A Pet Dies while I’m House Sitting: What do I do?

A pet dies while sitting pet and sitting house

Pet dies unexpectedly while Pet Sitting/House Sitting: so what do you do? Be prepared,  for anything before sitting pet or sitting animals. If you are sitting pet for anyone, you really need to have a plan, for any eventuality.





Sitting pet plan: in eventuality of pet death 

Whilst chatting with the pet owner/animal owner prior to the pet or animal minding assignment:

  • You need to be tactful in your discussion. (No animal owner wants their pet/animal to die while they are away. A pet dying or animal (especially a pet) while owner’s away, could be utterly devastating, which could potentially ruin the pet owners trip; but sadly; it needs to be discussed.)
  • Discuss the matter: “in the event of your pet dying whilst you are away, what are your wishes for the action I should take?”
  • Make a note of these instructions, and keep them in the same place as you keep any instructions left from the pet owner. burial-1299277_640

When the pet death happens

When you find the pet or animal dead, you will be in a state of shock, so you must:

  • Try to stay calm,
  • Get help from a neighbour or contact, if there is one (this could also potentially help you, if there are any suspicions from the pet owner, but also it will help take a little stress from you.)
  • Carefully follow the instructions that the pet owner gave you.

Trust that you did, everything right by the pre-sitting pet instructions

While you were sitting pet for the owner, you had their entire trust, in your ability to look after their pet or animals. The pet owner will have more faith in you, if their “in the event of pet death” instructions, they left you were followed. It is essential that you know, yourself, that you did everything right, whilst sitting pet for the owners.

Good luck for sitting house for the owner, after the pet death.

You will be upset, but “keep your chin up.”

Author: Jeff

I'm a Drummer, Writer, and a House Sitter. I love animals. and pets, so House Sitting enables me to go to different places doing what I love: writing and caring for pets and animals. There are so many people out there who need someone to care for their pets whilst they go on holiday. You can get great satisfaction by caring for someone's home and pet. It's a great way to have a vacation anywhere in the world, and not have to pay for accommodation! House Sitting is also great to relax!

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