How to get Paid House Sitting work in Australia & NZ

You can be paid for House Sitting in New Zealand and Australia. A large factor in you getting paid House Sitting work, will be selling your pet and property care abilities. You can get the paid Australian or NZ, House Sitting job. Here’s how you can increase your chances! IMG_20150617_155600_6


How I never miss out getting a paid House Sitting job

Being a very experienced House Sitter and Pet Sitter, in both New Zealand and Australia; I have NEVER missed out on a paid House Sitting job that I have applied for! The following points I share with you, are my key ideas to winning: “as many House Sitting and Pet Sitting jobs as I ever need.”


A home-owner will always want the best care for retriever-348572_640their pets and property

Home and pet owners always, only ever want the best care, for their property and animals. Many pet owners or home-owners will offer to pay you for House Sitting. When you get interviewed for the paid House Sitting job in NZ, Australia; big emphasis will be on; your skills with animals. This is normally the most important thing to a home-owner/pet owner (if there are indeed, pets involved in the House Sitting job)

The key, to help you become a paid House Sitter: is in your abilities to convince a home and pet owner; just how good you really are, as a House Sitter and Pet Sitter. It follows then, that;

  • In your initial interview with the pet owner: you should always only talk about the pets and their care, before anything else. Never talk about where you will be going whilst Pet Sitting, as this, straight away, leaves a negative impression with the pet or animal owner. It’s about the pets and the property, remember?
  • Relate your experiences with pets, and animals, building the home-owner and pet owner a very positive mental picture.
  • Have a list of sitting house or sitting pet jobs you have done with you, with references.
  • Show your confidence with animals, relating to the pets that may be there with the owner.
  • You must always demonstrate confidence with all things, in looking after property and home, whilst House Sitting.
  • Always be positive, and ask pet care or house care related questions.

IMG_20150927_153041Normally this is enough to clinch you the paid New Zealand or Australian House Sitting job. Australians and New Zealanders are very easy people to converse with, and will size you up on your positive abilities and enthusiasm. By convincing straight away, you are there for the animal, the house and property care: this should be enough to win over the pet owner.

Applying without meeting the home or pet owner

Maybe you are applying from the computer with no chance of meeting the home-owner or pet owner in Australia or New Zealand? The same principles apply as above; keep the majority of your conversation about the pet (or animal’s)needs. This is telling the animal owner of the confidence you have, and your love of animals.

No pet’s to look after on your House Sitting job in Australia, or NZ? new-zealand-429381_1280

Ask all questions about the care of the home and property. Show your interest, in doing the service for the property owner. Convince the property owner with your questions.

There can also be more benefits to House Sitting, apart from possible financial ones:

  1. Repeat House Sitting jobs from the same satisfied pet/animal owners.
  2. Your performance and care, as a top House Sitter, will be spread via word of mouth (the best advertising you can get; or the worst!)
  3. Your satisfaction of a great House Sitting adventure.
Away to House Sit in Charleston, West Coast, South Island, NZ. The road trip getting to a House Sitting job, is always half the fun of the job!

Am I mad? I turn money down, for House Sitting!

I’ve been offered money, quite a few times to House Sit in New Zealand. Indeed but; I’ve  always turned the offers down! My reason: “it’s my way of being useful to society again, and helping people. I do House Sitting for the love of animals, and experiencing new places to live. That is my payment.”