Best House Sitting Location in the World

Milford Sound. Photo courtesy of

Southland, New Zealand is the best House Sitting location in the world. Located at the lush green, southern end of New Zealand’s South Island, Southland is utterly stunning! See why Southland is truly the best House Sitting location in the world.

Southland Has So Much

You will be spoilt for choice whilst House Sitting in Southland

People who visit Southland are spoilt for choice as Southland, has so much for the House Sitter to see and do. Your problem may be that you can’t do it all! Visiting Milford Sound, or fishing for Trout: there’s just so much to do!

Southland Dialect

Many people just fall in love with the natural beauty of Southland, where it’s inhabitants, roll their rrrr’s. Ask a Southlander to say Gore, you will then hear their lovely southern dialect.

Southland: An Incredible Province

As a House Sitter, you are spoilt for choice in Southland: so much to see and do


Adult male Hookers Sea Lion approaching two females, at Southland’s Waipapa Point.

Southland province offers the House Sitter

  • Pristine lakes
  • A Petrified Forest at Curio Bay that is 160,000,000 years old
  • Milford Sound: is the Eighth¬† Wonder of the World
  • A Sparse population inhabited by the friendliest people in New Zealand
  • Unspoilt natural beauty
  • So many Southland Walking Tracks, requiring many varying levels of fitness
  • Stewart Island

    Stewart Island’s only township: Oban

Exploring Southland

Your Southland House Sitting experience can include; driving to many beautiful spots during a day

As a House Sitter, you are there to do a job: looking after the home-owner’s homes and pets. Southland is a province, where you can drive to many differing beautiful scenic spots during a day. You can still be home for evening meal time, after a day outing, touring Southland. In many cases your House Sitting obligations can be still completed easily whilst having enjoyed a drive.

Outdoor recreation

A healthy Mataura river Brown Trout. The Mataura river in Southland has a prolific population of large Brown Trout, for the Angler to fish for.

Outdoor Sporting Enthusiasts Dream

The Southland province is an outdoor sportsman’s dream location. There is so much of Southland, easily accessible for the outdoor sporting enthusiast.

Some of the outdoor recreational opportunities on offer to visiting House Sitters are

  • Fantastic fishing, both sea and Trout fishing (check out the Mataura river; one of the most prolific Brown Trout, rivers in the world!)
  • Wonderful, golf courses, set amidst stunning¬†Southland scenery
  • Hunting for Deer, Possum, Rabbits, Ducks
  • Lovely formed Southland walking tracks

Movies Use Southland Locations

Southland is used as a location for many movies

You can now see, that you could easily describe Southland as the best House Sitting location in the world. There is literally, just so much to see and do in beautiful Southland. It’s no wonder that movie producers are always wanting to use the Southland scenery

Southland scenery from: Lord of the Rings movie

As a House Sitter new to the Southland region, friendly southern people will greet you and help you, should you need it. Discover the beauty of Milford Sound, or laze back in your chair whilst reading a book.

The choices are yours in Southland: the best House Sitting location in the world. Enjoy.


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Yeah right! I bet there’s a catch


There’s always a catch, isn’t there? But it’s a real good catch

The “catch” (forgive the pun; Southland has some of the best Brown Trout fishing in the world!) to receiving 18 days free accommodation in Southland at Xmas time…..¬† Well actually it’s not really a catch… This is a wonderful House Sitting country-musicopportunity. Click here to view. If you are already a member of this fabulous House Sitting website then you better be quick! If you are not a member then quickly; click here to become a House Sitter.

Ways to enjoy your 18 days accommodation in Southland

See how you could enjoy your time living near Gore, Southland, for 18 days. Whilst enjoying 18 days rent free accommodation at Xmas time in Southland, you could

  • Enjoy some of the best Brown Trout fishing in New Zealand, on the mighty Mataura river
  • Learn to roll your RRRR’s as Southlander’s do
  • Check out lovely Gore, Country Music Capital of New Zealand

    Brown Trout: Southland river the Mataura has a prolific population for the Angler to test his skills.
  • Explore the Catlins on the spectacular Southern Scenic Route
  • Go flying at Mandeville Airfield in a Tiger Moth
  • Chill out and become a temporary Gore Bogan
A Tiger Moth charter flight. These flights are available from Mandeville airport, near Gore, Southland, NZ.

With 18 days of rent free accommodation in Southland at Xmas time, the experience would be well worrrrth it! Go on, grab a barrrrgain. House Sitting near Gore: a great chance to enjoy Southland for a while.