Explore New Zealand Over Xmas: Stay For Free

Tauranga, North Island, NZ

Have a Xmas holiday in New Zealand (NZ), while exploring with free accommodation! How about making your Xmas vacation something completely different? If you plan now, you could tour NZ over Xmas; House Sitting your way around for free.

Xmas: NZ House Sitting Vacation

Search now for your House Sitting jobs and make a exploration plan

Christmas is a great time to get away for a vacation for many people. If you were quickly to search these Xmas House Sitting jobs in New Zealand  you may be first to get your desired NZ House Sit location. Exploring NZ whilst House Sitting (staying for free) on your Xmas holiday, could easily become a reality! Securing your Xmas, NZ House Sitting jobs now, would enable you the following

  • An extremely cheap Xmas vacation in NZ
  • More money to spend exploring and doing exciting tourist things that cost heaps!
  • Living in a very different environment of YOUR choice for free
  • Memories to last you a lifetime

There are many, places to House Sit right at this very moment between the dates of 15th Dec 2016 and 15th Jan 2017

Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island, NZ

House Sitting jobs in NZ for Xmas holidays: starting dates 15th Dec 2016 until 15 Jan 2017

  1. In the North Island, House Sits at this moment number: 66 House Sits spread throughout.
  2. South Island House Sits at this moment number: 21 House Sits

Exploring New Zealand        

Milford Sound, Southland, NZ

Incorporate places to explore and enjoy at your leisure on your House Sitting exploration of NZ

If you work out your itinerary, you will be able to incorporate some North Island House Sits with some South Island House Sits. For example maybe you could do this awesome House Sit in Tauranga starting 20th Dec for eight days then move on down to this quiet House Sit near Rotorua, starting on the 29th Dec 2016. Of course Rotorua has so much to see and do at your leisure.

Mount Cook, NZ
Fox Glacier, South Island, NZ

Make a House Sit Route Plan

Exploration, relaxation: House Sitting gives you ample opportunities

Your exploration of New Zealand over Xmas, could then move down to the South Island if you could find any House Sitting jobs. Alternatively you may want to just keep exploring the North Island of NZ, whilst staying for free; House Sitting. Maybe you could plan to do a really relaxing House Sit in Te Aroha where there are hot healthy Mineral Soda Springs.


Keep Looking for Xmas NZ House Sitting Jobs

No matter where you choose to go, in either the North Island, or the South Island of NZ; you can stay for free whilst exploring NZ at Xmas time. Just keep your eyes open, searching for NZ House Sitting jobs that you can apply for.

Real Good House Sitting Jobs in Queensland for Xmas


Queensland: House Sitting at Xmas

Queensland is such a great place to House Sit. The culture is different, the weather’s warmer, it’s tropical, it’s more exciting. You could be House Sitting close to lush Rain forests,  amongst palm trees, near the Barrier Reef, Crocodiles! WHAT? alligator-161909_640CROCODILES! Well, maybe! Depends, where you want to go in Queensland!

Free Xmas Accommodation Queensland 

Experience the Queensland lifestyle at Xmas with free accommodation

Want to experience lifestyle of living in Queensland for FREE at Xmas for a few days or weeks?  Xmas is a great chance to do House Sitting, enjoying cheap accommodation, in fact free accommodation! In return you are looking after peoples homes, pets, property. panoramic-landscape-949448_640

Aussie House Sitters

Take your pick from the 114 Queensland Xmas House Sit listings on this website

There’s many real good House Sitting jobs in Queensland for Xmas on Aussie House Sitters. Between the dates of 15th Dec 2016- 15th Jan 2017  there are 114 House Sitting opportunities at Xmas in Queensland Australia. Aussie House Sitters Xmas House Sitting jobs in Queensland are listed as follows

  1. House Sitting Brisbane (54 House Sitting jobs)               brisbane-164201_640
  2. Central (2 House sitting  jobs)
  3. Central Coast (11 House Sitting jobs)
  4. Northern (27 House Sitting jobs)
  5. South Eastern (18 House Sitting jobs)
  6. Western (2 House Sitting jobs)

Trusted House Sitters  couple-843489__340

There’s more Xmas Queensland House Sitting jobs on this smaller website

There’s also some real good Queensland House Sitting jobs at Xmas time in the Trusted House Sitters website. I don’t find this website as good. It’s not so easy to use. Xmas Queensland House Sitting jobs: 17 House Sitting jobs between Dec 15th 2016-Jan 15th 2017.

Xmas House Sitting in Popular Tourist Areas gold-coast-city-746836_640

Get in early for any chance of a Xmas House Sit in a premium tourist destination

There are many reliable and very trusted house sitters getting around Australia at any one time. You really have to be quick to beat them to any Xmas House Sitting jobs, in the premium tourist areas of Queensland, like  this House Sit at Trinity Beach. It is for this reason, story-bridge-1021658_640 that planning your House Sitting ahead is so important, especially with Xmas nearing. Finding a real good House Sitting job in Queensland, like this one for Xmas, in a tourist area, is easier if you do it now rather than later. Get in early, and secure your Queensland Xmas House Sitting job.

Happy searching, get yourself a real good Queensland House Sitting job for Xmas.


South Island NZ: House Sit Jobs

Looking towards Queenstown, New Zealand.

If you haven’t been to New Zealand’s South Island, then book mark this site! This is where to look: get free accommodation! Yes, FREE accommodation; rent free throughout the South Island of New Zealand. There are some awesome opportunities for Xmas House Sit jobs, in New Zealand’s spectacular South Island right now!

The South Island of New Zealand

Some spectacular features of the South Island of New Zealand are as follows 1000643

  • Milford Sound (some call it the 8th wonder of the world)
  • Beautiful Fiordland National Park
  • Mt Aoraki: New Zealand’s Highest mountain

    Curio Bay Petrified Forest. Dated to be 160 million years old.
  • A Petrified Forest that is 160 million years old
  • Glow Worms: you can see these by booking a trip in Te Anau
  • Glaciers on magnificent and scenic West Coast; the Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers
    Mt Aoraki: New Zealand’s highest mountain.

    Invercargill’s Queens Park gardens. One of the best of all New Zealand’s city parks and gardens.

House Sitting Jobs South Island, NZ



Urgently required someone to House Sit in beautiful Murchison area

Want free accommodation in return for House Sitting a beautiful little farm with some lovely animals? Do you love beautiful scenery, peace and tranquillity; here it is then; Murchison house Sitting job  Murchison is just the place for you. This is a truly wonderful House Sit where you can; get your thoughts together, time-out, write a best seller book! You will love the community of Murchison. Don’t miss out: this House Sitting job starts 20th October!


URGENT PLEASE HELP: House Sitters required for a Xmas six day House Sit at Rangiora.  Their House Sitter has let them down, can you please help them out, and restore their faith in the House Sitting concept? House Sitting is a great way to stay around the world getting free accommodation. We need to help home-owners as much as we can, for without home-owners, there will be no need for House Sitters!

Governors Bay House Sit seagull-771245_640

One month House Sit over the Xmas holidays

If you want a month long Xmas House Sit in a beautiful area over the hills from Christchurch? See this House Sitting job at Governors Bay

Picton House Sit common-dolphins-914548_640

Another South Island New Zealand, House Sit job for Xmas is this three week House Sit in gorgeous Picton at Waikawa Bay.

Picton; a very relaxing place to stay, with beautiful scenery in the Marlborough Sounds             

Having spent some time up that way, I can vouch that Picton is a wonderful town, it’s surrounding beauty is captivating. This really is a great way to holiday for free in amongst the Marlborough Sounds. You have no Xmas accommodation rental costs for three weeks!


In Sydney: Who’s going to look after my pet at Xmas?


Christmas pet care in Sydney

Dog boarding Sydney: who is going to look after our dog at Xmas? Xmas holiday pet care Sydney prices are very expensive! That’s one of the worst thing’s about having a dog or cat in Sydney: Christmas pet care in Sydney! So just what are you going to do about your Xmas holiday pet care Sydney Australia?


The answers could be as follows

  • dog day care Sydney: Woooow! Expensive as S..t!
  • dog boarding Sydney: Just as expensive if not more!
  • in home pet care Sydney: Now we’re talking!
  • House Sitting Sydney: holiday pet and home care Sydney; YES!!!

The Cost



Xmas holiday pet care Sydney prices

Holiday pet care, Sydney prices are way over the top at Xmas time! Why would you spend a fortune with dog boarding, Sydney pet care? You really don’t need to spend a cent on pet care in Sydney, not one cent! Holiday pet and home care Sydney is great for House Sitters, who want to experience Sydney for a holiday. You can get Christmas pet care in Sydney absolutely FREE!

House Sitters looking for Xmas pet care in Sydney couple-843489__340

Christmas pet care in Sydney can be provided by a Sydney bound House Sitter. They can be resourced from one of the many House Sitters looking for Sydney holiday pet care jobs. Have a look at this link on Aussie House Sitters. If you have never thought about this concept, then your world as you know it, could be changed forever! House Sitting is an exciting life change.

House Sitter Profiles

Check out the profiles of Sydney House Sitters on House Sitting websitesnew-zealand-429381_1280

There are heaps of people wanting the chance to have a short or long Xmas holiday in Sydney. Many of these people are listed on many of the Australian House Sitting websites. For example have a look at these  profiles of House Sitters available over the Xmas holiday period wanting  Sydney pet care jobs. Xmas pet care in Sydney, should now need not worry you!

Jeff Hawkes: The House Sitting Guru

IMG_20150617_155447_1Ask the House Sitting Guru anything about House Sitting

Using advice from a highly reputable House Sitting expert, is a great way to find out anything you need to know about the House Sitting lifestyle. He will give you lots of tips, and ways to check out a good House Sitter. Alternatively; you can email Jeff (The House Sitting Guru) if you have any House Sitting related questions.


Live in Sydney for Free at Xmas: pay no rent

Pay No Rent in Sydney at Xmas

Live in Sydney have free accommodation at Xmas

Search; cheap accommodation Sydney at Xmas; Sydney accommodation is VERY expensive, especially at Xmas! Now what if I put to you; enjoy FREE accommodation Sydney, Xmas?  Would you think free accommodation Sydney, at XMAS was a scam? Honestly, this is 100% NO SCAM! Check out this exciting news from House Sitting Club.com: How to holiday virtually anywhere; rent free.

House Sitting

You can just imagine this furry feline cuddled up to you.

How to live rent free in Sydney

Toby, the Cocker Spaniel. Pets like these are so much fun to House Sit with.

At House Sitting Club.com we’re happy to show you how you can live in Sydney accommodation for free! It’s so much fun too. You also can enjoy interacting with the pets you will be caring for. They can really make your House Sitting adventure so much more fun, than just an ordinary holiday. House Sitting is very safe too. (Good websites have minimal possibility of  scams) House Sitting Club.com has no scams at all!

Sydney Accommodation

Sydney, harbour side view.

Sydney accommodation, at Xmas time

Cheap accommodation Sydney cbd, is pretty scarce, at Xmas. Some very lucky House Sitters may get this Xmas Sydney House Sitting opportunity reasonably close to Sydney cbd. Another chance for Sydney accommodation Xmas time: House Sitting at Quakers Hill. The beautiful Samoyed/Retriever you would be House Sitting here, would make your Xmas so much fun. As you can see there are opportunities to live in Sydney for free at Xmas; pay no rent, at all. Check out this;  Sydney accommodation Xmas time: House Sitting opportunities.

Sydney at Xmas

Sydney fireworks New Years Eve celebration.

Think of the possibilities of what you could do in Sydney at Xmas time

Being able to live in Sydney, whilst getting free Sydney accommodation, especially at Xmas time, is fantastic! Just look at the following activities and possibilities

See also this great website with heaps to see and do in Sydney along with prices. There’s just so much, and you can still fulfil your house Sitting obligations whilst doing many of the activities in and around Sydney.


The money you save money-1632055_640

When you live in Sydney accommodation for free at Xmas, the money that you save by paying no rent, could be used for FUN, LOTS of FUN! You might just want to bank your unused Sydney accommodation dollars!

The Maths

Sometimes Maths is fun, this is one of those times

How much could you potentially save by NOT paying Sydney accommodation costs at Xmas time? Check out this link on prices for Sydney hotels on New Years eve! Now, see what the average night cost’s before and after New Years eve.

More Maths!  Work out how much you could potentially save yourself, it’s pretty amazing  abacus-7935_640

If you were to work out: how much the average cost of one nights Sydney accommodation is, multiply that number by however many nights you were to stay; you would see how much money you could potentially save! It’s a good deal isn’t it?

For example: $300 night x 10 nights = $3000!

Hopefully you now have the information you need, to live for free in Sydney at Xmas; pay no rent. Enjoy! couple-843489__340House Sitting WILL save you money, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBER: you are there to House Sit. You are there to do a job, NEVER, EVER take that for-granted.



House Sitters Wanted: Two Invercargill House Sitting Jobs

House Sitters, Pet Sitters: there are two wonderful House Sitting opportunities in quaint, friendly: Invercargill, Southland, NZ. If you have ever contemplated staying friendly Invercargill, down in beautiful southern New Zealand; here’s your chance! Free accommodation in return for House Sitting  jobs in Invercargill! Chances to live for free in Invercargill are rare, come live southern lifestyle for a while.

House Sitting Vacancies

House Sitting Job: No 1   TAKEN!

Sitters Found

List your House Sitting Advert

Email jeff@housesittingclub.com

Invercargill City

Dates: 20-25 October 2016; 5 Days  URGENT

Area: Queens Park


We live just over the road from one of New Zealand’s best and most beautiful parks: Queens Park. This park is stunningly beautiful, and wonderful to walk our dog Molly through.

Pet: Dog


We require House Sitters to stay and look after our very spoilt and loved Dog Molly; she is a Schnoodle.

The House

Our Invercargill house and property have the following details

  • Two level house
  • Four bedrooms (3 bedrooms upstairs,1 single bedroom downstairs)
  • Two showers (1 downstairs, 1 upstairs)
  • Bathroom and toilet upstairs
  • Toilet downstairs
  • Open Plan
  • Gas cooking and Hotwater
  • Large well fenced back garden area

    The House Sitters

We want a mature couple, that loves dogs and won’t leave gorgeous Molly alone for very long periods at a time.  Molly isn’t used to being left alone… she is a cuddly wee dog who loves walks and playing ball, just perfect with Queens Park being so close!

Contact Details:

Email to: susanpgraham@outlook.com


House Sitting Job: No 2

Invercargill City

Dates: 22 Dec 2016-8 Jan 2017 

Area: Gladstone (5 mins walk to Queens Park)

Hi there, from friendly, quaint Invercargill: fancy a free holiday in Invercargill over Xmas New Year? We seek caring House Sitters for our well loved pets here in sunny Invercargill. You will be spoilt for choice; there’s so much to see and do around Southland district. Best scenery in the world!


Cat, Rabbit, 4 Chickens

The House

The House Sitters for our wonderful Invercargill home and pets will be spoilt; we have as follows


  • 90 year old character home
  • 4 bedrooms
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Netflix
  • Sky TV
  • Heat Pump
  • Wood burning clean air fire place
  • Fully equipped carpeted man cave (with exercise equipment, darts, table tennis, Sky TV, full size fridge)

The House Sitters

We want caring House Sitters for our lovely little pet friends, they are like a family to us. House sitters must care, respect our home and pets; please keep our trust in humanity.

Contact Details

Email to: meredith_leighton@yahoo.com.au


House Sitting Club.com will not be responsible for any problems, scams, misleading information, or loss to either the House Sitters, or the home, pet, or animal owners. Any problems arising between the House Sitters, or the home-owners are solely between the House Sitter, and the home-owner, and must be dealt with between them.