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If you are considering becoming a House Sitter in New Zealand’s  South Island, then you should read the following page: how to become a House Sitter in South Island of New Zealand. It’s well worth reading! House Sitting is absolutely rent free accommodation!

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Created for people interested in House Sitting, House Swapping, cheap affordable holidays, by experienced House Sitter House Sitting Club.com is for you. You know that when you have someone who knows so much about House Sitting, Pet Sitting, House Swapping, you have a genuinely knowledgeable, helpful website.

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I will share House Sitting Club.com members with my House Sitting secrets to being a real top House Sitter.  House Sitting secrets that will help you live an extraordinary and exciting new lifestyle.

Sydney, Australia. A beautiful city, but very expensive for accommodation. Being a House Sitter in Sydney means that your accommodation is free!

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Being a House Sitter, has changed my life for the better, having a vacation now takes on a whole new meaning: I don’t ever have to pay accommodation rental costs!