitting job is located means a lot to me. I love historic places, spectacular scenery, and isolation, but also need to have a town nearby somewhere. Therefore when researching an area of a potential House Sitting job I have these above attributes in mind. Also I love travel: the further, the better. I mean; I love to drive. I have always loved driving, so therefore if the House Sitting job is at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, then I would love it! (I live at the bottom of New Zealand, in the most beautiful province: Southland)

Whilst House Sitting

Photography is a great hobby whilst doing House Sitting work

Queens Park Botanical Gardens, Invercargill, NZ Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ.            Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Stewart Island, Southland, NZ. Photo by Jeff Hawkes
Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, NZ.    Photo by Jeff Hawkes

Photography is also a growing passion of mine, scenery is a very important part of my House Sitting tick list. In this way it’s not just a House Sit (every House Sit is special to me)  it’s an opportunity; to spend time, taking photos in surroundings that I love. Sometimes I just love taking “snap shots” of the animals and pets that I’m Pet Sitting, which adds to make House Sitting even more fun. I look back on the photos, and memories come flooding back of that particular House Sitting job.


On the "road trip" to Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ House Sitting job.
On the “road trip” to Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ House Sitting job.

I love travel, in particular driving, so each House Sitting job in NZ is a potentially a nice drive for me

Driving around New Zealand and also Australia, is fun. Admittedly driving around Adelaide was a little stressful, as I was not used to the huge volumes of traffic, compared to little old Invercargill, New Zealand. I made preparations for that though, and bought myself a GPS for the car we were using. Without the little “Tom Thumb” GPS, driving around Adelaide, and it’s beautiful surroundings would have been very, very stressful!

The South Island of New Zealand is spectacularly beautiful though. I’m not just saying that because I come from there, but it has every kind of landscape; Desert like (McKenzie Country) Alps, lakes, Fiords, and Rainforests. Everything to make you love where you live.

House and Property

This place has the sort of character I would look for in a House Sit


Location: Stewart Island, Southland,NZ Photo by Jeff Hawkes


I love older homes and Villas. They make a more enjoyable and fun House Sitting experience for me

I look for a house and property that have what it takes for me personally. I love: old looking, wooden, or stone cottages. If there is a beautiful old Villa, or cottage, that looks great, and has all the comforts I desire, then I would be particularly interested (as long as the House Sit had the other qualifying things; like the location, and the right pets and animals.) But you first have to apply for the House Sitting, Pet Sitting animal minding job, and hope that your particular profile is what the Pet Owner, Animal owner, Home-Owner is looking for!


A House Sitting, Pet Sitting, Animal Minding job that meets all of my requirements; to make House Sitting even more fun, then as a House Sitter; I am fulfilled.