More Real Good Aussie House Sitting Jobs

Just thought I’d let you know: I’ve found some more real good Aussie House Sitting jobs! These great Aussie House Sitting jobs are located in four different states, and are as follows

  • South Mission Beach (QLD) Urgent Job
  • Tweed Heads (NSW) Urgent Job
  • Watervale (SA) Urgent Job
  • Perth Eastern Suburbs (WA)

You have a good selection of more real good Aussie House Sitting jobs here, each one is so much fun.


SA: Watervale

Watervale House Sit: Stone Villa

This wonderful South Australian House Sitting job at Watervale is in a lovely and quaint stone Villa adjacent to the Riesling Trail. The stone Villa you could be House Sitting has all the modern appliances, and looks very welcoming. There are two goats, some hens, and some geese to pet sit. This is a real good looking Aussie House Sitting job that is well worth looking at.

WA: Perth House Sitting

The Vines House Sit
The Vines House Sit

Two affectionate dogs along with over a month of free accommodation

Affectionate dog number 1: The Vines House Sit

Wanting to go to Western Australia; get over a month of free accommodation.

The Vines House Sitting job; opportunity to stay for over a month rent free, in Perth’s Eastern Suburbs. There are two very placid, affectionate dogs to love and care for. This is a great way to enjoy living without paying rent in Perth’s Eastern suburbs.

Vines Golf Resort is right over the back of the House Sit property 

Affectionate dog number 2: The Vines House Sit

What also makes this this such a real good Aussie House Sitting job is that there is so much for you to enjoy close to the Vines House Sit. If you like golf; the Vines Golf Resort is right over the back of the property. The Vines House Sitting job also has a Spa and a Swimming Pool to relax in. This is Aussie House Sitting at it’s best!


QLD: South Mission Beach

Can you handle 15 rent free days House Sitting on a 2 acre hilltop property over looking the ocean

Your view from this South Mission Beach House Sitting job

Urgently required House Sitters to: relax on a hill overlooking the ocean!  This superb, but very urgent South Mission Beach House Sitting job, has just one inside cat, and one outside dog, along with a beautiful two acre hill top property. Can you handle 15 days of relaxation, in this stunning South Mission Beach area?                                               There’s also a swimming pool and spa to relax in.


NSW: Tweed Heads House Sitting

Take the gorgeous Golden Retriever for an easy 7 minute walk to Kirra beach

Tweed Heads House Sitting job. An easy 7 minute walk to Kirra Beach.
Nice area to relax on the warm days

Get 15 days of rent free accommodation at Tweed Heads, NSW, in this Xmas House Sit. You will be Pet Sitting a beautiful nine month old Golden Retriever. Situated an easy seven minute walk to Kirra beach, you will be able to walk the dog every day and take her for a swim there. Tweed Heads is a great spot, and so close to Surfer’s Paradise. This is one more real good Aussie House Sitting Job if you want a cracker Xmas House Sit!

Xmas House Sitting is the way to get a Xmas holiday with rent free accommodation. You also get to care for and enjoy some wonderful pets with different surroundings of your choice.

More real good Aussie House Sitting jobs to come.



Holiday Of A Lifetime: Moorea House Swap

What if I told you, that you can go live, holiday/vacation on an exotic Islet just off Moorea, Tahiti for FREE! Would that take your fancy?
Moorea, Tahiti   
Everyone dreams of going to Tahiti… as a place to go on honeymoon, holiday/vacation. They dream about it, but to actually holiday anywhere in or around Tahiti is so expensive! 

Here’s how you can get go on the holiday of a lifetime: Moorea. Take a blissful honeymoon or holiday/vacation in Tahiti whilst you stay FOR FREE…

Stay For Free

How to stay for free in beautiful Moorea, Tahiti

How to stay in Moorea, Tahiti, live the dream, and stay there for free! (You pay a yearly membership fee (to a very reputable House Swap/Home Exchange Site) It’s so easy, and it’s not just Moorea, Tahiti: you can go swap your home to go all over the world. What follows could be your ultimate holiday of a lifetime; Moorea House Swap….

The Location
Your House Swap/Exchange location
Villa Bedroom
Villa bedroom

Ultimate House Swap/ House Exchange                            

This is one of the most amazing holidays you could possibly ever have: Its a House Swap/Home Exchange in Moorea, Tahiti. This is your holiday of a lifetime: Moorea House Swap.  You should see what this; the ultimate House Swap (Home Exchange) has to offer you

The Villa
The Villa
  • Your own private Island (Islet or Motu)
  • Your own private beach
  • Magnificent Villa
  • Totally independent and self sufficient
  • Boat
  • Internet
How To Join
Your front view

There are many more House Swap/House Exchange listings like this

Interior of Villa

When you join up this house exchange website, and list your house to exchange then you can apply for this fabulous chance to live in paradise! This listing is only one, of many really great South Pacific House Swap deals, that this very trustworthy House Exchange website has.

Interior of Villa
Interior of Villa

For such small cost: less than the price of a Resort room for one night

I am going to apply for this Moorea house exchange myself, as chances like this are virtually “once in a life time.”If you think about it: A small fee for membership of this website, is less than the cost of a Resort room for one night! You could get the holiday of a lifetime: Moorea House Swap!

Photos courtesy of


More Real Good N.Z House Sitting Jobs

Tauranga, North Island, NZ

I’ve picked out four real good NZ House Sitting jobs over the Xmas season, that you may be interested in. Two North Island House Sits, and two South Island House Sitting jobs.

Saving money, by doing some-one a valuable service

Remember: House Sitting is saving money by not paying any accommodation costs, in return for you doing the home-owner a valuable service: Pet Sitting, House Minding, property minding. House Sitting is also fun, with interaction with pets and animals, in a different environment, to your normal one. Check out each of these real good NZ House Sitting jobs…

Tauranga Area House Sitting Job  pig-214349_640

House Sit cats, goats, pigs, horses, a real NZ farm experience

Would you like to be based on a farm near Tauranga, New Zealand, living for free for three weeks? This fun Tauranga House Sitting job on a Lifestyle Farm is a great way to have a special; New Zealand farm experience. You would be looking after cats, chickens, goats, pigs, and horses! A special way to enjoy a NZ farm experience for free! And it would be fun looking after these animals. Go on; apply to become a House Sitter now!

URGENTLY REQUIRED: House Sitter with Farming skills
Urgent: free, three weeks accommodation

Urgently wanted: someone to stay for free, for three weeks, House Sitting at Matawai. This is a farm and former quaint Hotel near Gisborne, NZ. A great chance for retired farmers, or for people with a little mechanical aptitude, and farm sense. Enjoy three weeks of free accommodation on this House Sit near Gisborne, North Island, NZ. Peace, tranquillity, animals, time-out; heaven. Go for it, come on all would be farmers, and pet lovers!

Lyttleton House Sitting Job

A nice long House Sitting opportunity that is longer than a month: here it is; Lyttleton, South Island, NZ

Perhaps you are yearning a long rest? Here is a longer House Sitting opportunity in Lyttleton, South Island, NZ. This House Sit goes for over a month, it’s another real good NZ House Sitting job, and a nice long rest. You can explore Banks Peninsula, and the very quaint town of Akaroa over Xmas. You will be Pet Sitting a lovely dog and a cat. Take the dog with you, exploring all the beaches and bays around Banks Peninsula. The cat at this House Sitting job, will probably just snooze at home. You will have plenty of time to check out the whole of Banks Peninsula, and what it has to offer.

Port Chalmers House Sitting Job

Very close to Dunedin, there is a great House Sitting opportunity with free accommodation for 12 days over Xmas

Would 12 days free Xmas accommodation in a Port Chalmers House Sitting job take your fancy? Right near Dunedin, there is so much here for anyone wanting to explore this beautiful picturesque area. You would be looking after a real cool friendly little dog called Bowie, along with some chickens. Dunedin is a thriving city, and it has a great wildlife viewing like the world famous Royal Albatross Centre. This is also home to the “world’s best House Sitter!”

End Comments  

1443228965920Four more chances for free Xmas accommodation

With these four more real good NZ House Sitting jobs, you can choose which of these you would like. They all provide you a chance for free Xmas accommodation in beautiful NZ.







You choose where you wish to stay for free, around Australia at Xmas time. Does that sound good or what? Yes sir, it’s completely safe and absolutely no scam! House Sitting around Australia at Xmas time means: free Xmas accommodation! Think about that….

Free Accommodation at Xmas: Your Choice of Wherebrewery-1166041_640

Xmas accommodation being free, means any of the following

  • Money that you would have thrown away on VERY expensive Xmas accommodation, you can put to better use, in fact the money could be used for a cruise, or long dreamed of holiday somewhere!
  • This is a holiday/vacation where you choose to go, maybe somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to
  • You get to spend Xmas in a different location, maybe hotter, or colder, whichever you choose
  • You can get to look after wonderful pets and animals, which is so therapeutic, and great for kids
  • You are having a rent free holiday at Xmas!           retriever-348572_640
Find a House Sitting job

You need to find a House Sitting website that you are comfortable using

You first need to find a House Sitting job of your choice through one of many House Sitting Websites. There are quite a few real good Australian House Sitting websites like this one. See the listings on this other Aussie House Sitting Website ; its so easy to use! Have you seen what looks like a real great Xmas House Sitting job? beef-789614_640

You better be quick, Xmas is next month; move quickly on securing your ideal House Sitting job

To enable you to get free Xmas accommodation around Australia 2016 you will need to move real quick! You haven’t much time so you will need to follow these instructions

  1. Find your free Australian Xmas accommodation by searching a reputable and easy to use Australian House Sitting website like this one.
  2. You will need to join up a House Sitting, Pet Sitting website and become a House Sitter
  3. Write out the best profile about yourself that you possibly can, as this is the real key, to you getting the House Sit. (I can write you out a profile for a small fee as I am a trained Web Writer) The Home-Owner wants to see they can trust you with their loved; pets, animals, home and property.
  4. Apply for the House Sitting job, and cross your fingers! If you get this House Sitting job, then you will get free Xmas accommodation for 2016!


You can also visit this page in this website, to get more information on: How do I become a House Sitter in Australia

Now do hurry to get in before everyone else, as free Xmas accommodation around Australia, 2016 is getting taken up, all the time, by people, House Sitting around Australia. australia-1182198_640

If you want advice email me your questions here

Some Real Good Xmas House Sits In Australia: Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Xmas time brings many House Sitting jobs in Australia: Take your pick! Whereabouts in Australia would you want to House Sit at Xmas time? In the heat, or in a cool climate?

There are some real good Xmas House Sits in Australia going right now. Let’s work out some ideas as to where you could go Xmas House Sitting.

A Cooler Climate For Xmas House Sitting?

Tasmania; a good option, if you want cooler climate House Sitting at Xmas in Australia

Australia is big, huge in fact, so you have so many options for Xmas House Sitting. Do you want warmer weather, or cooler climate for your Xmas House Sitting adventure? The better option, if you want cooler weather for Xmas House Sitting in Australia would be Tasmania, so lets start on Tasmania. couple-843489__340

Tasmania Xmas House Sits          

House Sitting job at Kingston Beach

If you want cooler weather how about this Tasmania House Sit at Kingston Beach. It is right near the beach too, and the House Sit is for just over a week starting 22nd Dec. boy-488316_640

A Riverside 2 week House Sitting job at Launceston

Another real good Xmas House Sit in Tasmania is this 2 week Riverside, Launceston, House Sitting job. There are stunning views over the Tamar river, from the deck. Sounds great doesn’t it? Couldn’t you just picture that, when your having a BBQ and a cold one?

Travellers Rest House Sitting job, on 6 acres

Launceston Tasmania: Travellers Rest House Sit on 6 acres. Does this House sit in Tasmania sound like you? It’s got 1 dog, 2 Sheep, and 6 Goats. Sounds like a great spot with only a 10 minute drive to Launceston City centre.

Tasmania: there’s some real good Xmas House Sitting in the cooler climate of Australia                                         hobart-710826_640

If you are wanting some real good Xmas House Sits in Australia, and want maybe a cooler climate, then you should try to apply for these Tasmania Xmas House Sits. You won’t be disappointed.

Some Xmas House Sits in NZ

Spectacular Milford Sound, Southland, New Zealand.

Xmas is House Sitting time in, New Zealand! People holidaying means people will be leaving their homes and pets.  There are some really great Xmas House Sitting jobs to be found all around New Zealand. Have you found a really good Xmas House Sitting New Zealand job yet?

Tauranga Xmas House Sit

A great opportunity to stay for free in the Tauranga area at Xmas


Check out this wonderful Tauranga Xmas House Sitting opportunity If you are the lucky House Sitter who gets this Xmas House Sit, you will certainly enjoy the free Xmas accommodation. There is so much happening in Tauranga & Mt Maunganui, in Xmas holidays during this House Sitting job. Just think what you could do, with the money you save, from getting free accommodation near Tauranga at Xmas 2016?

Auckland Xmas House Sit

Golden Retriever

House Sitting a Golden Retriever in Auckland at Xmas

Auckland, NZ

Ever wanted to House Sit a Golden Retriever? Retrievers are gorgeous dogs, in fact, one of my favourite species of dog. Here is your chance in this Xmas Auckland House Sitting job.                                              Do you know how much accommodation costs in Auckland at Xmas time? Well, it’s unrepeatable really, but getting three weeks for free at Xmas time in Auckland, would certainly be a great way to spend Xmas, wouldn’t it? You could save thousands on accommodation costs!

Dunedin Xmas House Sit

Dunedin, Courtesy of
Dunedin City centre

House Sit in Dunedin, the city with Scottish character

If you have never been to the lower South Island’s Dunedin? Do you want to stay there for free at Xmas? Then feast your eyes on this great 3 week Dunedin House Sit. Dunedin is a fabulous city, with lots of old Scottish character. Here’s some things that are happening in and around Dunedin during this Xmas House Sit in NZ.

These Xmas House Sits in NZ, are a taste of what is on offer between the dates of 15th Dec 2016-15th Jan 2017. There are plenty more Xmas House Sits in NZ, so happy searching.